The Cell Games (Sponsored by HETAP)

The Cell Games (Presented By Hetap) is a martial arts "tournament" hosted by Cell. The areana has been destroyed but the Games continue.

The Rules Edit

The Cell Games maintains the rules of the World Martial Arts Tournament:

  • You lose if you are "ringed out" (Pushed or tossed out the the square) or if you are knocked out and unable to fight.
  • The tournament consists of solely 1-on-1 fights within the arena.

However, there are two major changes: Cell is the only opponent for whoever enters. Also, you are allowed to kill your opponent.

The Story Edit

The Construction Edit

At the end of "My Body Is A Temple 'O' Trunks" after being questioned by Trunks (Who got beaten badly.), Cell told him he was planning his "Revolution". Throughout the first half of "Tiles and Tribulations", Cell tried many times to make the Arena, scrapping them and starting again at the smallest mistake.

The Announcement Edit

It wasn't until near the end of "Tiles and Tribulations" that it was publicly announced by Cell on live TV that the Cell Games would be occurring in one week, (He did this to give the participants "Plenty of time to prepare" and for those not participating, to do whatever they must do.) and that if they win, he will leave the planet forever. But if he wins, he will BLOW THE PLANET UP. (Demonstrated by firing a Ki blast to wreck the area behind him.)

The Week Before Edit

The next day or so, Cell had finished the arena (Patching a hole...), and had been contacted by Hetap, after a conversation with whom it was decided that the competition would officially be named "The Cell Games Presented By Hetap." Goku showed up, much to the surprise of Cell, who wasn't expecting him until the day of the Tournament, and following an awkward conversation about the arena, Cell decided he will "Miss him when he's dead" .

The Arena Edit

The Cell Games arena is a simple, flat, white square of tiles, "A full twenty four by twenty...(four)" As Cell described it, with four Spires around, one on each corner. At the sides of the square are steps to easily get up and down from the arena (Rather unnecessary mind you, as most characters can fly, and most Humans can climb up there.) It is situated in the middle of a wasteland. (Was once a hilly plain before Cell decimated it, as shown in "Tiles and Tribulations"). According to Goku, it's a little bit small for fights, although Cell prefers to call it "Intimate"

Trivia Edit

  • In trying to construct the arena, Cell created at least three different arenas, before scrapping at least two of them due to slight inconsistencies:
    • The first arena was almost perfect, except for the fact that one of the tiles was a Bright Green (This "Son of an Emerald Whore" was the reason Cell started again the first time)
    • The second one was even worse, being a CIRCLE, much to the surprise of Cell ("How did all these Squares make a Circle?!") And that tile was STILL GREEN!
    • The third known failure (Albeit one Cell fixed later) Was even closer to being perfect, although this time one of the tiles had been split in half!

(The current one used is the same one as in the third failure, as Cell revealed it was the same one seen right before the announcement, just with the hole patched)

  • Thanks to a conversation during the Week-long grace period, the official name for the tournament it the "Cell Games Presented By Hetap"!

Appearances Edit

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