Cooler's Armored Squadron
Cooler's Armored Squadron
From left to right: Neiz, Sauza, and Doore.
Debut Revenge of Cooler Abridged
Occupation Mercenaries
Status Deceased

Cooler's Armored Squadron (クウラ機甲戦隊, Kūra Kikō Sentai) is a mercenary platoon that works under Cooler and makes their only appearance in the movie Revenge of Cooler Abridged. The team is made up of three members: Sauza, a purple-skinned humanoid, Doore, a large green-skinned alien with a "Hulk-like" appearance, and Neiz, a brownish amphibian-like alien.

Sauza Edit

Sauza (サウザー, Sauzā) also know as Salza, is the leader of Cooler's Armored Squadron and is Cooler's top henchmen. He speaks in a French accent (being a space French and adding "le" before many of his phrases/words) and is often the center of many country-related jokes. He gets classified by Piccolo as the "pretty one", but he misinterprets this as being the one with the weird powers. He was killed by Piccolo off-screen and his last words was that he will see Jeice, his cousin, in Space Hell. He is voiced by Antfish.

Lightsaber rush - an energy sword attack which he used to slice the opponent. However, Nail refereed to him that Lightsabers doesn't stick with hands to Piccolo. It is Sauza's ultimate blast.

Quotes Edit

Cooler: So... who thinks he's dead?

Sauza (Salza): Dead.

Neiz: (Gibberish)

Doore: That boy's dead as mud!

Cooler: Well, too bad; I sign your paychecks. Search the forest.

Sauza (Salza): <Qu'est-ce que f*ck>...? [<What the f*ck> (??)]

Doore Edit

Doore (ドーレ, Dōre) is a member of Cooler's Armored Squadron, shown as being the long-haired hulky humanoid alien. He mostly speaks in a British Cockney accent, evidenced by using "Oi" in the beginning of most of his sentences. He is referred by Piccolo as the "stupid one" (though he believes to be the pretty one). He gets killed by a homing energy blast shot by Piccolo. He is voiced by XTheDarkOne.

Neiz Edit

Neiz (ネイズ, Neizu) is a member of Cooler's Armored Squadron, being described as a tall brown-skinned humanoid amphibian-like alien. Unlike the original series, he is incapable of speaking and speaks in random gibberish or roars when enraged. Piccolo refers to him as the "one with weird powers", (although Neiz possibly thought he was the stupid one). He gets killed by Piccolo, who fries him with his own attack. He is voiced by Lanipator.

Trivia Edit

  • Goku at one point has the worst case of "déjà mustard" when looking at their poses, which can be reminiscent of the Ginyu Force's battle poses on Namek.
  • When Sauza dies, he references one of the Spy's quotes in Team Fortress 2: "I will see you in hell.".
  • In Revenge of Cooler Abridged, Sauza fill a similar role to Zarbon. This is a reference as both Sauza & Zarbon happened to share the same Japanese voice actor, Sho Hayami.

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