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Alternate name(s) Yoshi (by Goku and Turles)
Green Man (by Vegeta and Android 17)
Young Kami (by Mr. Popo)
Jolly Green Giant (by Android 17)
Lime-Colored Son of a Bitch (by Dr. Gero)
Mr. Piccolo (by Gohan)
Debut The Return of Raditz! ... Wait...
Race Namekian
Gender Male
Homeworld Planet Namek (destroyed)
Occupation None
Status Alive
  • Gohan
  • Hanging out in wastelands
  • Telling Gohan that Goku's dead
  • Being lonely
  • Gohan's inability to dodge
  • Being called a Yoshi
  • Nail and Kami living in his head
  • Vegeta
  • Katas (grandparent)
  • Nameless Namekian (parent before splitting into two)
  • King Piccolo (parent/incarnation)
  • Kami (parent's good counterpart)
Voiced by Lanipator

"Damn it, I'm lonely. Might as well check MySpace. No new friend requests...damn it. Well at least I have you Tom. You're always there for me."
— Piccolo complaining about being lonely in "The Return of Raditz! ... Wait..."

Piccolo (ピッコロ・ジュニア, Pikkoro Junia) is a Namekian and is the reincarnation of former Demon King Piccolo. Prior to the main series, he was an archenemy of Goku and participated in in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament in order to avenge his father's death, but was defeated by him after a long bout. During the Saiyan Saga, he forms a temporarily alliance with Goku and after killing him and Raditz, takes it upon himself to train Gohan and prepare him for the arrival of the two other surviving Saiyans Vegeta and Nappa. As the series progressed, Piccolo went from being a ruthless warrior to a more compassionate ally (mostly due to his friendship with Gohan).

Personality Edit

Piccolo was once a cold distant fighter, having no concern for anyone but himself and typically spending his days alone in barren wastelands. Through this experience, he suffered from a lack of friends in real life and resorted to social media to compensate for it. This scarcity of companions caused him to work together with Goku to save his son Gohan, putting his life on the line all because Goku promised to become his friend on Myspace in exchange for his aid in saving his son.

Piccolo has largely deviated from his past trait in befriending Goku's son Gohan. The lengths to which he would go to ensure Gohan's safety are endless, be it taking blasts for him, dueling opponent that have attacked him or coming to save him without concern for the others. Piccolo's relationship with Gohan differs from his with the other Z-Fighters in that he genuinely likes Gohan, the Saiyan even being capable of swaying his position and receiving compliments, two things that virtually no one else has been known to be capable of doing.

Biography Edit

Saiyans Edit

Teaming up Edit

Raditz arrived on Earth with the intent of finding his brother Kakarott. Piccolo encountered Raditz while standing around by himself and generally being lonely aside from his single friend on Myspace, Tom. The two had a brief dialogue before Raditz was able to locate Goku and went off, leaving Piccolo by himself with the exception of his Myspace friend Tom. After Raditz captured Gohan and took him away from Goku, Piccolo revealed himself to Goku, Master Roshi, Bulma and Krillin on Kame House. He laughed at Gohan being kidnapped though changed tunes to appear apologetic for what had happened. When Goku brought up the possibility of them teaming up to get his son back, Piccolo was initially reluctant until Goku offered to add him on Myspace, effectively replacing Tom.[1]

While Piccolo and Goku flew to Raditz's location, Goku asked Piccolo if he was a Yoshi. The latter sarcastically replied that he was. When the pair arrived to where Raditz was, they confronted him, soon removing their weighted clothing afterward. Piccolo claimed to Goku that he had only removed his clothing because he loved "getting naked" when he was around him after the Saiyan asked if he was also wearing weighed clothing. Raditz surmised that nudity made individuals stronger on Earth and after learning from Goku that it was not the case, he tried to take back his statements, only for Piccolo to mock him. The battle then commenced and the pair fought Raditz together, during which Piccolo tried to stop Goku from blurting out their attacks. After they made little progress in the fight, Piccolo began charging his Special Beam Cannon, telling Goku to fight Raditz by himself and insisting that he was "sure" the Saiyan could handle his sibling despite their combined teamwork having little effect on him. Piccolo promised to give Goku a warning when he launched his attack, struggling to pronounce the Special Beam Cannon's Japanese name before firing the attack at them both, killing the pair. Master Roshi, Bulma and Krillin then arrived and were at Goku's side as he died. With Bulma expressing that she could not believe that he was gone, Piccolo showed little to no sympathy as he regrew his arm, revealing to the three his ability to regenerate and then took Gohan with him as he announced it.[2]

