Lord Slug is the fourth Dragon Ball Z movie. It's also the second movie of Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged and was released on November 8, 2011.

Synopsis Edit

Piccolo is meditating at a waterfall, and is discussing with Nail about using two hands to use the Special Beam Cannon, and denies it being like the Kamehameha when Nail brings it up. Gohan appears with his new pet Icarus, and starts whistling with him.This causes Piccolo pain, and demands Gohan to stop whistling. Piccolo then senses a high power energy. Meanwhile in Capsule Corps, Dr. Briefs manages to find a way to isolate the gay gene, and finds a meteor heading their way. Goku and Krillin are called in, but their combined Kamehameha's don't destroy the meteor and are swept away by the force.

Once everything is cleared up, Gohan realizes that the meteor is actually a spaceship, as a group of soldiers come out (being mistaken by the witnesses as Jesus of all people). Inside the ship, a large Namekian named Lord Slug wants to know why the terra freezing is taking too long, but the scientists aren't sure. Gohan and Chi-Chi face off against the soldiers, but Chi-Chi gets knocked out, and Gohan loses his hat when trying to save her. Lord Slug picks the dragonball off it, and ask Bulma where he can find the rest. Bulma states that they can't find them without the dragon radar, and stupidly says she has it (much to Gohan's annoyance) causing Lord Slug to steal the radar from her. He orders his troops to find the remaining dragonballs in the hour, and they manage to do so. With all seven dargonballs, he summons Shenron, and wishes for his youth back (something Shenron notes is very familiar). With his youth back, Lord Slug is able to speed up the Terra freezing process.

Goku wakes up, and Yajirobe tells him what has happened, causing Goku to mistake the cold weather as the Christmas season. Back at his house, Chi-Chi and Bulma are eating Dragon Soup (from the now deceased Icarus), but when she goes to serve Gohan, she finds he's gone. Gohan tries to fight back against Lord Slug's soldiers, but is outgunned. Fortunately, Piccolo arrives and a henchman asked if he was Batman. Piccolo responded by throwing him into one of the ship's lights as "Disturbed - Glass Shatters" starts playing, and he is faced by Slug's commanders; Medamatcha, Angila, and Dorodabo. Piccolo asks what their gimmicks are since since the last people he fought were misfit minions, causing Angila to refer to himself as the "pretty one" (though Piccolo thinks he's a 6/10 at best), Medamatcha is "the one with the weird powers" (he can spawn mini versions of himself), and Dorodabo is the "dumb strong guy". Dorodabo faces of against Piccolo, but Piccolo manages to beat him with ease, and kills him. Gohan however has trouble against Medamatcha thanks to his clones, and gets beaten. Before he's killed by Medamatcha's energy blast, Piccolo (much to his annoyance) protects him. Goku and Krillin arrives, with Goku swearing he will protect Christmas again, and back hands Medamatcha, who declares he will "rape Christmas and make it his bitch". Angila and Medamatcha try to double team against Goku, but he kills them both with no problem. The soldiers all run back to the ship, Goku letting them live, until an explosion causes their deaths. Lord Slug appears and Krillin does the stupid thing of trying to fight him, only to get blown away by him (and all of that was Tivo'd by Vegeta for laughs).

Goku fights against Lord Slug, with the fight moved to Iguana Street, but gets beaten down. King Kai calls him, and Goku is disappointed that he let Christmas down, giving King Kai an idea. He tells him that Christmas will be ruined if he fails, causing Goku to grow angry, and powers up in a golden aura, with a demonic vice declaring himself a "Champion Christmas" . King Kai is shocked that just happened, believing that Goku is now a "Super SaiyaMan" which Bubbles (suddenly speaking english) remarks that's ridiculous. Goku declares that he will stop him from destroying Christmas, but Lord Slug reveals that he only terra-freezed the planet, and it's July. Goku, realizing his mistake, powers down much to King Kai's dismay. Goku still decides to defeat Slug anyway, but is shocked when Lord Slug rips his dislocated arm off and grows a new one, and removes his helmet. Seeing the antenna's on his head, Goku believe's Lord Slug is a Yoshi, only for an annoyed Kai to say he's a Namekian. He continues further explaining that he's the banished half of a Super Namekian who split off his evil side. Goku finds it familiar, and asks a now giant Lord Slug if he's related to King Piccolo.

Goku fights against the giant Namekian, but gets caught by Lord Slug who proceeds to crush him. Piccolo arrives on Slug's head, and gets caught, but reveals this all part of his plan. He rips his own ears off, and yells at Gohan to start whistling. Gohan's whistling drives Lord Slug insane, and tries to blast him, only to destroy his ship by accident. Piccolo manages to reach Goku (forgetting he could just stretch his arms), and gives his Ki energy to him. Re-powered, Goku uses his Kaio-Ken to thrust a hole in Slug's chest, before heading above the clouds using the energy to charge up his Spirit Bomb. With Lord Slug charging at him, Goku throws the Spirit Bomb at Slug, killing him. With Lord Slug's death, the terra-freezing process is reversed, and Goku relaxes.

At the Stinger, Super Kami Guru is writing a letter to Lord Slug. It's revealed that Guru is actually the evil half of the Super Namekian, and told Lord Slug about the earth dragonballs.

Running Gags Edit

  • People finding the situation of the film similar to the original Dragon Ball's King Piccolo saga
  • Piccolo asking the henchmen what their gimmicks are.
  • Goku's Kaio-Ken
    • Lord Slug: Kaio-
    • Piccolo: WHAT?
  • Goku once again believing Namekians are Yoshi's
  • Goku's squeaking noise (turns out it's his ribs crushing his lungs)

Trivia Edit

  • This movie is the first time Bubbles speaks English
  • Vegeta's cameo scene is from Dragon Ball Z Bojack Unleashed
  • This is the first movie where KaiserNeko voices Oolong as Vegeta3986 left the project before Team Four Star abridged Lord Slug
  • Nail has a speaking cameo in the beginning of the film since the episode Nail is Piccolo, and So Can You! was released before Team Four Star abridged the film
    • This does however bring some continuity error in the stinger since Nail is still alive in Namek, although it is possible Guru sent the letter during the Saiyan Saga.
  • Remix is credited as WeeklyTubeShow in the credits
  • When Lord Slug stretches his arms at Goku, he says lines like "Come Here!" and "Get Over Here", both of which are said by Scorpion in the Mortal Kombat Franchise. Interestingly enough, Mortal Kombat 9 was released earlier the year this uploaded.


Voice Cast
Lanipator Piccolo
Mr. Popo
Hibiki2 Nail
Dr. Briefs
MasakoX Gohan
WeeklyTubeShow Kami
Soldier 1
KaiserNeko Icarus
DragonBall Soldier #3
"Batman" Soldier
King Kai
Hnilmik Chi-Chi
Megami33 Bulma
Antfish Jesus Guy 1
Sheldon Delano Killer Jesus Guy 2
Takahata101 Lord Slug
xJerry64x Zeeun
1KidsEntertainment Kakuja
Faulerro Angira
Shazmybot Dorodabo
Ezekieru DragonBall Soldier #1
TehExorcist DragonBall Soldier #2
Christopher Robin Miller Movie Bubbles
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