Scott Frerichs, also known as KaiserNeko, is one of the co-founding members of TeamFourStar who produced Lupin the 3rd: The Abridged Series. He is also the director and editor of DBZ Abridged. He was the editor for Hellsing Ultimate Abridged for episodes one-five.

Roles in DBZ AbridgedEdit

Collaborations with other Teamfourstar membersEdit

  • KaiserNeko is credited for editing the second intro of Megami33's Sailor Moon: The Abridged Series, which appeared in Episodes 22-40.
  • KaiserNeko edited an intro for Hbi2k's Gantz: The Abridged Series.
  • KaiserNeko voices Johnson in LittleKuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series.
    • He even reprised his role of Zarbon in the conclusion of the YGO:TAS special "Kaiba's Real Father."
    • KaiserNeko voices Haku in LittleKuriboh's Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show.
  • KaiserNeko voiced numerous characters in the pilot to Helsing Ultimate Abridged, written by Takahata101 and himself. For the remainder of the series, he served as Co-editor and voices Luke Valentine, Scarlet Tampon and Pip Berronadette.


  • KaiserNeko is a furry. His avatar is a tiger with turquoise hair. This was referenced by Nappa in the first FAQ special.
    • His avatar is usually a smiley face with feline ears. He helped found the group in May 2008
  • He portrayed himself during a live-action closing to "A rose by any other Namek".
  • KaiserNeko is gay.
    • Interestingly, some of the characters he voices in the parody are also gay (Korin, Burter and George Takei).
  • He is married to Cristopher J. Kirkhoff, a biology instructor at the McNeese State University.[1][2]
  • In a Reddit AMA Kaiser lists his three favorite DBZ movies as Battle of Gods, World's Strongest, and Dragon Ball Mystical Adventure. Or Dead Zone if you want a "Z" movie.
    • In a Reddit AMA Kaiser lists his three least favorite DBZ movies as Broly: Second coming, Broly: Legendary Super Saiyan, and Cooler's Return.
  • In the Episode Breakdown for episode 51: The "Perfect" Guy, Kaiser states that he was originally going to voice Cell. However, being already cast as Trunks and believing Takahata101 had a better voice impression, the role was given to Taka.
  • Kaiserneko had the honor to be featured in Dragon Ball Z: Ressucrection F as one of Frieza's soldiers.

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