The following is a differences between Gozar's ARDBZ and TFS' DBZA

Refferences to other Dragon Ball seriesEdit

  • In ARDBZ, after Vegeta kills Ginyu (which happened similarly in DBZA, but Vegeta killed frog Ginyu), Goku renembers the time of the Piccolo Daimaou saga in which king Piccolo orders everyone to like Celine Dion. When killed by Goku, his last wish is for his son to never forget Celine
    • In DBZA, Piccolo makes refferences to his father several times, the first being cut.
  • In ARDBZ, the GT battle between Goku and Freeza and Cell is seen, unlike the original version, Goku uses SSJ4 to kill them using his "sexy graully" voice

Father of GokuEdit

  • Vegeta doesn't want to fight the Saibaimen saying they're his friends, until Freeza's men says they're "Mystic Saibaimen" which pissed Vegeta off; in DBZA, Vegeta's fight with the Saibaimen is not shown.
  • King Vegeta makes an apearence in this special in ARDBZ, despite that he NEVER apeared in the original special.
  • Toma is the only member of Bardock's crew to apear in ARDBZ; in DBZA, all other 4 members apear.
  • Bardock is pleased with Goku in ARDBZ (calling him a devilish good looking baby); in DBZA, he facepalms after he reads his power level of 2.
  • Bardock and Freeza make refferences to the infamous Saban/Funimation dub (aka Ocean dub) saying lines like "brillant scientist," "arms regrowing," and "parachutes" during his speech to Freeza; in DBZA, Bardock's speech is overlapped by Freeza's thoughts.
  • Cell and Majin Buu, as well as the Para Para Brothers and the GT versions of characters (Goku, Trunks and Pan), appear in DBZA, but no such characters apear in the ARDBZ version.

Saiyan SagaEdit

  • ARDBZ starts with Goku taking on Nappa. However, in flashbacks, they show Goku and Piccolo's fight against Raditz.
    • In the Raditz battle, Piccolo Jr. kills Raditz by shouting "Makankosappo" in ARDBZ; in DBZA, he can't pronounce it and says "Special Beam Cannon" instead. Goku was killed by accident in both versions.
    • Gohan destroys the plateau in ARDBZ using his anger; in DBZA he couldn't unleash his anger power and is smashed into the plateau.
    • Kurilin is the leader of the Z-Warriors in ARDBZ; in DBZA, he is a mockery to them.
    • Piccolo only saved Gohan because he thought he was Céline Dion in ARDBZ; in DBZA, he blames Gohan for not dodging.
    • Nappa has a grandma in ARDBZ; in DBZA, no relative of Nappa is stated.
  • Goku refers to himself as "Son Goku" in ARDBZ, which confuses Vegeta who thinks "Son" is his given name; in DBZA, Goku didn't say his full name until the Freeza Saga.
  • TFS Goku makes a reference to Dragon Ball Evolution, while ARDBZ Goku does a reference to "Bobobobobo " when doing a Taiyoken "Fist of the Nose Hair."
  • Goku makes a "homage" of Freeza's "5 minutes" saying that it would took about 30 seconds to form a Spirit Bomb in ARDBZ; no such line exists in DBZA.
  • In ARDBZ, Vegeta wakes up from the Spirit Bomb because Gohan called it the "Mystic Bomb;" in DBZA, Vegeta wakes up screaming.
  • Yajirobe saves the day in ARDBZ; in DBZA, Gohan does it.
  • During the Arlia Episode, ARDBZ Nappa states that he was dreaming of naked virgins who wanted him badly; DBZA Nappa constantly bothers Vegeta with the question "Are we there yet?"
    • Also, in ARDBZ, Vegeta suggests to go to Arlia and not Nappa, who suggests the idea in DBZA.
    • Both DBZA and ARDBZ Nappas think the Arlian monster to be "cute."
    • Vegeta (in ARDBZ) tells a "flashback" about him as Majin Vegeta, where he kills a male by suggesting that "the M on Majin Vegeta means mystic."
    • ARDBZ also makes references to Shin Chan, Lupin the 3rd, and lame(?) singers like the Jonas bros. and Miley Cyrus, while DBZA Vegeta references "Rock You Like a Hurricane" from the band "Scorpions."

