After surviving an encounter with the Saiyans on Earth, Krillin left the planet to journey to Namek.

Recovery Edit

Following the Saiyan conflict, Krillin spent his time in a hospital with Goku and Gohan. Mr. Popo came to visit and informed them of a way to get their friends back, which excited Krillin, who promised to keep quiet once Mr. Popo ordered him to "shut up". Krillin voted for Bulma to be the one to go with Mr. Popo to the site of the ship they planned to take to Namek, where they would find Dragon Balls that would allow them to resurrect their friends. When Bulma returned and mentioned the possibility of Mr. Popo being their pilot, Krillin shrieked in horror and was relieved when Mr. Popo declined doing it.

Krillin confused

Krillin confused by Mr. Popo's foreshadowing.

Mr. Popo bid the group a farewell and said he expected to see them when they got back, apart from Krillin, who questioned what he meant by that. After the ship was fixed up by Bulma and Dr. Briefs, Krillin arrived at Kame House where it was stationed and ready for transporting the group. When Gohan arrived, he tried speaking to him before noting his change in hairstyle was that of a bowl cut, saying that he looked like a "young Moe Howard." After Gohan insulted him back, Krillin became angry and was cut off by Bulma as the group went into the ship. Once inside, Krillin questioned where he was supposed to put his things and after being dismissed by Bulma, asked Gohan how many things he had brought, learning that his mother was behind his packing and reasoned that he should always be prepared while going somewhere before screaming as the ship took off.[1]

While traveling to Namek, the group was stopped by a team of children who intended to kill them under suspicion that they were working for Freeza, a name that Krillin tried to tell them he had never heard of before and in being sentenced by the group to death, questioned if that was harsh. They prepared to fire their blasts at him and Gohan, leading Krillin to tell Gohan to close his eyes. Once the shot was fired and Krillin proved too strong to be killed by it or affected in any way, the group prepared to take their cyanide tablets and they all dropped one by one in death. Krillin was horrified and told Gohan to get back to the ship, ignoring his question if he could open his eyes.

Krillin in the time leading up to their arrival on the Namek was having difficulty relieving himself and was not helped by Bulma walking around in nothing but her underwear, leading her to ask him if he was saying something and for him to deny. He also was having trouble dealing with the toilet screaming at him. Bulma claimed to see Namek, leading Krillin to question how she knew it was Namek before seeing a sign that said the name and telling her to bring them in for a landing. Bulma then revealed that she did not know how to land and Krillin afterward instructed Gohan to put on his seatbelt. After crash landing, Krillin cited the crash as a reason that women should not drive. Gohan weighed in on their argument and asked since he was half-Saiyan what he was and both answered he was five before they plunged further and were knocked out.

Krillin being attacked by the tentacle monster

Krillin attacked by a tentacle monster.

Raiti and Zaacro found the group and took them back to their base, intending to use the group's ship to get off of Namek. When the group woke up, they offered their assistance in helping them gather the Dragon Balls. Gohan asked if they seemed off and Krillin said that he liked them. The group was able to get six of the Dragon Balls and afterward Krillin asked where the other Namekians were. Raiti and Zaacro revealed themselves as being fakes when Raiti made a reference to a penis, which Krillin knew Namekians did not have and called them out on it. They summoned a tentacle monster, which Krillin swore he would protect Bulma from before being attacked by it and waking up from the sequence, though being further terrified by Mr. Popo.[2]

Arrival on Namek Edit

After arriving on Namek, Krillin tried to make a joke to Gohan about the blue grass after calling it to his attention, asking him what the Namekians' favorite type of music was. When Gohan answered to the best of his ability, Krillin questioned if he was really sheltered and then asked Bulma about the Dragon Balls, which she was able to detect four of. Krillin was happy to hear this since he assumed they would just have to find them, wish their friends back and return to Earth. Bulma then noticed a Saiyan ship and Gohan felt Vegeta's energy, which made Krillin shriek in terror. Krillin finished his screaming only to have it start up again when some soldiers approached him, one of which reminding him of when he had previously heard the name "Freeza".

