Goku traveled to Namek to assist his friends in gathering the Dragon Balls.

Recovery Edit

Goku recovering in hospital

Goku in the hospital after his fight with Vegeta.

With his battle with Vegeta behind him, Goku recovered in a hospital with Gohan and Krillin. They were visited by most of their family and friends when Master Roshi asked Goku about his recovery and its progress, leading him to explain that he had acquired crushed ribs and brain damage as he repeated the phrase "and the brain damage" until greeting and questioning Master Roshi on when he had arrived. The doctor informed him that he had another visit, which confused Goku as he had believed all of his friends were there until Mr. Popo revealed himself, causing Goku to recall their first encounter with each other and scream out hysterically. Goku was sedated, though managed to still vote for Bulma to go with Mr. Popo to see a ship that would take the others to Namek ahead of him, as he had the worse injuries.[1]

While recovering in the hospital, Goku learned from Master Roshi that Vegeta had arrived on Namek and there was someone there that was even stronger. The two spoke in hip hop terms as Goku lamented that he could not "do anything" until he had fully-recovered. This was followed by Yajirobe arriving with the Senzu Beans, which he explained as restoring stamina and healing wounds, but did not succeed in catching Goku's attention until Master Roshi told him to take the Senzu Bean. After consuming one and being instantly healed, he changed clothes and announced that he was heading to Bulma's home. When asked by Master Roshi why he had chosen to go to her home, he explained that he needed a ship and her father Dr. Briefs was a scientist. After being wished good luck by his former mentor, Goku then jumped out the window to get on Nimbus, but the late arriving cloud came only after he had suffered a fall.[2]

Goku on the ship

Goku aboard the ship Dr. Briefs created for him, shortly before accidentally blasting off into space.

Arriving at the Briefs residence, he spoke to Mrs. Briefs, who asked him to refer to her as "MILF" since everyone else did. They then made their way to the ship that Dr. Briefs had been working on, who was inside and began speaking with Goku after his wife departed to return to the kitchen. Goku quickly deduced that Dr. Briefs had begun working on the ship while he was recovering due to the fear that Krillin would mess things up and when learning it was almost complete, said it was "just the best day ever." Goku was impressed with the ship and asked Dr. Briefs where the button was that "made blueberry muffins". Dr. Briefs said he never considered that, leading Goku to allude to it being very handy before Dr. Briefs left him with a warning not to touch the "START" button. Goku clicked it unintentionally and was sent into space along with the ship.[3]

After blasting off for Namek, Goku quickly acquired a muffin, which he revealed he had gotten from a "muffin button" that Dr. Briefs did not recall installing. Through Dr. Briefs, Goku learned that the ship had settings to turn up the gravity, which he deemed was a way for him to get stronger. While Dr. Briefs tried to warn him that his bones could be crushed, Goku became bored and hanged up on him to begin training. Goku had a difficult choice picking some music to listen to, but eventually settled on a song (Cooking by The Book from Lazy Town).[4] Goku was contacted by King Kai amidst his training and shortly after he consumed one of the last Senzu Beans he had with him. King Kai warned him of an individual who had much more power than Vegeta, which made Goku become excited, not helped by King Kai mentioning that he had killed many. Goku was asked to promisel by King Kai, that he would not fight him. Goku started to promise, before he "hung up" on King Kai.[5] Goku continued his training and from space heard the scream of Vegeta after the latter realized that Gohan had stolen a Dragon Ball from his set of seven, which would have allowed him to become immortal.[6]

Dominating the Ginyu Force Edit

Prior to Goku's arrival on Namek, Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan were defeated by the Ginyu Force.[7] After arriving on Namek, Goku looked around and admired that the planet was "serene" while Krillin called out in pain for him to come help as he, Gohan and Vegeta were being killed by the Ginyu Force. Goku mistook him for a duck but thought it would not make sense for one to be on the planet and he then realized that it was Krillin after the latter actually made a duck noise. On the battlefield, he discovered his son Gohan had been critically injured and tried to call out for him continuously, getting no response from the comatose child. He theorized that Gohan would wake up if he shook him some more but chose to give him a Senzu Bean instead after Krillin instructed him to.

