Albino Namekians are an apparently extinct Namekian race that lived on Namek with the other green population until Super Kami Guru blamed the great drought on them and they were promptly wiped out in a genocidal purge by the green Namekians.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Not much is known about their appearance, But because they are albino and since Super Kami Guru thought Krillin was an albino Namekian, it's very likely that they are light skinned with red eyes. They may also have height and body structure similar to the green Namekians.

History Edit

The Beginning Edit

Albino Namekians once inhabited the Planet Namek along with the Green Namekians before the great weather event that nearly wiped everything on the planet out.

The Purge Edit

After Super Kami Guru drank all the water on Planet Namek and caused the great drought, he blamed it on the Albino Namekians and the infuriated Namekians killed them all, as per Super Kami Guru's instruction.

Revenge Edit

Despite having been seemingly hunted to extinction, a small group of Albino Namekians survived the genocide and escaped Namek before the destructive weather event that took out most of the Namekian population on the planet. These survivors would eventually crash land on a small barren moon located in the furtherest corners of the universe. Trapped on the dark side of the moon, these refugees would eventually evolve (or devolve) into a vampiric-like species.

Stranded with no way off the moon, they grew bitter over their past treatment, the Albino Namekians seeked vengeance upon their former cousins, and quietly started spreading the tale of the Dragon Balls across the universe in the hopes that it would bring death and destruction upon Planet Namek.

This tale would eventually reach the ears of the mighty Lord Frieza. Fortunately for Namek, the story had become so embellished by that point that the name of the planet in which the Dragon Balls were was left forgotten... Until one dumbass Saiyan on Earth forgot to leave his scouter off.

The Albino Namekians' revenge was finally complete.

They are either unaware or simply don't care that the Green Namekians survived.

Post-Extinction Edit

During the Namek Saga, the Albino Namekians were referenced a few times, the first one was when Super Kami Guru saw Krillin and thought he was one, the second was when Porunga was summoned and also thought Krillin was an albino Namekian.

When Super Kami Guru thought he was dying he revealed that he caused the great drought and blamed it on the Albino Namekians the green Namekians grew mad with guilt and killed and devoured Guru alive.

Behavior Edit

The Albino Namekians were believed to be arrogant, cruel and both literally and figuratively bloodthirsty. They considered other creatures to be inferior. To them, other creatures were only useful as slaves and/or food.

It should be noted however that this was all likely simply propaganda that Super Kami Guru used to encourage the genocide.


  • It's possible that Porunga was summoned to kill all the Albino Namekians, Thus explaining how he knew about the purge, but one villager said "we slaughtered thousands" So the exact way they were killed is unknown.
  • The Albino Namekian & Green Namekian agression between them is likely inspired from The White Martians from DC Comics. Where in the comics, the White Martians are shape shifting ailens from Mars that were responsible for the genocide of the Martian race.
  • This may be a nod to the disastrous film "Dragonball Evolution" where the live action Piccolo was originally colored white, until backlash from fans forced the makers to use CGI to make Piccolo green.