Krillin attacking a Freeza soldier

Krillin attacking a Freeza soldier.

One soldier warned for him to stand where he was and then be shot, to which Krillin questioned if he meant or they would be shot, afterward the ship being blasted by the soldier. Krillin and Gohan dispatched of the pair, causing them to land in the ocean and leading Krillin to unsuccessfully joke to Gohan that they were all "washed up". Krillin suggested to Bulma that the group get themselves out of the open and noted a cave, after which she spoke about finding a real man and debunked Yamcha as one once Krillin mentioned him as a reference to their past relationship.

Gohan then asked Krillin if he "felt that", which Krillin assumed was the "need to pee", which he argued could not be done using the toilet since it had been destroyed before feeling the massive power levels of Freeza and his men as they passed by the group, who hid in the cave to avoid being spotted and possibly confronted. Gohan asked Krillin if he felt the power levels, Krillin stating that he noticed to both their strength and that of the person in the front "who felt like a hundred Vegetas."

Krillin noted that he no longer had to pee and went into the cave. Ten minutes passed and Krillin emerged, stating that they were going after those Dragon Balls, acknowledging they were outmatched but refusing to give up since they had come far and revealed to Bulma that in the cave he had taken care of something that should have been done a month ago. Krillin instructed Gohan to come with him and for Bulma to stay there and call Master Roshi since the two might need back up. They then left. Krillin and Gohan moved out to one of the villages, staying hidden and found a confrontation between Freeza, Dodoria and Zarbon and the villagers.[3]

Krillin saves Dende

Krillin saves Dende.

Krillin held Gohan down as he reacted to the deaths that were brought about by Freeza and his men, also quacking from time to time which he referred to as his plan and reasoned that it was effective since they were still alive. Dodoria killed most of the Namibians by himself, leading the village elder to hand over the Dragon Ball. Krillin tried to reassure Gohan that since the elder of the village was handing over the Dragon Ball, they would not suffer any further casualties, though this was not the case as Dodoria still killed him. When Dodoria moved to kill Dende, Gohan struck him down, at which point Krillin moved in to assist him by grabbing Dende and quacking, revealing to Freeza, Zarbon and Dodoria that he was the "space duck".[4]

Receiving a powerup Edit

Krillin and Gohan flying with Dende

Krillin holding Dende as he and Gohan fly away.

Krillin criticized Gohan for being so reckless in striking Dodoria, though Gohan tried to assert that they would have speed as their advantage that would allow them to get away from Dodoria given his weight. However, when he caught up to the pair, Krillin noted that Gohan's theory had been disproven. Dodoria attacking Krillin caused him to drop Dende, though he was able to get away using the Solar Flare. Dodoria was ultimately killed by Vegeta, allowing the three to finally lose him as Dende revealed his name to the pair, though Krillin insisted on calling him "Little Green". Krillin and Gohan brought Dende back to Bulma, who called Krillin Mr. Super Soaker, though Krillin downplayed what had occurred in the cave and she informed him that her father had told her that Goku was on his way to Namek. Krillin was happy to hear this, but disappointed in learning that it would not be for another several days before his friend arrived to save them, mentioning that at least he had his life insurance policy. After Dende found out that Bulma had breast and expressed interest in getting between them, Krillin said he was adorable.[5]

Vegeta attacked a village after this, killing its inhabitants. Krillin and Gohan sensed the deaths and Krillin went on about how he had ended the village and unnecessarily done it, in front of Dende who was affected by their deaths, Krillin then trying to comfort him by claiming that they had gone to Heaven where "everyone gets along" and other good things happen until Dende stopped him by saying it sounded "asinine" and Krillin confirmed that it was. Gohan wondered if someone on the planet could help them against Vegeta and Krillin asked Dende, who revealed to them that Guru had been the one to save them at this time during a drought. Krillin decided that he would go with Dende to meet Guru since he sounded as though he was their "last hope" and had Gohan to stay with Bulma. When the two arrived at Guru's residence, Krillin noted that their old Namek "had a floating castle" and mentioned that he had passed. While Dende and Nail spoke to each other about Krillin in Namekian, Krillin noted that they had a beautiful language, leading the pair to start speaking in English.

