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"Cell Mates" is the twenty-eighth episode of Season 3 of Team Four Star's DragonBall Z Abridged and is the fifty-eighth episode overall. It was first uploaded to YouTube on May 12, 2017.


Goku fights against Cell after Mr. Satan is out. Throughout the fight, the abilities of the fires such as blasts and aura's statements are given by Mr. Satan, and his fans are believing him every time.

Summary Edit

Jimmy Firecracker regretfully announces that Mr. Satan is dead after that defeat, causing the public to riot. However, Satan is revealed to be alive (believing Cell put magnets under the ring to mess with the iron in his system) much to Vegeta's annoyance. Goku decides it's his turn to fight Cell, and steps in. While Cell notes that it's a little fast for Goku to fight first, he does agree to fight him now.

The two power-up in front of each other, and make banter before fighting. They both seem evenly matched, but Goku manages to outsmart him with an After-Image combo. He knocks Cell out, but Cell manages to float in the last minute to avoid a ring out. Cell asks if Goku would be satisfied with a ring out, and Goku replies that he would be as it was how he beat Piccolo, Tien, and Chi-Chi in the 24th Martial Arts Tournament (and then proceeds to unknowingly get labeled as a wife beater due to his comments).

Cell decides to make it interesting and uses the Multi-Form Technique to create three copies. The four Cells attack, but Goku is able to keep up and knocks the four back into one Cell. Goku then taunts Cell that he won't be able to defeat him with copied attacks (even though his friends call out Goku for copying their attacks) and Cell fires a Kamehameha at Goku. Goku manages to teleport out of the blast radius however, and kicks Cell in the head.

In the stinger, Krillin wonders where their beams go when launched in space, and Gohan predicts that a contained blast should last long enough until it hits something. 1000 years later, the planet of Arlia has finally repopulated and reborn... until Cell's Kamehameha destroys it again.

Cast and Crew Edit

To be added.

Running Gags Edit

  • Mr. Satan's unbelievable statements on the Z-Fighter's abilities.
  • Gohan is labeled a "Nerd" again.
  • Cell's hatred on Tien.
  • Tien and Vegeta's arguments.
  • Cell's sexual innuendos.

CallBacks Edit


  • Before this episode was released on Youtube, it was premiered live on Twitch Tv at 6pm Central time.
    • The first airing had lip sync problems, but they were able to fix it in time when they caught it.
  • As a continuity error with the previous episode, Piza, Piroshki and Caroni can be seen in the background during the fight.
  • The music during Cell's multi-form fight is an instrumental version of "We are number one", from the Icelandic children's television series LazyTown.

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