The Galactic Freeza Army is run by Lord Freeza.

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The Galactic Freeza Army is an organization run by Freeza and his father King Cold. Their primary motive is to enslave other races, sometimes sending Saiyan's out to annilate races so the can sell to the highest bidder.

They also don't get paid.

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Since none of Freeza's forces can detect ki energy, a lot of Freeza's soilders and himself uses Scouters. They are also used to read an opponents power level. Too much power dectection can cause self destruction.

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A lot of Freeza's forces (primarly Saiyan's) wear Battle Armor for added protection. The material is also very stretchy, as seen when a Saiyan can grow into his Great Ape form and the armor is still on him.

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Cooler's Armored Squadron Edit

  • Salza (Leader/Deceased)
  • Neiz (Deceased)
  • Dore (Deceased)

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