Krillin's potential is unlocked

Krillin's potential is unlocked.

Krillin was unfamiliar with Nail before this and assumed that Dende had just met him, prompting him to call Nail "Big Green" until Nail violently threatened him which lead Krillin to tell Dende that he did not believe it would be good for him to be friends with Nail. Nail was called inside by Guru, who noticed that Krillin had come in and mistook him for an albino Namekian, to which Krillin corrected him by stating that he was fron Earth and mentioned that he intended to make sure that the others who had been killing his people for the Dragon Balls did not get their hands on it, expressing his intent to take it as a way of stopping them from doing so. Though Nail tried to scold him over this, Guru handed the Dragon Ball over to him. Though Krillin intended to leave after this, Guru placed his hand on the latter's forehead and unlocked his potential, though Krillin noted that he did not feel that much different which Guru attributed to him not having that much. With Guru telling him that it was all downhill from there, Krillin likened himself to Yamcha. Krillin confirmed to Guru that Kami had passed and mentioned that was his name, which prompted Guru to change his name to Super Kami Guru and left after thanking them for their help.[6]

Krillin with a Dragon Ball

Krillin arriving with the Namekian Dragon Ball.

Krillin flew with the Dragon Ball, proclaiming that he had one while passing unknowingly passing Vegeta, who in following him was seen by Zarbon. Krillin returned to the hiding place and found Bulma outside, surprised in seeing her out there and admitting that he would have thought she would be in the cave. Bulma tried to explain why she was not inside but Krillin cut her off and told her to get over it, showing her the Dragon Ball. After Bulma remarked that they were much larger than the Dragon Balls of Earth, Krillin agreed with her and tried to tell her about the surprise he and Gohan had when first seeing them before noticing that he was not there and asking Bulma of his whereabouts, her informing him that she had sent him off after they located a Dragon Ball. Krillin expressed outrage at her for doing this, hinting to Bulma that Chi-Chi would castrate him if anything were to happen to her son.

With Bulma expressing indifference, Krillin surmised that they would just have to wait for him there and said that at least they had the Dragon Ball he had brought back, prior to Vegeta arriving and informing the pair that he was going to take their Dragon Ball. Krillin asked if he cared to trade for one of his, referring to the Dragon Balls he had but did not bring with him and after Vegeta refused, Krillin said that he drove a hard bargain, intending to give it to him before Zarbon arrived, who told Krillin to give him the Dragon Ball instead of Vegeta, creating a conflict of interest between him an the latter. Krillin reacted with uncertainty, until Zarbon transformed and Vegeta killed him.[7]

Krillin ranting about Bulma

Krillin rants about Bulma.

After the killing, Krillin told Vegeta that he "really took care of that guy" and expressed frustrations with discovering that Saiyans became stronger every time they almost died, Vegeta bragging that he was about to become immortal. Krillin told him that they did not want to stall him, leading Vegeta to almost fall for his tactic to distract him from getting the Dragon Ball before Vegeta remembered and told Krillin to give it to him. Vegeta then fled. After Bulma told him that he had doomed them all, Krillin told her that he did not see her attempting to assist and once she questioned what he expected her to do, he stated that she could have used her "bitch fu" and started a lengthy rant about how it was all she had become useful for.

After Krillin finished his dialogue and confirmed to Bulma that he was done, she hit him and Gohan arrived, insisting that they should find a new hiding place, leading Krillin to question why and discover that he had taken the Dragon Ball from Vegeta without him knowing. While the group fled, Vegeta discovered that Gohan had taken his Dragon Ball and and bursted out of the ocean screaming, Gohan asking Krillin if he heard that and Krillin confirming that he felt it. In their new hiding space, Krillin informed Gohan that he needed to see Guru so the elder could unlock his powers, leading Bulma to protest that she would not allow them to abandon her again. Krillin expressed thanks for her assistance of them, rushing away with Gohan by flight and bestowing her the prize of watching the Dragon Ball.