Freeza SagaEdit

  • Both Gozar and TFS mock Freeza's Funimation spelling name - "Frieza", so they pretend it's pronounced "Fryza"
  • ARDBZ shortens the Kyui, Dodoria and Zarbon battles into one episode; in DBZA, they last for several episodes.
    • The reason Kyui was killed in ARDBZ is because he stole Vegeta's chocolate bunny last Easter Day; in DBZA he was killed after Vegeta told him something he would never tell anyone - about his Zenkai Boost.
  • Both Gozar and TFS make sure to not judge Recoome by his outer appearances.
  • When Goku comes to fight the Ginyu Force in ARDBZ, they play the "Star Wars" theme; in DBZA, "Real American" is played.
  • Broly appears in a "flashback" in ARDBZ when Freeza insults him that "he's only a monkey," Baby Broly is actually mentioned in the TV Special about Bardock
    • Goku calls Freeza's mother a whore which pisses him off in ARDBZ, In DBZA, Freeza's only relatives are King Cold and Cooler
    • The Genki Dama was formed in ARDBZ because of Freeza's stupidity; it was done the traditional DBZ way in DBZA.
  • Both Gozar and TFS mock Goku's Funimation SSJ line.
  • Goku kills Freeza after hearing a word about sprinklers in ARDBZ; in DBZA, Goku gives Freeza his energy. A lot of it.
  • Bulma apears several times in the DBZA version of the Freeza saga, while in ARDBZ, she only apears during the "Naked Bulma" bath scene

Garlic Jr. SagaEdit

  • In DBZA, this saga is reduced to one episode, having Garlic Jr. appear for a brief moment; in ARDBZ, his entire Saga is skipped.

Trunks SagaEdit

  • The Z-Warriors learn of Freeza's arrival via Vegeta; in ARDBZ, Kurilin asks Gohan if he's seen YouTube.
  • Freeza is given a slight robotic tinge in his voice in DBZA, while in ARDBZ, he speaks normally.
    • King Cold dies in DBZA, while in ARDBZ, he escapes.
  • Trunks tells Goku that he dies from taking Viagra and having a erection more than several hours in ARDBZ; in DBZA, Trunks tells him that he dies from heart virus from high cholesterol from eating too much bacon.
  • Piccolo laughs at Goku's death in ARDBZ; in DBZA, he laughs at Future Trunks being Vegeta's son.
  • The driving episode is longer in ARDBZ, in which Goku insults Titanic and Leonardo DiCaprio which pisses Piccolo off and says Piccolo has a small penis; in DBZA, the only thing about the driving episode are small moments in which Goku sings a part "Highway to Hell," replacing the word "hell" with "HFIL" and Piccolo singing a part of "Move Bitch," replacing "move" with "dodge."

History of TrunksEdit

  • Unlike ARDBZ's Trunks Saga, Future Goku dies of a heart problem.
  • Future Gohan knocks Trunks out cold in DBZA; in ARDBZ he tells him to dance Caramelldansen.
  • Lapis & Lazuli fight Trunks, not recognizing him until the end of the fight in DBZA; in ARDBZ, they toy with him by sending text messages through Twitter.
  • No one gives a damn about Gohan's death in ARDBZ (even though the narrator blames "Mystic Gohan for Future Gohan's death"), unlike DBZA.
    • Future Chi-Chi in DBZA thinks her son doesn't love her, and says that she should be a grandmother; while in ARDBZ, she worries about him until she learns that he's dead from the Ox King (who doesn't give a damn about him).

Dead ZoneEdit

  • The movie starts with Piccolo doing things in a desert; in DBZA, he plans to build a castle and then is "fu**d" up by Three Lords who tells them (sarcastly) to just "kill him". In ARDBZ, Sansho also suggest to steal Piccolo's Céline Dion CDs.
  • As a nod, Sansho speaks with an African-American accent in DBZA; while in ARDBZ, he speaks like Scooby Doo
  • Gohan reads the uncensored verion of "Huckleberry Finn" in DBZA; in ARDBZ he reads Chi-Chi's sex journal
  • Goku doesn't want to save Gohan in both versions, but is more jerkish in ARDBZ, saying that Gohan sucks.
  • Garlic Jr. is more shocked when he learned that his men stole Goku's kid and wants them to gather the Dragon Balls. In ARDBZ, he asks his minions if he looks gay like Gozar for thinking he would like Celine Dion CDs
  • Garlic Jr.'s men make a reference to the Powerpuff Girls when they're transforming in ARDBZ - Ginger says "Sugar," Nikki says "Spice," and Sansho says "Everything nice." In DBZA, they make food puns from what their names are based off (with Sansho having no idea what to say).
  • In ARDBZ, before Piccolo comes to kill Sansho for stealing his Céline Dion CDs he says "No one kills Kaka-Goku while I'm around." In DBZA, he wants to kill Krillin, and before he kills Sansho, he calls Nikki and Ginger his backup dancers.
  • Gohan is the one who sent Garlic Jr. to the Dead Zone in DBZA. In ARDBZ, it's Vegeta who saves the day (which doesn't make sense, as the movie takes place BEFORE Raditz lands on Earth)

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