Goku defeats Recomme

Goku vs Recoome.

Giving his son the Senzu Bean, he attracted the attention of Recoome, who was angry that he had interrupted his match. Goku dismissed him by stating that he was trying to talk to his son, after which Recoome swore he would kill him and Gohan regained consciousness from eating the Senzu Bean. After his son expressed relief that he was here and told him that he loved him, Goku confirmed he was there, neglecting to tell his son that he loved him. He walked over to Krillin and asked of his condition. Recoome then tried speaking to Goku, but the latter dismissed him again by saying he was trying to talk to his friends and asked Vegeta if they were. Despite Vegeta's response of "Fuck off", Goku was convinced that they were and threw a Senzu Bean to him.

After Vegeta caught the Senzu Bean, Goku warned him to chew it or risk growing a bean stock in his belly. Though Krillin tried to give him a recap of what had happened on the planet prior to his arrival, Goku read his mind by holding his forehead with the palm of his hand. He briefly saw Freeza and laughed at the androgynous alien being male. Goku explained to the questioning Krillin that he had read his mind using the muffin button and joined with him in expressing confusion. Recoome then began to charge up to prepare for an all-out fight with Goku, but the latter only took one hit to knock him out, promising that he would fight the unconscious Ginyu Force member in a minute.

Goku after beating Burter

Goku after defeating Burter.

Goku was easily able to resist the Seizure Procedure by Jeice and Burter, afterwards punching the former several times in his face with such ease that he questioned if Jeice was going to dodge any of them. Goku then was able to withstand a flurry of punches from the duo, knocking them away with the air brought about by the movements of his hand. While Jeice and Burter spoke to each other, Goku questioned whether or not there was a Denny's on the planet and as the two were making plans to hang out together following an emotional connection, Goku knocked out Burter and questioned Jeice as to whether not there was a Denny's there.

Jeice yelled out Burter's name, which made Goku recall butter, something he thought would "go great" on his Grand Slam. After Jeice fled, Goku questioned where the fighters were and expressed his wishes to "deck that Freezer guy." Vegeta was disappointed in Goku being what he thought was a "Super Saiyan", which Goku did not hear and asked him what he had said before Vegeta dismissed it. Goku explained to Krillin that his strength had been acquired by training at 100x normal gravity. With Krillin's comment that it was no wonder he had defeated them so easily based on his training, Goku dismissed that they were dead, also expressing that he would not finish them off since he did not believe they were a threat. Vegeta proceeded to kill Recoome and Burter, Goku scolding him afterward. Vegeta then began slamming down on Burter while he laid deceased, creating what he called a song and leading Krillin to become involved in trying to figure out what it was from. Goku also became involved and discredited Gohan when the latter correctly claimed that rabies came from contraction via a bite by an animal with a disease, although Goku argued that this was not the case since animals did not eat people.[7]

Goku powering up for Ginyu

Goku powering up for Captain Ginyu.

While having banter with Gohan and Krillin, Goku noted that someone was missing among their group. Jeice returned with Captain Ginyu, after which Goku punched him in the face. Goku instructed Krillin and Gohan to go off while he and Vegeta fought the pair, though Vegeta left as well under the excuse that he had to use the bathroom, leading Goku to note that he had a small bladder. During the fight against Ginyu, Goku became bored and told him that he was not using his power, showing his strength off by powering up and revealing to him that he was stronger than him and everyone else in the Ginyu Force causing Captain Ginyu to freak out until Jeice gave him advice to exchange bodies. As the fight with Goku and Ginyu continued, the latter punched himself in the stomach, creating a hole in his chest. Goku was confused by his self-inflicted wound, saying he was "supposed to be" doing that to him, though Ginyu claimed that he was and quickly used his Body Change ability, which successfully put him in Goku's body while Goku ended up in his dying one.[8]

In another body Edit

Goku in Body Change

Goku having his body stolen.

