"Bald This Way" is a music video in DragonBall Z Abridged made by The Baldest Kids You Know (Team Four Star). It is a parody of the song, "Born This Way", a musical number by Lady Gaga.

Tagline Edit

The Baldest Kids You Know are back with their brand new single, Bald This Way!

This video premiered at Connecticon 2011, which was a blast! Hope to see you all again next year!

Lyrics Edit

♪I doesn’t matter if you love me or capital M-E♪
♪Just put your heads up♪
♪’Cause you are bald this way, baby♪

♪My momma told me when I was young,♪
♪“You’re gonna roam the stars!”♪
♪She combed my tail, put my armor on♪
♪And sent me off in my space pod♪

♪First, all ya gotta do is shave your hair♪
♪And wax that bitch until it shines♪
♪Who gives a crap if all the children stare♪
♪Just listen up and you’ll be fine♪

♪I’m beautiful in my way♪
♪Kami makes no mistakes♪
♪I’m on the right track, baby♪
♪I am bald this way!♪

Krillin: ♪Don’t fill yourself with regret♪
♪Just power up and you’re set♪
♪You’re on the right path, baby♪
♪And you’re bald this way!♪

Nappa & Krillin:
♪Bald this way!♪

Credits Edit

“Bald This Way”
by The Baldest Kids You Know

Original Song
“Born this Way”
by Lady Gaga

Portal 2 is owned by Valve

“Born this Way” is owned
by Lady Gaga and
Interscope Records

DragonBall Z is owned by Funimation, Toei Animation, FUJI TV and Akira Toriyama

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