Training with Gohan Edit

Following the fight and the death of the two Saiyans, Piccolo took Gohan with him to begin training him to take over the world as he had been impressed with his power in the battle against Raditz, also informing the child that his father was now deceased before realizing how happy he was to say it and repeating it, causing Gohan to cry and Piccolo to lament that the child's crying was why he liked hanging out in wastelands. Piccolo planned to begin the training with Gohan later on and when Gohan mentioned his age would cause him to have muscle degeneration that would cripple him for years to come, Piccolo assessed him as a "wordy little bastard." Piccolo called Gohan a "nerd" when the latter tried to tell him what profession his mother wanted him to have and stated his intent to throw Gohan into a mountain as a way of unleashing his hidden potential. Gohan fell into the mountain and was injured, surprising Piccolo who surmised it was "going to be a long training session."[3]

Piccolo placed Gohan on top of a mountain and the latter wondered about what he could do to get down, Piccolo instructing him from afar to climb down, though this was ineffective as Gohan could not hear him and continued theorizing a way down, much to Piccolo's annoyance. Afterward, Gohan began staring at the moon and Piccolo became frustrated, calling the latter's staring similar to that of "a retarded puppy" and mentioning how he was trying to teach Gohan to fend for himself before he noticed the latter transforming into an Oozaru. Piccolo had never seen the transformation before, though concluded there was a correlation between it and his tail and realized that every Saiyan had the potential to become "a giant gorilla". Gohan continued destroying and Piccolo drew issue with this, wondering what would be left for him before destroying the moon after coming under the belief that it was mocking him. Gohan reverted back to his normal form afterward, albeit naked. In response, Piccolo flew down to him, unaware of what happened to the gorilla and in noticing his tail and something else became disgusted. Piccolo resolved to give him clothing with a beam.[4]

Piccolo would soon afterward attempt teaching Gohan how to dodge, beating him several times over the course of day and screaming out "DODGE!" This attempt at tutoring him was unsuccessful, Gohan taking each blow.[5] Despite this setback, Piccolo's training of Gohan resulted in the latter becoming strong enough to where he believed he would be able to use the child to assist him in taking over the world. However, Piccolo was contacted by Kami and the latter questioned him if he was aware of the Saiyans coming to Earth. Piccolo, in learning this, changed his plans to "kick some Saiyan ass" as opposed to world domination and after Gohan consented, questioned Kami if he was still there. Once he confirmed that he was but was also lonely, Piccolo screamed at him to get out of his head.[6]

Arrival of Saiyans Edit

Piccolo sensed the Saiyans following their arrival on Earth and alerted Gohan, theorizing that they were coming close to the pair due to their wishes to eliminate the strongest power level. Gohan thought Piccolo was talking about his father, but the latter clarified he was speaking about himself. Krillin met with the two and Piccolo was happy to know that he had become stronger in his time training, noting that he was almost on par with Gohan, disappointing Krillin and causing Gohan to have to explain his strength was the result of his Saiyan heritage. The Saiyans came after this and Piccolo assumed that the two were Saiyans, Nappa denying this and then furthering that Vegeta was not a prince after Piccolo questioned if he was.

Piccolo then asked what he, Krillin and Gohan were supposed to call the pair, Nappa introducing himself and Vegeta. Nappa referred to Piccolo as a Namekian, though Krillin thought he was speaking about him, only for Piccolo to reveal that was the name of his race and express pride in his heritage before Nappa claimed they did not have penises. Gohan tried to ask him further about his species, but Piccolo was not in the mood and tried to get Gohan to stop, after a while only blurting out along with Nappa, "NERD!". Piccolo suppressed his power level when Nappa read it and expressed shock at the Saibamen, asking the Saiyans what they were. Tien, Chiaotzu and Yamcha arrived afterward.[7]

Casualties Edit

After Yamaha was killed by a Saiberman, Krillin became infuriated and swore that he would avenge him, though Piccolo expressed doubt given that Gohan who was only five-years-old was stronger than him before concluding that Krillin was pretty much there to serve as a "meat shield". Krillin destroyed most of the Saibermen, though one was able to escape his wrath and attacked, being stopped by Piccolo who denied it any further activity before destroying it. Gohan and Tien sang Piccolo praises and the latter said that everyone could learn a thing or two from him, leading Krillin to become disappointed since he had killed more of them. Nappa attacked and severely wounded Tien before Chiaotzu sacrificed himself through self-destructing in an attempt to kill Nappa, though it was unsuccessful in even injuring him to the slightest degree.