Reacting to the body swap, Goku questioned what happened and observed himself to be "purple and horny", concluding that Chi-Chi was going to dislike his new appearance. After realizing that he had indeed swapped bodies with Ginyu, Goku called on him to give him his body back, only for Ginyu to fly away with Jeice in his body, followed by Goku lamenting that he was "a jerk now." Despite being severely wounded, Goku arrived at Freeza's ship, where Gohan and Krillin had encountered Ginyu and Jeice. Goku addressed his friends and Ginyu, erroneously calling him "Goku", and compared the hole in his chest to the one he had sustained from his fight against Raditz. He theorized that it would only feel better after being given "a million mommy kisses" as Ginyu in his body engaged Gohan, who took out his frustrations with his father on the villain in his father's body. Goku was not sure of where his aggression came from and asked Jeice if he had to listen to him since he was in Ginyu's body as well as revealing Vegeta to him.

As Ginyu began failing to be able to best Gohan and was wondering why when he had been outclassed by Goku during their fight, Goku reasoned that this was due to him not knowing how to use his moves and refused to teach him how to use the Kaio-ken. As Ginyu was laying on the ground after being attacked by Vegeta, the latter had to explain that Goku's Saiyan name was "Kakarrot" while his Earth name was "Goku", the confused Goku asked if that made him "Ginyu". Vegeta then charged at Ginyu and the latter prepared to swap bodies with him, but Goku prevented it as he jumped in-between them since he wanted to protect "Goku" from Vegeta, regaining his body in the process.

Goku after getting his body back

Goku happy to be back in his body.

Goku was happy to be in his body again and when asked by Krillin what his favorite food was, he asked "Favorite?" in return, confirming his authenticity. Ginyu tried swapping bodies with Vegeta again, which was prevented a second time by Goku, who unintentionally threw a frog in-between them since he disliked it being next to him, resulting in Ginyu and the frog switching bodies. After this, Goku unsuccessfully tried to persuade Vegeta not to kill Ginyu by citing the fact that he could not hurt anyone anymore. With Vegeta relenting, Goku stated that he really could be a nice guy, though was disappointed when he crushed him with his foot.[9] After the fight, Goku was put in an outdated healing tank. Goku laughed while in the tank and at the same time expressed pain.[10] During the healing, Goku was contacted by King Kai, who asked about what had happened. Goku recalled his fights with the Ginyu Force, calling Ginyu a "horny guy" and in hearing George Takei, questioned who he was and learned his identity from King Kai. King Kai asked him if he was done, though Goku told him that he thought the machine would tell him when he was done and then continued to sing as King Kai called on him again, to which Goku expressed his belief that his friends were doing fine in their battle against Freeza.[11]

Meeting Freeza Edit

Goku finished his healing and made his way towards the battlefield where his friends were fighting Freeza. He greeted Piccolo and Krillin and only made passing reference to his son. He introduced himself to Freeza as being "insane" and "from Earth", declaring that he was going to "deck" Freeza "in the schnoz!", making him the only person known to tell Freeza a line he never heard before during a heroic speech, being that it was, "a new one." Goku instantly got on Freeza's bad side by mocking his appearance by pointing out the odd appearance of his head, lips and tails, Freeza then blasting at him, which Goku swatted away and then made criticism of his lack of ears which was followed by Freeza firing more shots at him that Goku swatted away. Goku summarized him as being "really kind of a jerk" following the attempts at harming him. After Freeza shot through Vegeta's armor when the latter began bragging that Goku had become a Super Saiyan,[11] Goku expressed concern for him, revealing afterward his reason for not blocking the attack was because he thought Vegeta could handle it.

Goku moves to bury Vegeta

Goku moves to bury Vegeta.

