Future Bulma
Debut It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Saiyan (cameo)
The History of Trunks (official)
Race Human
Gender Female
Homeworld Earth
Occupation Scientist
Status Alive
Likes Future Gohan (lover; called him "handsome")
Future Trunks
Child of her and Gohan's (child; alternative universe)
Dislikes Future Vegeta
Gohan losing his arm and dying
Her son's reckless behavior
Voiced by Megami33

"You really are your father's son."
— "The History of Trunks"

Future Bulma is the alternate counterpart of Bulma from the future timeline.

Personality Edit

In the Anime Edit

Future Bulma likes to smoke often, she's more caring than the present Bulma as she wants a better world, she also seems to care about Gohan and her son Trunks.

In DBZ Abridged Edit

Future Bulma's personality is basically the same as in the original series, but she seems to have feelings for Gohan  (Kaiserneko then reveals that she had a child with him in an alternate universe) and despises her "baby daddy" Vegeta (Yamcha committed suicide by hanging himself when he learned that she was pregnant with Vegeta's child).


Her backstory is pretty much the same as with the main timeline. At one point, she had unprotected sex with Future Vegeta, resulting in the conception of Future Trunks. After Future Goku's death from heart failure, the Cyborgs 17 and 18 emerged and attacked the planet. Many of the Z fighters were killed, except for Future Gohan, Bulma and Trunks.

Future Bulma is now 45-47, she continues on finding a man to date and pursue a relationship with, but surprisingly still maintains her libido, yet she is still in prime condition as always At one point, when coming back home for rations, she happens to see Future Gohan, now at the prime age of 23, whom she attempts to seduce and offers him to sleep with her. Future Gohan, however initially declined, though Future Bulma claimed that it was worth a shot. Note: that in an alternate universe Future Gohan complied with Future Bulma and entered a relationship.

Trivia Edit

  • It's possible that Future Bulma has feelings for Future Gohan because of the feelings she had for Future Goku since the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai (on Namek she still considered him a potential boyfriend), she already has a close friendship with Gohan and she sees Goku in him passing her feelings onto him. Or since Gohan is the strongest man on the planet being their only hope and the only one she actively spends quality time with and helps make the Time Machine (besides Trunks) and being a father figure to her son could have further influenced these feelings.
  • Future Bulma is about 45-47 years older at the start of History of Trunks (by her own words she has been 37 for 10 years). According to Kaiserneko, there is an alternate universe where Future Gohan complied, had sex with her one night and ended up making the same mistake she made with Vegeta, and got pregnant with Gohan's would be child (making it her second child and first quarter-Saiyan child). Because Bulma is now rather old, it's possible she is not as fertile as she was when she had Future Trunks, thus her child could be rather unhealthy and likely have disabilities.
    • However, considering that the present time Bulma gave birth to her (perfectly healthy) second child Bra at the age of 46-47, extremely close to Future Bulma's age if not the same age, then it's also possible for her and Gohan's child to end up being healthy as well. Overall, the current status of the child is as of yet undisclosed, and is unknown if it has even been born yet.
  • Bulma's role and appearance are taken from Sarah Connor from Terminator.
    • Additionally Future Gohan's role and appearance is taken from Kyle Reese and Future Trunks' role and appearance are taken from John Connor though he briefly took the role of Kyle Reese (via being sent back in time to warn of the future threat).


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