Frogurt in their youth


Frogurt Puddin Cooler King Cold Dumplin TFS Team Four Star

Frogurt's family portrait

"Dumplin Puddin Present Frogurt Family Picnic Xenoverse 1 and 2 XV1 and 2 TFS Team Four Star.gif".

Frogurt at the Family Picnic

Not to be confused with Future Frogurt-Coming Soon to Xenoverse 3


Future Frogurt (alternate timeline counterpart)

Chilled (paternal ancestor)

Mechikabura (maternal great great grandfather)

Dumplin (maternal grandfather)

Towa (maternal grandmother)

King Cold (paternal grandfather)

King Cold's Wife (grandmother)

Dabura (maternal granduncle)

Puddin (mother)

Cooler (father)

Spudz (step-illegitimate-uncle)

Cupcake (half-aunt)

Flanny (aunt)

Mira (step-uncle)

Fuu (step-cousin/step-uncle)

Freeza (uncle)

Freeza's Wife (aunt)

Kuriza (cousin)

Lanipator (great grandfather)

Kirran / Lord Moonstone (great grandfather)

KaiserNeko (great grandfather)

Takahata101 (great grandfather)

Grant (great grandfather)


  • Frogurt's name is a mix of Dumplin and King Cold's naming themes (desserts and cold respectively) making a cold dessert, as it's a pun on Frozin Yogurt (Frozin being an additional Dumplin related pun) Frogurt's nickname is also Froyo.