Vegeta urged Goku to listen to him and revealed that Freeza had enslaved the Saiyans, to which Goku internalized that he would not have been evil if this fate had not befell the race, though Vegeta claimed otherwise and furthered that he as the last remaining Saiyan was the last hope for their race, though this bothered Vegeta in his last moments. After the latter passed away, Goku forged a makeshift tomb for him and buried Vegeta's body, promising that he would defeat Freeza for him and bidding him farewell. After Freeza surmised that Vegeta was in Hell, Goku recalled his own tenure there and said the only bad part were the two oiled up Germans that tried to wrestle him. He then exclaimed that he would have to stop Freeza as he was someone that harmed others including children, a category Freeza dismissed as doing a favor to since they either grew up under his rule or dedicated their lives to revenge, sometimes both, the latter then questioning both on who would become the villain if he allowed them to live. Goku answered that he would still be and in being told that it was a "rhetorical question", he replied that he gave Freeza a "rhetorical answer."

Goku dismissed the others to leave him to fight Freeza and told Piccolo to continue looking after Gohan, even admitting that he had been doing this the entire time. Gohan departed, though not before ordering his father to defeat Freeza with a form of vulgarity, Goku internalizing this to mean that Gohan had been having a hard time recently. Freeza stressed that he was being a coward for sending his friends off while he dueled him alone, furthering that suicide was the coward's way out once Goku questioned how this made him one, though Goku was direct and requested that the pair simply fight. Goku charged Freeza and missed him, afterward having to dodge the latter's tail and a beam before being hidden in smoke from his adversary. In realizing that Freeza could not sense his energy after noticing that all of Freeza's attacks were missing, Goku blurted this fact out and then assumed that Freeza had bat vision based on him being able to get to him. With Freeza's next attack seemingly missing, Goku mocked him by insisting that he had missed and telling him to work on his aim before Goku's butt caught on fire, a fact that he exclaimed.

Goku attacks Freeza with his feet

Goku attacks Freeza with his feet.

Avoiding serious injury, Goku expressed relief that he had avoided the frying pan and lava, explaining how he functioned afterward to Freeza by stating that he paid his taxes one leg at a time. Freeza indicated that he would then drown Goku, who questioned him on his motives and asked if he was coming onto him after Freeza compared drowning him to that of puppies and said the reason was due to them being cute and cuddly. Goku was tossed into the water by Freeza and in there, assessed Freeza as strong and someone he would have to surprise, seeking to capitalize on his lack of being able to sense energy. Goku concluded that his best bet would be to fire attacks at him, a plan that he said was only beaten in terms of how good it was by a proposed burger with bacon in the outside and inside. With Goku letting the beams out, Freeza dodged them though found himself liable to being kicked by Goku from the sky, who stated afterward that it was time someone kicked him to the curb and thanked his brain.

With Freeza recovering and assessing their power differences, Goku questioned if Freeza was capable of benching and then was introduced to a mountain by Freeza who promptly threw it in his face. Goku apologized to the mountain before destroying it and opted to play a game with Freeza who placed him inside a ball afterward that seemingly exploded with Goku inside of it following a series of hits. Goku emerged unscathed and stated that the game was alright but did not have the pie level of Donkey Kong. The two landed elsewhere and Freeza chose to fight without using either one of his hands, Goku then agreeing to fight without using his shirt and charging toward him, grabbing his tail in the process and confirming that he thought their fight was a game since Freeza had said that it was. Goku twirled Freeza around after that and following causing him to vomit, which was followed by him having to stop Freeza from choking him to death and using his mouth to bite Freeza's tail to remove his grip.

Vegeta appears to Goku

Goku being met by Vegeta while unconscious.

Freeza followed this by hitting Goku in the face with a punch, who expressed anger wit him for doing this and repeated it over and over again until questioning if he had won since he had still had his shirt off. With Freeza claiming that he was the victor, Goku questioned what he had won and was promptly placed in the water again by Freeza despite exclaiming that he was not dirty. Goku was unable to think of a way of defeating Freeza and lost consciousness for the time being, Vegeta then appearing to him without clothes in his mind. Goku questioned why he was naked and corrected his claim that one would leave their clothes behind in passing away, mentioning his retaining of clothes that he did not even wear when he died and thanking Vegeta after he told him to use his Kaiaoken. Goku was able to release himself from Freeza's grip using the attack and fired a Kamehameha wave toward him that seemingly defeated him until Freeza emerged unscathed and Goku expressed disappointment in realizing his attack's ineffectiveness before being blasted by Freeza.[12]

Spirit Bomb Edit

Freeza dominating Goku

Goku being dominated by Freeza.