Krillin confronted by Vegeta

Krillin scared while Vegeta confronts him over the Dragon Ball.

Though initially optimistic, Krillin swore that the pair would die now that Vegeta's power had been sensed and identified that it was pure rage when Gohan asked what his energy was. Krillin instructed Gohan to run as fast as he could. Vegeta approached Krillin and the latter noticing that his eyes were bloodshot, asked him if he was okay before Vegeta screamed at Ghost Nappa, confusing Krillin who could not see him and asked him who he was talking to. Vegeta snapped out of the trance and Krillin confirmed to him that he had killed Nappa. He also indirectly confirmed that Gohan had went to see Guru, leading him to have to chase Vegeta down. Gohan received the power up and in learning that he was still weaker than the majority of his adversaries that had been killed by Vegeta, expressed that he now knew what it was like to be Krillin, the latter asking if it sucked.

Vegeta boasted that he was the strongest person on the planet aside from Freeza, before Guru mentioned that he was detecting five power levels approaching the planet, of a flamboyant nature. Vegeta, knowing it was the Ginyu Force, expressed his belief that they were all going to be killed, a confused Krillin asking who was coming.[8]

The Ginyu Force Edit

The Ginyu Force arrived on Namek, convincing Vegeta that they were dead, Nail mistakingly slapping Krillin in place of him when told to do so by Guru. Vegeta felt he would need the help of Krillin and Gohan, though he had a hard time saying it and Krillin stressed that they would need a name for their group, Krillin deciding on "Team Three Star" due to there being three of them (him, Gohan and Vegeta) and the Dragon Balls having stars on them. After failing to be convinced by Vegeta to change the name, Krillin left with the pair of Saiyans to retrieve the Dragon Ball from Bulma, who he told to "bitch" at him later before leaving by flight.

When the three arrived to the Dragon Balls that Vegeta had, Krillin and Gohan became reserved since they figured that they could not trust him since he had not pledged loyalty to Team Three Star. The Ginyu Force found the three at this point, prompting Vegeta to start exclaiming profanity, which Krillin witnessed before disclosing to Captain Ginyu that the remaining Dragon Balls were behind him. Vegeta threw the Dragon Ball he held in an attempt to stop the group for getting them all; Burter retrieving it and bragging that he was the fastest in the universe, Krillin retorting, "That's what she said." Vegeta ordered Krillin to break the Dragon Ball, Krillin attempting to destroy it with his fist before Guldo intervened using his powers to stop time. The Ginyu Force took times spinning the Wheel of Death, Burter getting a free trip to Space Australia which Jeice commented on as his home planet, leading Krillin to ask if he was from Australia. Vegeta encouraged Krillin to throw dog treats at Guldo since he would find it humorous. Krillin and Gohan struggled against Guldo due to his power to stop time, though the conflict ended when Vegeta intervened by severing Guldo's head.[9]

Krillin intervenes

Krillin intervenes when Recoome tries killing Vegeta.

Krillin afterward thanked Vegeta for saving them, appreciating that "Team Three Star spirit". Vegeta fought Recoome and used a blast against him, one so powerful that Krillin and Gohan had to duck and cover for. However it proved to have little effect against him, Recoome nearly killing Vegeta prior to Krillin and Gohan's intervention, though Vegeta scolded the pair for saving him instead of attacking Recoome since he was practically dead already, although Krillin argued they could not lose one of their most valuable members of "Team Three Star" and stated that he carried the group. Krillin questioned what happened to Recoome's face after seeing him following the attack and asked if every move he had started with his name before he was kicked by Recoome and knocked down, asking Gohan afterward if he had done his homework since his mother would harm him. Krillin confirmed to Gohan that he was alright and that his nervous system may have been knocked out of whack by the Ginyu Force member, though he soon felt the pain from the hit.<[10]

Arrival of Goku Edit

Krillin's cries for help caused the arriving Goku to mistake him for a duck until he quacked, leading Goku to realize that it was him and fly over to his location. There Goku greeted him and Krillin compared his pain to when he died when asked by his friend how he was feeling. Krillin was given a Senzu Bean by Goku and started to reveal all that had troubled him and the others while on the planet before Goku's arrival before the latter read his mind and learned of the events without further dialogue between the two.

