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"Bullets From Your Valentine" is the second episode of Team Four Star's Hellsing Ultimate Abridged. It was first uploaded on Takahata101's Youtube channel on November 7, 2011.

Cast Edit

  • Megami33 as Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
  • WeeklyTubeShow as Walter
  • Takahata101 as Alucard
  • Nowacking as Police Girl
  • LittleKuriboh as Old Asshole #1
  • Hbi2k as Old Asshole #2
  • Marc Swint as Old Asshole #3 and Old Asshole #4
  • Ganxingba as Jan Valentine
  • KaiserNeko as Luke Valentine
  • Sheldon Delano Killer as Guard
  • Chris Zito as Front Desk Clerk
  • Antfish as Communications

Music Edit

  • Hayato Matsuo - Badrick
  • Vincenzo Salvatore Carmelo Francesco Bellini - Norma - Casta Diva
  • Andrew W.K. Party, Party, Party
  • Immediate Music - Subterfuge
  • Adventure Time Opening Theme
  • Mozart's Requiem - Sequentia Rex Tremendae Majestatis
  • Hayato Matsuo - Die Fledermaus
  • Hayato Matsuo - Inu no Koku
  • Nine Inch Nails - Big Man With A Big Gun
  • Rob Zombie - Dragula
  • Hayato Matsuo - Target Insight
  • Cris Velasco - Battle with the Colossus (God of War 2 Soundtrack)
  • Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi - Nabucco - Va, Pensiero

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