Krillin Sanchez
Krillin Sanchez
Alternate name(s) Baldy & Bald Man (by Vegeta)
Juan Sanchez (Episode 31 only)
Space Duck (by Dodoria and Zarbon)
Curly (by Gohan)
Super Soaker (by Bulma)
Little Duck (by Android 16)
Series DragonBall Z Abridged
Debut "The Return of Raditz! ... Wait..."
Race Human
Gender Male (Female according to Mr. Popo)
Homeworld Earth
Occupation Martial artist
Millionaire Playboy (temporary)
Astronaut (formerly)
Status Alive
  • Freeza
  • Mr. Popo and his training
  • Bad guys
  • Getting owned
  • The name "Team Three Star"
  • The fact that Saiyan's get stronger every time they almost die, even though Krillin is in a constant state of almost dying
Relative(s) Goku (Best Friend)

Master Roshi (Teacher)

Voiced by Lanipator

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