Optimus Prime
Race Cybertronian
Gender Male
Homeworld Cybertron
Occupation Autobot Commander
Status Alive
  • Freedom
  • His Fans
  • Nappa
  • Mark Wahlberg
  • Peter Cullen
  • The Honest Trailer Voice
  • Decepticons (Including Megatron)
  • Dragonball Evolution
  • Shia LaBeouf
  • Spin-Offs
  • Overusing the American Military
Voiced by Jon Bailey

Optimus Prime is a character from the Transformers franchise that appeared in a Promo with Nappa promoting the Honest trailer of Dragon Ball Evolution in collaboration with Screen Junkies.


  • He is voiced by longtime Transformers fan & voice actor, Jon Bailey.
  • Optimus Prime's original voice actor, Peter Cullen has been widley known for being the Announcer for Toonami on Cartoon Network. Including of course, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball GT.
    • Cullen also happened to created the voice of Optimus Prime based after the mannerisms of his older brother Larry, who served in the US Marine Corps.
  • His theme Song, The Touch, which was played during his fight with Megatron in The Transformers: The Movie, was played in DragonBall Z Abridged Special: Bardock: Father of Goku, during Bardock's encounter with Freeza & his Soldiers.
    • Amusingly, Bardock said a variation of Optimus' "No Matter the Cost" line.
  • Optimus has died many times throughout the Franchise more so than Goku.

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