Once Nappa was done recovering from the attack, he engaged Tien, who was missing an arm after being attacked by Nappa, leading Gohan to ask if the group should assist him. Piccolo denied, asking Gohan if he could not see that this was a battle that Tien would have to fight on his own to avenge his friend to fight for the honor of his fallen comrade despite Tien's calls for assistance and equated the latter to a hero before Gohan called on Piccolo to assist. Piccolo relented and he and Krillin engaged Nappa, sending him flying to the ground. Piccolo called on Gohan to attack him before he was able to dodge, the latter becoming so traumatized from the word "dodge" that he stood in place thinking about the past experiences before running off and hiding, leading Piccolo to exclaim Pavlov's name. After Nappa recovered once more, Krillin asked Piccolo if he had a plan and the latter asked if he could get Nappa in a full-nelson, alluding to wanting to use his Special Beam Cannon.

However, Krillin objected and Piccolo opted to use the multi-form technique. With Krillin remembering that it cut their power levels, Piccolo gave him the ultimatum of plan A or plan B and the two cast three separate versions of themselves. The three incarnations of Piccolo and Krillin engaged Nappa, the latter easily being able to dodge all of their combined attacks while Piccolo looked on and noticed, wondering what kind of incredible mental discipline he must have had. Nappa knocked all of the clones down along with the real incarnations of Piccolo and Krillin, calling himself the "patty cake champion", leading Piccolo to question him. After Tien died attacking Nappa to no avail, the latter expressed interest in having Goku see Piccolo, Krillin and Gohan be killed. Vegeta agreed to a waiting period and Piccolo joined the others in having to repeatedly tell Nappa that Goku had yet to arrive. Nappa left and in his absence the time for Goku to arrive allotted by the Saiyans ran out, Piccolo asking Vegeta where Nappa was after he confirmed their time was up, only to be struck in the head.[8]

With Piccolo down, Nappa assaulted Gohan, knocking him out and then moved on to Krillin. Piccolo recovered from the attack, assaulting Nappa and being surprised by Gohan, who attacked him as well and questioned him before Gohan reverted to being shy and apologetic about his outburst. As Nappa recovered, Piccolo encouraged him to stay snapped. As Nappa fired his Bomber DX at Gohan, Piccolo threw himself in the way as a final act of redemption and while standing in front of Gohan, opted to get him out of the way rather than be killed before taking the entire blast. Piccolo questioned Gohan as to why he had not dodged prior to his death.

Freeza Edit

Training in the afterlife Edit

Following his death, the Z-Fighters devised a strategy to revive the fallen warriors, intending to travel to Namek and use the Dragon Balls there to resurrect the group. Gohan felt it was his responsibility to travel to the planet due to Piccolo sacrificing himself for the boy.[9]

After Krillin and Gohan succeeded in finding the Dragon Balls, Krillin stated his intent to revive Piccolo alongside Tien and Chiaotzu, though the pair were not able to due to the intervention of Captain Ginyu and Jeice.[10]

Resurrection Edit

On Namek, Krillin, Gohan and Dende acquired the Dragon Balls and summoned Porunga while Vegeta was asleep, Krillin discovering that they had three wishes at their disposal and being contacted by King Kai right afterward, who called for him to use the wishes to resurrect Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu. However, after learning that only one person could be brought back with each individual wish, Piccolo called for the group to wish him back and interrupted Yamcha from speaking to say that he did not care what he thought.

Piccolo teleported to Namek

Fresh after being brought back to life, Piccolo is teleported to Namek.

From then on, he elaborated that in him being brought back, they would have also resurrected Kami and therefore have the Dragon Balls on Earth as well, which they could use to wish back the others and in the meantime keep their other two wishes. Piccolo would have been wished back to Earth, but Krillin opted for him to be teleported to Namek with their next wish, a strategy which Piccolo did not know and criticized as being a terrible idea while he was brought back and teleported to Namek.

