Following his survival of the Saiyan invasion, Gohan traveled to Namek.

Recovery Edit

Following the fight with Vegeta, Gohan was hospitalized with Krillin and Goku. Plans were made to journey to Namek as a way of reviving the Z-Fighters (Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Tien and Piccolo) that had been killed during the battle against the Saiyans. They were all visited by their friends and family, which composed of Ox-King, Bulma, Master Roshi, Korin, Chi-Chi and Yajirobe. Mr. Popo came to visit the group and revealed to them a ship that could transport them there, the group after which having a democratic vote as suggested by Bulma to who should accompany Mr. Popo in checking out the ship, to which Gohan and the others all unanimously voted for her to be the one to go with him. Bulma went with Mr. Popo and found that the ship, formerly owned by Kami, would suffice in a potential trip to Namek, her also briefly going into space with Mr. Popo.

Gohan arguing with Chi-Chi

Gohan tries to reason with Chi-Chi before yelling at her.

After Bulma returned from being in space with Mr. Popo, Gohan expressed his intent to accompany her and Krillin. Though his mother objected, Gohan stressed that Piccolo had given his life for him and tried to reason with her. Chi-Chi then yelled that since she was his mother, he was obligated to listen to her and do as she said. Gohan tried to object, but she then exclaimed he had not been burdened with carrying a child for a man who was ignorant of her pregnancy, as Goku had mistaken her for hiding cinnabons in her shirt. Gohan tried to speak again, but he was cut off by his mother swearing that he would lay in the hospital bed and recover "like a normal boy" before continuing his advanced trigonometry classes. She continued her yelling, saying that she did not want to hear anymore, but Gohan then yelled back at her to "shut" her f*cking face.

This invoked silence in the room, as Gohan looked down and broke the ice by stating he would be going to Namek now. His mother now allowed him and after she left the room, Bulma left as well as she planned to begin working on the ship the group was taking. Gohan asked for her to "hurry." After a haircut, Gohan and Chi-Chi went to Kame House to meet with Bulma and Krillin, the latter mocking him for looking like a "young Moe Howard" with his new haircut. Gohan insulted him in return and their exchange was broken up by Bulma. The two joined Bulma in entering the ship, Chi-Chi instructing to Gohan not to make friends with any "questionable strangers", which included Krillin. The pair reacted in shock when Bulma said "Popo", which propelled the ship to fly high.[1]

Gohan with a Dragon Ball

Gohan with a Dragon Ball.

Shortly after beginning their quest to Namek, the three encountered a group of children, who mistook Gohan and Krillin for Freeza's men. They readied their weapons to fire at the pair, Krillin instructing Gohan to close his eyes in the event that they were killed and it was quickly discovered that Krillin (and by their presumption, Gohan) was stronger than they had thought as the bullet did not harm him. They quickly took their cyanide tablets, leading to their deaths. Horrified, Krillin instructed Gohan to get back on the ship after he asked if he could open his eyes and he still would not allow him, as he did not want him to see the deceased children.

In a dream Krillin had before the group arrived on Namek, the three landed on what they believed was the planet (despite their being a sign which read that it was fake). Gohan intruded on the argument between Bulma and Krillin, which boarded on both sexism and racism before their ship fell further. They were then greeted by two Namekians named Raiti and Zaacro as they awoke from their comas. In actuality, they were aliens who had read the group's minds while they were unconscious and intended to steal the group's ship. Gohan asked Krillin if he believed the pair were off but Krillin was favorable of them. The three joined the two Namekians in looking for the Dragon Balls and found six before Raiti indirectly revealed the two were not real Namekians since he purported the pair had penises while actual Namekians did not.[2]

Arrival on Namek Edit

Gohan and Krillin arrive on Namek

Gohan and Krillin arrive on Namek.

