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The young Namekian, Dende.


Guru, the Namekian who restored planet Namek.

Namekians are a green alien species featured in Dragon Ball Z.

There are warrior Namekians and healer Namekians very rarely a Super Namekian is born, one with exceedingly high power.

Their appearance is green skin, pointy ears, and antenna.

They can: regenerate any part of their body as long as a small bit of it is left, a special few can create Dragon Balls and some (the healer namekians) can restore a being as long as they are not dead.

They give birth by spitting out eggs, which hatch eventually. Which is why Goku calls Piccolo a Yoshi. They are also referred as "Slug People".

The Namekians' home planet is called planet Namek.

They were wiped out once by a terrible storm however two survived, one a small child who was sent to earth to survive, the other a full grown Namekian who restored the entire race.

It is true that the Namekians don't have penises, as observed by Krillin.

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