When teleported there, he was placed a great distance away from Krillin, Gohan and Dende, but was able to make himself heard when he shouted that Krillin was a dumbass for using the wish to bring him to the planet and called Gohan a nerd when he theorized the wishes from the Namekian Dragon Balls were like a monkey's paw where you had to be specific with your wishes. The wish had been made while Vegeta was both asleep and unaware. Once he woke and quickly realized they were summoning the dragon without his consent, he screamed, hurting Piccolo's ears.[11]

Fusing with Nail Edit

Now on Namek, Piccolo questioned what Krillin, who he called an "idiot", had thought of in bringing him to the planet before beginning to admire Namek after feeling a closeness and complimenting many parts of it prior to a conclusion that the planet was boring and this was the reason he felt at home. Piccolo flew around for a little while and felt that everything looked exactly the same before noticing Nail laying on the ground and was interested in speaking with him since it would allow for "social activity". Piccolo mistook Nail speaking in Namekian as him being so broken he was not able to speak properly anymore, after which Nail revealed the language and Piccolo learned he was closer to being related to slugs rather than demons, disappointing him as he began to leave so he could be killed again. Nail had previously been beaten by Freeza. Piccolo questioned Nail about his condition and the latter made a negative comment about the world elder Guru, Piccolo then likening him to Kami.

Piccolo after fusing with Nail

Piccolo after fusing with Nail.

Piccolo was close to bidding Nail a farewell before his planned death when Nail mentioned that he had an idea to keep himself from dying and Piccolo from being lonely, Piccolo initially mistaking it for Nail wanting to become friends with him on Myspace and telling him that he had switched to Spacebook quite some time ago. Instead, Nail proposed a fusion between the pair, mentioning that the technique was forbidden amongst their people, to which Piccolo questioned if they were going to abuse it and took glee in doing so, asking Nail how they would perform it. Nail instructed him on how to properly use the technique, Piccolo placing his hand where Nail's genitals would be as part of the procedure, with the latter remarking that he would be homosexual if they had junk down there, and fused with him. He became encouraged and chanted to himself that he could win, leading Nail to reveal himself as still being in his consciousness and mock his chant, Piccolo sarcastically laughing. Elsewhere, Gohan, Krillin and Vegeta had difficulty in defeating Freeza. Just as Gohan was about to charge Freeza by himself, Piccolo arrived on the battlefield. In seeing him, Freeza tried to mock Piccolo for being the sole remaining Namekian with a joke about how many Nameks it would take to accomplish something, though Piccolo soon cut him off with a punch and answered just one.[12]

Fight against Freeza Edit

Piccolo stood toe-to-toe with Freeza in battle, surprising everyone including the latter who commented on his surprise that the Namekians were capable of producing such capable fighters, Piccolo's retort being that he was surprised anyone could take him seriously. Piccolo's fist were caught by Freeza in the midst of their struggle, with Nail commenting that he was "really kicking his ass" and Piccolo learning that he was still there. Nail asked him if he had any ideas of what he could do since he was bored, to which Piccolo asserted that now was not the time as he landed another blow on Freeza.

Freeza noticed Vegeta leaving and called for a "timeout", which confused the unaware Piccolo. After Freeza stopped him, he returned and Piccolo replied following being asked where were they that he was planting his legs somewhere between his lungs and colon during the fight. Freeza stated that he had a question and Piccolo asked what it was, Freeza afterward revealing it to be "Die" which Piccolo commented was not a question before being punched and knocked down to the ground. Piccolo instantly got back up and warned Freeza not to think he had acquired the upper hand since he was at that point still wearing weighted armor, which he promptly removed and followed with cracking his neck. Freeza asked how much it weighed, Piccolo answering it was the same as always, revealing it be 100 kilo before realizing from Freeza's smile that the concept "just sort of lost meaning after a while".

Freeza announced his intent to transform to Piccolo, who was astonished and could not believe that the villain was capable of transforming further, wanting to listen to him before Nail against his wishes started talking to him about the lack of apps in his mind and making him distracted with arguing over whether or not they could play multiplayer Minesweeper. Piccolo then realized that Freeza had begun transforming and after being asked by the latter what he thought of the form once he completed the transformation, Piccolo quipped that he thought Ridley Scott was going to sue someone, afterward being intimidated by Freeza's tongue.