When the group finally arrived on Namek, Krillin was quick to point out the blue grass on the planet, asking Gohan what he thought the Namekians' favorite kind of music was. Gohan answered that it was R&B, leading Krillin to assume that he was sheltered and ask him about this. Gohan inferred that he was by citing that he had to read on the way there. Things looked bright as they were quickly able to locate four Dragon Balls thanks to the Dragon Radar. However, right after they learned that Vegeta had also arrived there, Gohan pointing it out to Krillin, prompting the latter to scream until they were attacked by two of Freeza's men. Though they were able to defeat them, one of the two destroyed their ship, stranding them on the planet. The three hid from Freeza and his men as they flew past, though not before Gohan noticed how strong he was, comparing his strength to that of 100 Vegetas. After Krillin regained his confidence, the pair left Bulma behind and watched as Freeza, Zarbon and Dodoria confronted a village over their Dragon Ball.[3]

Throughout the confrontation, Gohan watched as Freeza's men slaughtered the Namekians. Gohan watched the Namekians fight against Freeza's soldiers and told Krillin that they had to help them, though the latter insisted they stick to their plan. Gohan questioned what his plan was, pointing out that all he was doing at that point was quacking repeatedly. The villagers agreed to handing over their Dragon Ball to Freeza, though the latter still double-crosssed them by having Dodoria to kill Cargo. Gohan was angered by this and mentioned it to Krillin. Gohan was further angered by Dende being chased down by Dodoria and dismissed Krillin's attempts to keep him calm, becoming frustrated and racing towards Dodoria before kicking him to the side long enough for Krillin to grab Dende and get him away when the two flew with him.[4]

Gohan after saving Dende

Gohan after saving Dende.

After saving Dende, Krillin mentioned to Gohan that he had not made the brightest decision in attacking one of Freeza's men like that, though Gohan used his vast intelligence to deduce that Dodoria's mass and velocity would not allow him to catch up to the pair. Dodoria did, but they managed to avoid him thanks to intervening of Vegeta. Gohan suggested to Dende that he stick with the two and the three searched for the cave that Krillin, Gohan and Bulma had taken refuge in earlier. When they came close to it, Gohan was able to identify it as the same one. Gohan and Krillin introduced him to Bulma and Gohan answered his question about her breast by identifying them for him.[5] Sometime afterward, Gohan and Krillin later felt Vegeta's energy as he slaughtered a village and took their Dragon Ball, though unlike Krillin, Gohan suggested that they not speak of it with Dende around. Gohan was ordered by Krillin to watch after Bulma while he and Dende went to meet with Guru.[6] Gohan left her side to retrieve a Dragon Ball, which worried Krillin due to his fear that he would be harmed by Chi-Chi if anything happened to him.[7]

Receiving a boost Edit

Gohan after being kicked by Vegeta

Gohan after being kicked by Vegeta.

Gohan and Vegeta were both happy in having their respective Dragon Balls in hand, singing "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen, before they sensed each other. Gohan, recognizing Vegeta, retreated from plain view, believing that he could avoid a confrontation with him if he hid long enough. However, Vegeta warned that he would further worsen the condition of the wasteland and Gohan braced for impact only to abandon this plan and reveal himself. Gohan was able to mask the Dragon Radar as a "watch" and stressing that he needed "an adult" before being kicked by Vegeta as a result of the latter's pent up aggression toward his father.

When he returned to their hiding place, Gohan warned Bulma and Krillin that they should find a new hiding place since they had minutes before Vegeta would realize that he had taken one of his Dragon Balls. Gohan then accompanied Krillin to meet with Guru so he could have his potential unlocked, but they were stopped by feeling the "pure rage" of Vegeta. Gohan went inside without Krillin to meet with Guru and Nail. Gohan encountered Vegeta again, feeling more confident in his abilities, but also less useful in realizing he was weaker than the last three people (Cui, Zarbon and Dodoria) Vegeta had killed. Upon being told this, Gohan stated that he realized what it was like to be Krillin. Guru told Gohan, Krillin and Vegeta that he was sensing five power levels and Vegeta realized that it was the Ginyu Force.[8]

Battle against the Ginyu Force Edit

Gohan's last stand

Gohan makes a last stand against Recoome.