Krillin Owned Count 13

Krillin falling victim to the Seizure Procedure.

Krillin questioned Goku on how he was able to read his mind and the pair both expressed confusion after Goku revealed it was due to the muffin button. Krillin fell victim to Jeice and Burter's Seizure Procedure, foaming from the mouth as a result of staring directly at it despite Gohan's attempts at warning him and later expressed surprise at Goku's newfound strength. After learning he had trained at 100x normal gravity, Krillin reasoned this was why he was able to easily defeat the group. Vegeta made a song through slamming down on Burter's throat after killing him, asking the others what it was from. Krillin answered that it came from Tetris.[11]

While the group stood together, Goku said that it felt as if someone was missing, Krillin answering that he was referring to Bulma and surmising that she was up to something girly when asked about her activities by Gohan. Vegeta expressed to the group that they were dead already due to Freeza having the Dragon Balls, though Krillin reasoned that this was not the case and when asked if knew something that Vegeta did not, confirmed that he did along with "a lot of things". When Vegeta threatened him to phrase that question differently, Krillin answered that he meant the sky turned dark whenever a wish was made along with the appearance of a dragon which since it had done so there, was evidence to him that Freeza had yet to make a wish. With Vegeta still threatening him, they were interrupted by the return of Captain Ginyu and Jeice. Goku ordered Krillin to take Gohan with him to find Bulma. Though Krillin tried pretending that he would hate to leave him alone, he took his word for it and fled with Gohan.[12]

Krillin and Gohan went back to Freeza's spaceship to gather the Dragon Balls, digging them up. Krillin told Gohan his intent to resurrect Piccolo, Tien and Chiaotzu, being questioned by Gohan about Yamcha and questioning back as to what he meant. The two then sensed two power levels coming their way, leading Gohan to ask Krillin if his father had failed, which Krillin doubted initially before telling him to hide himself on the chance that he had. When Goku seemingly arrived with Jeice, Krillin questioned him about his company and what had happened during the fight against Ginyu, soon afterward being slapped, which Krillin questioned him on his purpose for doing so before Gohan shouted to him that it was not Goku despite his appearance.

Krillin Owned 14

Krillin after being slapped by Ginyu in Goku's body.

Krillin did not believe this and questioned Goku on his favorite food, learning it was not him once he answered as Ginyu revealed himself to have stolen Goku's body and gained his power level, which Krillin called horrible before accusing Ginyu of identity theft in taking his friend's body and expressing his intent to "sue the crap" out of Ginyu. The latter said that he could not if he was killed by him, with Krillin retorting that then he would get put on trial for murder.

While Krillin and Gohan fought Ginyu in Goku's body, Goku arrived, trapped in Ginyu's body and spoke to the pair as well as Ginyu. Krillin warned Gohan that he had to fight Ginyu in Goku's body, telling him he could not hold back. Vegeta entered the fray and eliminated Jeice, afterward attacking Ginyu who became confused when Vegeta referred to Goku as "Kakarrot". Krillin told Ginyu that Goku's name was his Goku and after Vegeta was saved from having his body stolen by Ginyu by Goku jumping in the way, Krillin explained the circumstances to Gohan and told him that Vegeta was "still a prick".[13]

Taking a chance Edit

Krillin in armor

Krillin after changing into Freeza soldier armor.

Krillin and Gohan took Goku inside Freeza's spaceship where he was put into a healing tank. Vegeta mentioned having blown up the newer model, to which Krillin asked why he had done so and if it had an opinion. Vegeta directed him and Gohan to "strip", revealing afterward that he had armor for them, which Krillin thought made the command less awkward. While changing with Gohan into the armor, Krillin told him that it felt as though they had been on Namek for a year when in actuality it had only been six days and Krillin noted that he looked similar to Nappa though he did not remember his name and asked Vegeta about it, stating his name repeatedly until Vegeta answered with "Goddammit Nappa".

