Android 17
Android 17
Alternate name(s) Lapis (real name)
Cyborg 17
17 (or Seventeen)
Faggoty Andy (by Vegeta)
Anne (by Android 18)
Bro (by Android 18
Debut "Dr. Gero or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Androids"
Race Cyborg (formerly Human)
Gender Male
Homeworld Earth
Occupation N/A
Status Incapacitated
  • Dr. Gero
  • Vegeta (for destroying a truck)
  • Cell
  • It being okay for Piccolo to kill Goku, but he isn't.
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Dr. Gero (creator)
  • Android 18 (twin sister)
  • Voiced by GanXingba

    "Tell you what? You live a few years in stasis with your creator repeating the words 'Kill Goku.' over and over again in your subconscious, then you can ride that high horse all day long. "
    — "Percussive Maintenance"

    Android 17 (人造人間17号), Lapis (ラピス) when he was human, is the seventeenth android creation of Dr. Gero and is the younger twin brother of Android 18. He was converted into an android and activated by him when he returned to his lab following a failed attempt to kill Goku. Due to an (possible) error in his auditory, he kills Dr. Gero while the latter was telling the twins that he is their master. After his sister activated Android 16, the trio decided to hunt down and kill Goku, mostly because they literally had nothing better to do. Eventually, he gets absorbed by Cell, which is later followed suit by his sister.

    Personality Edit

    Android 17 was a laid-back and easygoing person, not taking his task to kill Goku seriously and seeing it more as a game. His inability to treat murdering Goku with urgency extended to him looking for modes of transportation such as cars and boats as opposed to simply flying so that he could prolong the completion of the mission.

    Android 17 had a tendency to make rude, mocking, and vituperative remarks toward others, as he insulted Vegeta's hairstyle,[1] teased Piccolo for what he perceived as him being weak before they fought an evenly matched battle, and insulting Cell's appearance.

    Another trait of his was his overall confidence in himself, believing that Krillin would not have been able to stop him and the other androids,

    • 17 is oddly courteous, caring about his sister and having a strange soft spot for 16, treating him like a mentally challenged sibling.
    • Like his anime/manga counterpart, he has little to no desire to kill Goku; and only attempts to help 16 complete his "mission" and because he "Ain't got nothin' better to do."
    • 17 seems to take more pleasure in frightening people than beating them. 18 seems to take more pleasure in beating people than him.
    • Likely due to his ego and belief he is the best, 17 seems to be unaffected by any insults and derogatory comments.(i.e. He had no response to Vegeta's derogatory slur) Unlike his sister, who seems to be more offended by insults and sexist comments.
    • Future 17 said that after he makes humans extinct, he would become a park ranger. Present 17 didn't believe Piccolo at first when he said that Cell came from the future, so 17 sarcastically said that he was a park ranger.
      • Ironically the original 17 became a park ranger after the Cell Saga.
    • Android 17 was the only one of the android trio that Future Trunks did not think Krillin might try to have sex with.
    • Unlike the original manga and anime, Android 17 only encounters Tenshinhan once, during the Z-Fighter's fight against the androids whereas in canon Tenshinhan warns Android 17 of Cell being behind him right before his absorption.
    • Android 17 is the second android to insult Vegeta's hairline, the first being Android 19.


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