Tfs cubeecrafts assembled by roninofdeath-d96m5op

Geoff (left), Dumplin (middle), Dumplestiltskin (right)

Cubeecraft tfs fb geoff by roninofdeath-d96m4ro


Fuck Box Geoff is a mysterious entity and one of the three inhabitants of Dumplin/Popo's Fuck Box, others include Bryce and an unknown guy that brings Pizza to anyone who enters the 'Fuck Box' as a consolation for your inevitable doom. He loves playing Golden Axe.

The origins of Fuck Box Geoff are shrouded in mystery; thus far we have no idea who Geoff was before he appeared in the Fuck Box, why he was sent there in the first place, how he is able to keep his sanity and tolerate the places in said dimension, or why he enjoys Golden Axe so much.


Geoff is apparently an older gentlemen but that doesn't stop him from being an amicable soul with those he meets, enough that he tries to engage those held captive inside the Fuck Box with Golden Axe in order to pass the time.