Gohan stressed that Krillin should focus on trying to use the Dragon Balls, Krillin answering that Dende could be of use, though he had reservations due to both the length of the flight and sensing hostility on Dende's part. While Vegeta and Gohan remained at the base, Krillin went to retrieve Dende and stopped him in his tracks while joking that he was a "Namekian scum", playing the role of an actual soldier of Freeza until showing that he was just himself, to which Dende continued to scream in horror even though Krillin at first thought he was joking only for Dende to continue.

Krillin doesn&#039;t want to tell Vegeta

Krillin tells Gohan that he does not want to tell Vegeta about their wishes.

Krillin and Dende found Gohan. Krillin told him of Dende being able to assist them in summoning the dragon and made it known to Gohan of his intent to summon Porunga without telling Vegeta, a plan that Gohan did not find wise but agreed to go along with nonetheless. Krillin then sensed Freeza and denied it was him until Gohan kept confirming and called for Dende to summon the dragon. Krillin learned that they could be granted three wishes, which made him happy as he requested to wish for a three foot hoogie only for him to be contacted by King Kai, who he had never interacted with before and referred to as "a voice" speaking to him when asked about it by Dende.

The three resurrected Piccolo with a wish from Porunga, who teleported him to Namek as per their instruction but just on the planet and a fair distance away from them. Krillin then questioned why he was not brought directly to them and the third wish, which Krillin intended to use for a hoogie, was stopped by the arrival of Vegeta and led Krillin to lament that he was never going to get his hoogie. Vegeta threatened Dende and the latter tried to grant his wish for immortality, only for Guru to seemingly die and cause the Dragon Balls on the planet to no longer be effective. Freeza arrived shortly thereafter.[14]

Fight with Freeza Edit

While talking to Vegeta, Freeza observed that the others had assisted him in dashing his hopes, leading Krillin to let out a quack and though being told by Gohan that it did nothing to help, he said that he could try. Freeza asked where they were from and Krillin nearly divulged that they were from Earth, only to be stopped by Gohan who he thanked for not allowing him to let knowledge of their home planet slip. Dende, however, took it upon himself to reveal that the two were from Earth, leading Krillin to question why he would betray them.

Krillin Owned Count 15-25

Krillin getting stabbed by Freeza.

Krillin was stabbed by Freeza, who gained 1 Ups from rocking him back and forth on his head while his horn went through Krillin's stomach. Gohan warned Krillin that he was making him stronger, but Krillin insisted that he could not help it. Once Freeza finished, he tossed Krillin's comatose body away. Krillin was healed by Dende, who told him that he was immortal. Believing this, Krillin used his Kienzan to cut off Freeza's tail when attacking him while Freeza was not looking, taunting him afterward by proclaiming that he was immortal and shouting for him to suck his dick while being chased by Freeza and flying away.

Krillin headed into a path of crevices and used his Solar Flare on Freeza after he kept cutting him off when he tried to flee, fleeing afterward rather using his Kienzan to cut Freeza in half, which Gohan thought about when being told of what occurred by Krillin who confirmed he had not done this when Freeza returned and swore he would mount Krillin's head where his tail used to be, Krillin afterward confirming that he did not do what Gohan had thought. Krillin, Gohan and Vegeta shot at Freeza with all of their might, Krillin questioning if they had got him when he became covered in smoke, Gohan telling him that they could still sense Freeza's energy and questioning why he even bothered leading Krillin to make the omission that he was an optimist. As Gohan tried to attack Freeza again, Krillin and Vegeta moved in behind him, only for Piccolo to cut them all of as he began fighting Freeza.[15]

Piccolo stood toe-to-toe with Freeza, leading Krillin to express that he couldn't believe it to Gohan and that the group might actually win. After Piccolo continued fighting Freeza and snapped his neck, Krillin said that it sounded good and felt that he had to do it as well, though when he did he hurt his neck and demonstrated pain. Freeza transformed into his third form and began to dominate Piccolo, leading Gohan to rush off into the fight, similarly to how he had before Piccolo arrived. Krillin, annoyed, reluctantly was going to go after Gohan but was grabbed by Vegeta who conveyed an idea to him, that he would have Krillin harm him in an attempt to make him stronger since Saiyans became stronger with each time they nearly died, outright telling Krillin that he needed him to "almost" kill him.