In the battle against the Ginyu Force, Gohan and Krillin teamed up to combat Guldo. The latter attacked Krillin with a steam roller through his ability to turn back time, which Gohan picked up on though Krillin was convinced that Guldo was able to summon steam rollers. Gohan joined Krillin charging toward Guldo, the latter trapping the pair to be stuck in time and rendering them unable to move before Vegeta intervened by cutting off his head.[9] Gohan thanked Vegeta for saving him and incorrectly surmised that the Ginyu Force was lamenting losing one of its teammates. After Krillin was defeated by Recoome, Gohan came to his side, asking him if he was okay after screaming his name out. Gohan then attempted to fight Recoome despite acknowledging that it probably was not the best idea given the differences between the pair in height and build, to which the latter agreed. Though he suffered a number of blows from his opponent, Gohan took one finally stand, declaring that his father was superior to Recoome and would come to defeat him. With a blow to the neck, Gohan was defeated.[10]

Gohan reunited with Goku on Namek

Gohan is reunited with Goku after being healed by a Senzu Bean.

Gohan had his stamina restored by a Senzu Bean he was given by Goku before the latter fought and defeated most of the Ginyu Force on his own. When coming back to consciousness, Gohan was happy to see his father, relieved that he was there and told him that he loved him. Vegeta killed Burter and Recoome after they were defeated by Goku, Vegeta following the kills by playing a song through slamming down on Burter's throat and asking the others what the song was from. With his father stating that it was rabies, Gohan corrected him in saying that was a disease contracted by being bitten by an animal.[11] While standing around with his father, a concerned Gohan asked Krillin thought Bulma was doing. Captain Ginyu and Jeice returned to the scene of the previous fights where Gohan, Goku, Krillin and Vegeta were standing around and Goku ordered Gohan and Krillin to find Bulma. Gohan adhered to his father's orders, flying off while telling him to be careful.[12]

Searching for the Dragon Balls, Krillin made it clear that he intended to wish back Piccolo, Tien and Chiaotzu, which lead Gohan to ask about Yamcha. After they gathered the Dragon Balls and were unable to summon the dragon, Gohan dismissed Krillin's attempt at making the dragon appear by singing and suggested that a password was needed to make it come out. They then started to feel two power levels, leading Gohan to question whether or not his father failed. While Krillin doubted this, the pair hid just to be sure.

Gohan attacking Ginyu

Gohan attacks Ginyu in Goku's body.

The battle between Goku and Ginyu ended with the pair swapping bodies. Gohan was able to warn Krillin that Ginyu in his father's body was not Goku, though not before Krillin was slapped by Ginyu in the body of his longtime friend and the pair started fighting him when Goku in Ginyu's body arrived. Despite being warned by Krillin not to hold back, Gohan was able to easily fight Ginyu in his father's body by expressing his frustration that he has been away from him commonly and he got his body stolen one of the few times they were together. Goku regained his body through intervening in Vegeta's attempt to kill Ginyu, though Gohan was still confused and needed to have the situation clarified to him by Krillin. Gohan helped his father up after he stopped Ginyu from swapping with Vegeta by throwing a frog in the way and expressed disappointment with him and Krillin in Vegeta after he stepped on and killed Ginyu in the frog's body.[13]

Using the Dragon Balls Edit

Gohan watching over the Dragon Balls

Gohan watching over the Dragon Balls.

The four went into Freeza's spaceship, the soldiers all having been killed or otherwise destroyed by Vegeta who directed Gohan and Krillin to a healing chamber that he intended to have Goku stay in so he could recuperate from his injuries. After his father was made to heal, Gohan and Krillin were given armor by Vegeta. The pair had a short discussion about the amount of time they had been on Namek, which Krillin felt had seemed like a year whereas Gohan stated it had only been six days. While Krillin went to retrieve Dende, Gohan was left with Vegeta, who he mentioned needed a nap since he was acting cranky, advice that Vegeta followed as he directed Gohan to stay close so he could block bullets which prompted Gohan to mention his belief that bullets could not hurt him. After Vegeta went to sleep, Gohan stood guard over the Dragon Balls. He thought about how he had seen more people die than most people do his age or in their lifetime before also noting that he had few friends his own age, his only friends being Krillin and Piccolo but felt satisfied that they were around whereas his father was not. With this omission, he wondered where the thought had come from.

Gohan during summoning of Porunga

Gohan during the Porunga summoning.

