King Kai
Alternate name(s) North Kai
Debut Vegeta: Kills Bugs Dead
Race Shin-jin
Gender Asexual (Manga) Male (Anime)
Homeworld King Kai's planet
Occupation Kai
Martial arts teacher
Status Alive
Voiced by KaiserNeko

"I'm King Kai you now know the Kaio-Ken and the Spirit Bomb. F**k off. Shut up, Bojack."
— "Then Who Was Monkey?"

King Kai (界王, Kaiō-sama) is a blue-colored deity in the Dragon Ball Z universe who lives on a small planet at the end of snake way, he trains those who reach the end.

In The AnimeEdit

King Kai or North Kai is a deity, the ruler of the North Galaxy, and Goku's martial arts teacher before Whis, and later mentor. He also taught Yamcha, Tien Shinhan , Piccolo and Chiaotzu. His planet is at the end of a long winding road known as Snake Way, where he teaches powerful, new techniques such as the Spirit Bomb and Kaio-ken. Despite the fact that his planet is around 100 feet in diameter, its gravity is ten times greater than Earth's. He has a monkey named Bubbles and a motor-mouth grasshopper named Gregory. He wears Teashade sunglasses, and owns a Red 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Hardtop. He has a "strong sense of humor" and tells very bad jokes, although he possesses great wisdom and knowledge about the universe. He specializes in universal telepathic links.

In The Abridged SeriesEdit

The series makes a joke out of how King Kai's planet has the space pirate leader Bojack sealed inside of it, making him a sort of third companion to King Kai. King Kai seems not too fond of his only companions, especially Bojack, constantly demanding they shut up even when they try to console him once Goku leaves. He's extremely touchy about the proper pronounciation of "Kaio-Ken" and what the Spirit Bomb should be called (He calls it the Genki Dama). This is shown when Yamcha asked when they were going to learn the Kaio-ken and he pronounced it with the original Funimation "Kayo-ken" used in earlier dubs. He also takes light of serious moments, such as when he was taking bets just before Goku was going to fight Vegeta.

To compound his problems his telepathic calls frequently end up getting intercepted by homosexual Star Trek actor George Takei who is very much amused by half the entendres he hears from King Kai or anyone talking to King Kai. Naturally, King Kai isn't appreciative of this at all.

He's also tougher and stronger than his original counterpart, beating up the entire Ginyu Force by himself when they reach his planet.

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