Lunch (dub name Launch) is a character that has two forms everytime she sneezes.

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A key word to describe Lunch would be duplicitous. No one really knows what side she is on, and when asked by Bulma if she is trustworthy, Roshi admitted that it was "not an easy question to answer." Lunch possesses a sarcastic sense of humor, and constantly retains a cool, calm, and collected demeanor, being rarely startled or shaken by anything.

However, Lunch is far from incapable of kindness or compassion. In the past she has willingly put aside her current objectives to help Goku and his friends save the world, and stopped to help several innocent civilians. Furthermore, she has a very one-sided interest with Tenshinhan; she developed feelings for shortly after their first meeting, and since then she has often gone out of her way to help him when he needs it, although she often uses him to help further her own goals. She also knows that Tenshinhan would never hurt her and would sometimes take advantage of that. However Tenshinhan himself doesn't feel the same way about Lunch as he is not interested in romance, hence the relationship didn't work out, but they see each other from time to time.

Lunch is shown to have an ironic sense of humor.

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Lunch's evil self makes a cameo in The Punchline (part 1) drinking in a bar, muttering (her VAs is not credited)