As the battle between the two carried on, Freeza continued having the upper hand on Goku, knocking him around and propelling his head to go into water. When Freeza tried asking Goku what he had "to say" for himself, Goku spit on his face, after which getting a beating from his opponent until getting knocked around again. Goku expressed that he could not lose and that it was a priority to defeat Freeza since he was evil and while the latter was struck by God, made gestures with his hands to initiate charging a Spirt Bomb. Goku thought the attack was his only chance to defeat Freeza and claimed to just be stretching when Freeza questioned the gesture, confirming he was doing so in the middle of a battle.

Goku started drawing power from different planets as Krillin blurted out that he was using the Spirit Bomb, which Freeza heard to an extent and asked Goku what "that fool was yammering on about", Goku claiming that he was talking about ghosts and explaining that they had everything to do with their fight before being attacked by Freeza for being "stupid" while arguing that he was being "rhetorical" and that Freeza was acting "transcendent." Goku, upon regaining his balance, tried to charge the attack further, but Freeza continued to kick him around as he mistook him for waiving his hands in the air "like" he just didn't care. After Freeza chose to terminate him, Goku mentioned they could always play a game of 20 questions, which lead Freeza to first ask if he was going to die.

Goku denied that he would, though braced himself as Freeza positioned his hand to shoot him, before Freeza saw the glare of and then the Spirit Bomb, realizing that Goku had planned to use it on him. He then tried to kill Goku before Piccolo intervened, after which Goku informed him that he would need both hands to charge the Spirit Bomb so Piccolo would have to fight Freeza by himself and expressed his belief that Piccolo could do it despite he himself being beaten around by Freeza in a smaller time frame than that.

Goku charging the Spirit Bomb

Goku charging the Spirit Bomb.

After Piccolo went down, he called on Goku to throw the attack, though he stressed that he could not since it was not done charging. Following Freeza moved to destroy the entire planet, Goku finished charging it and launched it at the ascending Freeza, seemingly killing him and saving the planet. Goku was later recovered in the aftermath by Piccolo and the pair reunited with Gohan and Krillin, after which Goku joked that Freeza suffered a case of "freezer burn" and the four laughed together, thinking they had finally succeeded in vanquishing the villain until Freeza returned, which was followed by him shooting Piccolo into unconsciousness and then killing Krillin through blowing him up.[13]

Transformation Edit

Goku after transforming into a Super Saiyan for the first time

Goku after transforming into a Super Saiyan for the first time.

Goku was devastated by Krillin's death, it being the only thing he spoke of when Freeza requested that he say something funny. In a fit of rage, he transformed into a Super Saiyan, after which he gazed at Freeza while instructing Gohan to take Piccolo and Bulma off of the planet. Though Gohan asked about him, expressing concern for his father, Goku stressed that Piccolo's death would make the entire trip pointless and asserted that his son begin getting away from him as the latter expressed that the plan was surprising well-thought out for Goku. Freeza tried to attack Gohan as he fled with Piccolo, but was stopped by Goku, who grabbed his hand as he promised to break him "like a Kit-Kat bar." Goku then briefly attacked him before dodging several of Freeza's death beams.

Goku tells Freeza what he is

Harkening back to Vegeta, Goku tells Freeza that he is a Super Saiyan.

