Garlic Jr.
Garlic Jr.
Debut "There's Something About Maron"
Race Makyan
Gender Male
Homeworld Unknown
Occupation N/A
Status Alive (immortal)
Voiced by Vegeta3986 (pre-TFS The Dead Zone Abridged)
KaiserNeko (Season 3, Dead Zone Abridged)

"Yes! Though this rain may wash these fools away, the blood that soon shall flow no storm shall meet the task! I will cover this world in a darkness so thick and chilly, the only rival shall be the hell in which I spent all those years. Brace your bitter selves, you worms, for I, Garlic Jr., shall soon rule you all!"
— "There's Something About Maron"

Garlic Jr. (ガーリックJr.) is a ripoff of the Hulk. He is a mutant Makyan and the main antagonist in the movie Dead Zone and is (literally) the main antagonist of the first episode of the third season of Dragon Ball Z Abridged.

Abridged SeriesEdit

Garlic Jr. appears in the series proper in episode 31, when his new minions slaughter some villagers in the opening. He then announces his imminent revenge. He does not appear again until the eyecatch, where he and his men attack Kami's lookout while he is away. Mr. Popo calmly tells them all to clean up the mess they've made, and Garlic's attempts to intimidate him only result in amusement on the part of Popo. Still, Garlic does not catch on until he notices a strange black mist surrounding him. Initially believing that someone released the Black Water Mists prematurely, he realises too late that they are in fact coming from Mr. Popo, and is consumed by them.

It is unknown exactly what happens to Garlic Jr. afterwards, though Mr. Popo implies that he ate him (it's later revealed that Garlic Jr. is trapped in The Fuck Box).

Dead Zone AbridgedEdit

Dead Zone Abridged largely follows the same plot as the original movie, as does Garlic himself, although (unlike in the original movie) his original minions (Ginger, Nikki, and Sansho) are minions are now portrayed as hilariously incompetent. Ironically their incompetence prevents them from killing Piccolo, thus killing Kami and rendering the Dragon Balls unusable (summed up by Garlic Jr. as "Wow, dodged a bullet on that one! Thank God my minions are so incompetent!"). Garlic manages to gain immortality, though his henchmen randomly deciding to incur Goku's wrath by attacking his wife and kidnapping his son makes things difficult. Ultimately he attempts to open the Dead Zone and suck everyone inside of it only for Gohan to push Garlic himself into the void.