Mrs.Brief drinking tea

Mrs. Briefs, also known as Panchy, is the wife of Dr. Briefs, the mother of Bulma, and the grandmother of Trunks. She is a housewife with a warm, friendly and welcoming personality, always offering tea to visitors.

Trivia Edit

  • She always has her eyes closed.
  • In episode 14 she tells Goku she goes by the nickname "MILF"
    • After the birth of her grandson, she began going by "GILF"
  • She lives by the code: Wives are for kissing, not talking.
  • She remains mostly in the kitchen.
  • She never ages because Dr. Briefs won't let her, because he has(or used to have) clones of her in the basement lab. This may also be a nod to the fact that she never does appear to age in the original anime.
  • She was against the idea of her husband planting explosive devices in her children.

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