When asked by Freeza what had happened to make him become different, Goku answered that it was just as Vegeta had stated, calling himself "the hope of the omniverse! I am the lightbulb in the darkness! I am the bacon in the fridge for all the living things that cry out in hunger! I am the Alpha and the Omega! I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am Son Gokū, and I am a Super-" before being cut off by an attack from Freeza, though he quickly regained himself and finished by stating that he was a Super Saiyan. Goku zoned out while Freeza launched an attack in an attempt to destroy Namek. After it failed, Goku asked if he missed and further stated that it appeared he could not go through with blowing them both up, Freeza revealing afterward that he could survive in space despite Goku calling it a "vaccum." Freeza theorized that he only had five minutes before the planet exploded, to which Goku reasoned that he would just have to defeat him in four. He was unconvinced initially that it was his problem that Freeza was not at full power, rejecting his bargains to give him pizza and mentioning that he had killed his best friend before Freeza offered pizza with stuffed crust. Goku then stopped charing at him and reasoned to King Kai, who had been listening in on the fight, that letting Freeza power up and fight at full power before defeating him would demoralize him. Goku argued to King Kai that this particular type of pizza could be eaten in reverse. Goku then received a punch from the stomach by the fully-charged Freeza and then several blows. Goku asked in the middle of their fight if he could get a meat lover's before being cut off by another strike from Freeza.[14]

The final battle Edit

Goku chases after Freeza

Goku chases after Freeza.

Freeza thought that Goku was dead until he kicked him in the face, Goku afterward calling Freeza an overgrown thing that Chi-Chi kept in her drawer and noted to himself that Freeza was stronger than ever at full power, which would require him to strategize and he did this by calling his attention to Porunga, the Namekian dragon. Freeza chased after it and Goku followed him, the pair dueling and Goku saying that he did not have to use the bathroom as Freeza called on him to "piss off", Freeza then making a request for immortality before the dragon and everyone else disappeared. Freeza questioned where everyone had gone and Goku admitted that he was just as lost as him. Dende had used Porunga to teleport everyone off of the planet and to Earth, apart from Goku and Freeza.

Goku told Freeza that he was not immortal either but alright with that, Freeza then firing another ball of energy and trying to use it to kill Goku before the latter blocked it and sent it to another planet, Goku then swearing that apart from that planet no other ones would be destroyed by him. Goku punched Freeza numerous times afterward, the latter continuing to fight him until Goku became bored and told this to Freeza, powering down from his newly-achieved form but warning Freeza that he would have to kill him if he encountered his tyranny again. While trying to fly away, Freeza attacked him, Goku quickly realizing the move was no "pizza" and being driven to return to his Super Saiyan form. Freeza tried to attack him with the Kienzan, though was not able to hit him as a result of not being able to control the attack. Goku was oblivious to his intentions and asked if he was trying to swat a bee, stressing that he did not like them. When Freeza finally managed to make the move come towards him, Goku quickly dodged it and was able to continue doing this until the move came towards Freeza who he tried to warn of his own attack moving towards him until it was too late and Freeza was sliced in half.

Staying around him after he was sliced, Goku made puns on the subject such as that he was a "cut above the rest", he did not "make the cut" and cutting him "some slack" before Freeza requested that he stop, which he agreed to do as he began leaving until Freeza requested some energy to leave the planet as well. Goku complied and gave him some, instructing him to be responsible with the energy and not use it to hurt anyone or drugs. When Freeza questioned him, Goku informed him that he was going home as he had a long trip and would have requested one of his legs to take to eat but he assumed that Freeza was hungry as well. Freeza momentarily considered changing his ways, though opted against it as he fired a blast that Goku was able to intercept as he expressed his frustration with having to give Freeza more in energy in the form of a counterattack, one which was able to seemingly destroy him.

Goku saving himself with muffins

Goku saving himself with muffins.

After this, Goku assumed that Freeza had taken the energy and left, attempting to make his way off the planet with flying around and commenting to himself that everything looked exactly the same. Goku found a ship and tried looking for a control with mild frustration, pressing the muffin button over and over again until he was surrounded with enough muffins to completely cover himself as the planet exploded, seemingly taking him alongside with it.[14] In reality, Goku was actually saved by the muffin ship and found himself on Yardat where he learned Instant Transmission.[15]

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