Krillin returned with Dende and explained to Gohan his plan to have their wishes granted while Vegeta was asleep, a plan that Gohan did not find to be the smartest but went along with. They also felt the energy of Freeza, who Gohan confirmed they were feeling while Krillin denied it was him. The two and Dende summoned Porunga, who brought Piccolo back to life on Namek, on the planet but nowhere near where they were. Gohan assessed that the wishes were like a monkey's paw where one would have to be specific with the contents of their wish, earning him a "Nerd!" from Piccolo who could hear them talk even though he was far away. Vegeta then awoke and quickly met up with the group, Gohan confirming to him that he was indeed "thwarting" his plans after being asked by Vegeta who swore he would kill them for their treason. Vegeta then tried to have Dende grant his wishes for immortality, but this was prevented with Guru's death, the Dragon Balls turning into stone with his passing, and followed afterward by the arrival of Freeza.[14]

Fight against Freeza Edit

Freeza crushes Gohan's head

Gohan has his head crushed by Freeza.

The angered Freeza asked Gohan and Krillin where they were from, Krillin nearly revealing they were from Earth before being stopped by Gohan, though Dende was next to reveal their planet of origin. Vegeta fought against Freeza, pressing him to transform, which Freeza complied with and went to his second form. In doing so, he caused a great deal of damage to the battlefield, so much so that Gohan and the others had to fly away to avoid being caught in the impact. Freeza then singled Krillin out and impaled him. While Krillin was being stabbed by Freeza, who gained 1 ups from his continuous wounding, Gohan urged him to stop it since he was making Freeza stronger. After Freeza discarded of Krillin, Gohan became enraged and attacked Freeza with a beam as he declared that he was stronger than the "feminine" alien, which ended with Freeza seemingly defeated before he picked himself back up to "play babysitter" to Gohan as he attacked him and wounded him.

With Krillin claiming that he was now immortal, he took the focus off of Gohan, who was healed by Dende. The latter revealed to Gohan that he was the only one he could talk to and the only one he respected, leading Gohan to question why he had healed Krillin. Gohan joined Krillin and Vegeta in firing at Freeza, though their combined efforts had no effect as Krillin asked if they had won, leading Gohan to question why he would even ask considering they could still sense his energy. After Freeza announced his intent to kill the group, Gohan swore that if he was to die then it would be in the same manner as his mentor Piccolo, before the latter arrived to Gohan's surprise and was able to knock away Freeza with a single punch.[15]

Gohan firing at Freeza

Gohan firing at Freeza while he attacks Piccolo.

Gohan listened to Vegeta's theories about how Piccolo was able to stand toe-to-toe with Freeza, all the while watching the fight and being impressed by his mentor's strength. Gohan intervened in the fight after Freeza transformed into his third form and gained the upper hand on Piccolo. Gohan blasted him with a beam that he was able to deflect and send back towards him. Gohan was then saved by Piccolo, who deflected the attack. Gohan thanked his mentor for saving him.

When Freeza asked if the group had become tired of his third form, the group agreed unanimously that they were before he began transforming into his final form. Gohan carried Piccolo away from him as he began transforming and told him that he could be healed by Dende. Gohan then asked Krillin where Dende was and learned that he was with Vegeta, questioning why and learning that Krillin had blown a hole in his chest, further adding to his confusion. As Freeza continued his prolonged transformation, Gohan questioned Krillin on why he was not using his Kienzan to kill Freeza and questioned what he missed when learning that Krillin had used all of his energy to harm Vegeta. After Dende healed Vegeta, he was killed by Freeza. Gohan corrected Krillin on his name being Dende and not "Little Green".[16]

Gohan about to be shot by Freeza

Gohan in the sights of Freeza's attack.

Gohan was saddened with the death of Dende and became angry with Freeza, who fired a shot at him. Gohan did not move as the blast came closer to him and was only saved thanks to being pushed down by Vegeta. Gohan expressed his belief that they were all going to be killed by Freeza before the confident Vegeta began combatting him. Vegeta fought against Freeza by himself, being beaten severally. Krillin asked if they should assist him, prompting Freeza to encourage them and for Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin to tremble from being so close to him and knowing their strength was not enough to combat him. As Freeza prepared to kill Vegeta, Goku arrived after having fully recovered and was greeted by the others, Gohan being the most anxious and receiving the least amount of attention with a mere "hey" from his father.[17] With Goku being able to deflect several of Freeza's attacks and assuring the others he would be fine on his own, Gohan agreed to not interfere and before leaving him to fight Freeza, told his father to beat him within an inch of his life and hang him by his entrails.[18]

On the sidelines Edit

Gohan and Krillin find Piccolo and Goku

Gohan and Krillin find Goku and Piccolo.

