He's Goku and Chi-Chi's second child

References in Abridged Edit

Although he hasn't appeared in the series yet there are a few occasions he is referenced:

  • In the fight with a 100% Frieza, Goku is kicked in the groin, Goku shouts out "Ow, my Gotens!"
  • When Freeza Planet 419 is shown with a repopulated species, They shout out various major points in the series, among these are: "Goten and Trunks become a guy!!!", also referencing Trunks and Goten's fusion into Gotenks.
  • After healing from the heart virus, Chi-Chi asks for another kid, to which Goku only says: "Hm, Mhm, 'kay bye!" Chi-Chi says it wasn't a no.
  • Goten is erased from existence after Goku gets punched in the nuts by Super Android 13. He was most likely brought back when Goku ate a few Senzu Beans to "heal [his] nuts up good," to Chi-Chi's relief and pleasure.
  • In the 55th episode, Chi-Chi, either turned on by her husband's recent boldness in defying her rule, or seeing this as an opportunity to get knocked up again, or the world's apparent upcoming end as a sign to have one final bang with him, forcibly had nice, hardcore sex with Goku.
  • In episode 56 Chi-Chi repeatedly forced Goku to have sex with her the entire week until she became pregnant. She only let Goku have a break after the pregnancy test confirmed she was pregnant.
    • Goku also states that Chi-Chi wants Goku to "Go for Ten" reffering to Goten's name (keep in mind that in the original japanese version, his name is a pun on heaven)

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