Krillin shoots Vegeta through the chest

Krillin shoots Vegeta in the chest.

Vegeta promised Krillin that he would not punch him after Krillin expressed concern of repercussions, though he retracted this after Krillin shot him with a blast and joined the others, Freeza asking if they were tired of his third form. Krillin confirmed that he was and would have preferred his first, though Freeza went to his final form. While he transformed, Gohan asked Krillin of Dende's whereabouts, the latter answering that he was tending to Vegeta's wounds and explained that he had shot a hole through him per Vegeta's request. After Dende healed Piccolo, and the rest of the group watched Freeza transform, Gohan asked Krillin why he was not using his Kienzan, Krillin answering that he kept forgetting to use it but remembered that he had used all of his energy to mortally wound Vegeta. After Dende healed Vegeta, he was killed by Freeza, having finally finished his transformation into his final form. Krillin shouted "Little Green" in concern but was informed by Gohan that his name was "Dende", though Krillin claimed that Dende never spoke up about it.[16]

Freeza, upon reaching his final form, killed Dende and said that he had saved him from seeing what he would do to them, leading Vegeta to remark that he hated "the bald one", Krillin mistaking Piccolo as being who Vegeta was referring to and arguing that Dende had only just met Piccolo. Freeza attacked Gohan with a beam, the attack being prevented from reaching him by Vegeta, though the intensity of the attack led Krillin, Gohan and Piccolo to believe that they were doomed. Vegeta engaged Freeza by himself, the severity of the attacks by Freeza leading Krillin to ask the others if they should help him, Freeza approaching the group right after and calling on them to. However, the three were scared, knowing their strength was not on par with his and let him resume his attack. Goku arrived after, the group greeting him.[17]

With Goku's arrival, Vegeta's killing by Freeza and Goku stating his plans to fight Freeza by himself, Krillin joined Piccolo in leaving the battlefield, being relieved that he would not have to fight any longer. While battling Freeza, Goku grabbed him by his tail and twirled him around. Krillin watched this and noticed that Freeza's vomit was heading toward him but was unable to determine what it was before it hit him, and he let out a loud scream that could be heard from space.[18]

Second death Edit

Krillin continued watching the fight between Goku and Freeza after it became apparent that Freeza outmatched him, telling Gohan that it was time they got involved before backing down. When Goku moved his hands to initiate charging the Spirt Bomb, Krillin yelled out what he was doing and that it was the only thing that could kill Freeza before being hit by Piccolo, making Freeza question what he was "yammering on about". Krillin screamed out further, earning him more hits from Piccolo and watched as the attack seemingly killed Freeza.

Krillin being killed by Freeza

Krillin before being made to implode by Freeza.

The blast damaged the planet as well, separating Krillin from the others. Krillin recovered while being found by Gohan who was relieved he was alright, although Krillin admitted that he believed he had swallowed a trout. While they searched around, Krillin asked Gohan if he thought "he was still alive" and the latter failed to realize he was talking about Goku when responding that he was concerned about his father and not Freeza, who he mistook Krillin to be talking about.

The two were reunited with Goku and Piccolo, laughing together at Goku's joke before Freeza revealed himself to still be alive and shot Piccolo, Krilin remarking that he was happy it was not him. Freeza informed him that he was next and Krillin questioned what he had ever done to him, after which Freeza recalled him removing his tail. Krillin questioned if he could take a joke and smiled at the villain, before being killed by imploding on himself after being launched into the air.[19]

Krillin's death propelled Goku to transform into a Super Saiyan, allowing him to best Freeza in battle. The others went back to Earth via wishes from the Dragon Balls on Earth and on Namek, the group later resurrecting Krillin after the required time had passed. In the time since his death, Krillin had still been reacting to being imploded, screaming repeatedly and continuing this even after being resurrected.[20]

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