Goku was dominated by Freeza, who was far superior to him in strength. Gohan watched his father's fight with Freeza alongside Piccolo and Krillin, stressing that they should become involved instead of just standing on the sidelines, and gave his remaining energy to Piccolo so that the latter could stall for Goku to finish completing his Sprit Bomb, an attack Goku chose to use after becoming convinced it was the only way to best Freeza. The Spirit Bomb was launched at Freeza, but in hitting him, also did damage to Namek and spread the group apart with Gohan and Krillin being together while searching for Goku and Piccolo.

Krillin asked Gohan if he thought "he" was still alive and Gohan dismissed what he assumed was Krillin talking about Freeza to continue looking for his father, who Krillin revealed himself to have been speaking about. Gohan was relieved to see his father and Piccolo alive, finding the pair after Piccolo had emerged from the water with the worn out Goku's body and overjoyed that Freeza had finally been defeated. He told his father that the group "showed him one for" and the four laughed together. Freeza then revealed himself alive and struck Piccolo, after which Gohan went to his side and screamed in both shock and anger at the seeming loss of his mentor. Freeza then killed Krillin, prompting his father's transformation into a Super Saiyan.[19]

Destruction of Namek Edit

Gohan saves Bulma

Gohan saves Bulma.

After Goku's transformation into a Super Saiyan, Gohan was impressed at his plans, admitting it was "surprisingly well-thought out" for him and Piccolo off of Namek, though he did not want to leave his father initially but left him to fight Freeza by himself at Goku's request. Freeza planned to attack Gohan as he flew away with Piccolo, but Goku stopped him by grabbing him. Making their way to ship, Gohan told his comatose mentor that they were "halfway home", but tried to explain that he did not mean this literally before asking his mentor to not die on him. Gohan quickly realized that he did not know how to fly the ship and went afterward to save Bulma, having realized that she had been abandoned. As the pair flew, Bulma complained that she had been left by Gohan and the others to fend for herself as the planet was "going to hell". In response, Gohan asked her how high she would have to fall from to reach terminal velocity. When she did not respond, he knew she would stop ranting and asserted himself accordingly.

They were teleported off of Namek after a wish was made for everyone apart from Goku and Freeza to leave the planet. Gohan found himself in a tree on the planet after being teleported there and upon seeing Bulma again, greeted her. With Bulma questioning what he thought happened, Gohan told her that he was not sure, remembering them as having "just disappeared all of a sudden." Dende healed Piccolo and after the latter came to his senses, Gohan greeted him as well before taking notice of Dende who he had thought died before the latter revealed that everyone was alive apart from Krillin. Gohan witnessed the killing of Guru by the Namekians, later learning from Bulma who found out from King Kai that his father had seemingly been killed during the battle against Freeza. Gohan was disappointed to learn his father had died once back on Earth.

Gohan reacting to Dende's confession

Gohan confused by Dende revealing his love for him.

Everyone waited months for their being able to summon the dragon, Gohan in the meantime being made by his mother to read Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, a book he had read before but not without the n-word being in it as she noted when he protested reading it. Time gradually passed and Porunga was taught English by Dende and the other Namekians. When summoning Porunga, Gohan stressed to Dende that they had to wish Krillin back despite his purposeful attempts to ignore bringing him back to life by repeatedly mentioning for him to revive Goku. When Krillin was brought back to life by Porunga, Gohan tried to get him to realize that he was alive again as he continued screaming as he had done before being destroyed by Freeza, ultimately giving up and reasoning that he will be done sometime later. As the group tried to bring back Goku, Porunga revealed he did not want to come back, Gohan reacting with confusion and explaining to Dende that he heard what the dragon had said but wanted an explanation. Dende then revealed his love for Gohan, causing the latter to question him the moment after, before wishing all of the Namekians to go to the new planet Namek after regretting his confession.[20]

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