Piccolo was no match for the third form of Freeza, the latter realizing this and asking Piccolo if he had ever heard of paintball, which Piccolo confirmed he had and was then told to remove the "t". Piccolo did not understand until being shot by Freeza, at which point he expressed in pain that he now understood before being shot by more of his beams and taking more damage, prompting Gohan to get involved by firing a beam at Freeza. After Freeza deflected it and sent it flying towards Gohan, Piccolo was able to prevent him from being harmed by deflecting it by firing another beam. Gohan claimed he had saved him, but Piccolo felt the use of the word there was subjective.

Freeza then asked the group who was tired of his third form, all of them saying they were and dividing their answers afterward, Piccolo settling on the second form but instead being introduced to his fourth and final one. Gohan took Piccolo away from Freeza as he began transforming and he was planned to be healed by Dende, who picked him over Vegeta and Piccolo thanked him for healing his wounds though told him that he was not Nail and ordered the latter to shut up when he claimed that he was technically. Piccolo told Dende that he had no reason to be talking to himself and instructed him to go heal Vegeta, though he questioned why he would and being reminded by Piccolo of Freeza's impending transformation.

Supporting Goku Edit

Piccolo watched the fight between Goku and Freeza. He hit Krillin each time he blurted out about the Spirit Bomb that would tip off Freeza to their intent to defeat him with it. Piccolo intervened when Freeza was about to kill Goku after learning of the attack by gazing at it. Piccolo asked Goku what his plan was and the latter explained he needed him to hold off Freeza for five minutes while he charged the Spirit Bomb despite being easily beaten by Freeza himself in less than that time but claiming to believe in Piccolo, indicating to the latter that Goku was holding a grudge before he confronted Freeza.

Piccolo shot by Freeza

Piccolo after being shot by Freeza.

He asked him after he said he was being reminded of his failures if he meant his failure at killing or just in general, leading Freeza to beat him around until he rendered him unable to move. Piccolo instructed Goku to throw the Spirit Bomb even though it was not charged entirely since Freeza was about to destroy the planet. Goku did and seemingly killed Freeza. In the aftermath of the attack, Piccolo grabbed Goku out of the water and helped him up, complaining of how heavy the latter was and that neither Gohan or Krillin were helping him, instead just staring at him as he got the pair out of the water. The four laughed together at a joke Goku made, before Freeza revealed himself to still be alive and shot at Piccolo, who's last words before passing out were "Fuck you."[13]

Return to Earth Edit

Piccolo back on Earth

Piccolo after returning to Earth.

Following Krillin's subsequent death and Goku afterward transforming into a Super Saiyan, Gohan took Piccolo's body away from the battlefield. Piccolo was brought by the child to the ship that Gohan, Krillin and Bulma had used to arrive on Namek six days prior, Gohan realizing that he had left behind Bulma, going out to search for her and leaving Piccolo by himself as a result. Shortly after this, Piccolo was returned to Earth after a wish was made by Dende to teleport everyone on Namek to the planet apart from Goku and Freeza, who continued their fight.

Back on Earth, Piccolo was healed of his injuries by Dende and questioned where he was as he regained consciousness, denying Dende's request to hug him. Piccolo then noticed Gohan, who ran over to him. It was at this time that Piccolo was made aware of Krillin's passing and lack of resurrection. Guru started to yell out for Nail, who Piccolo told in his mind that he was looking for him. After Gohan commented that only the Namekians killed by Freeza and his men had been resurrected, Piccolo added that it was convenient, though they in reality had been killed by Vegeta. Piccolo then witnessed the execution of Guru by the other Namekians once he revealed his purging of the water on Namek.[14]

Androids Edit

In the year following the events on Namek, Piccolo stayed mostly to himself, though he had further presence in the company of Nail. While standing alone, Nail asked him about getting a house or job, though Piccolo responded to the latter question by stating that his appearance would hinder his ability to get one to such an extent that it would be impossible. Kami approached him, after being kicked off the lookout by Mr. Popo during the latter's intimacy with Jinx, asking if he could stay at his place. Piccolo noted that he did not have anywhere to stay and when Nail greeted Kami, told the former that Kami could not hear him only to discover the two could speak. Nail revealed to Kami that the two had fused while Piccolo was on Namek, leading Kami to ask Piccolo if he was aware that the technique was forbidden. Piccolo remarked, "You're face is forbidden."

Piccolo was constructing a house with the company of Nail until feeling two strong power levels, one of which he instantly recognized as Freeza and started screaming over. He arrived at the scene of where the two were planned to arrive and though Vegeta mentioned him as being the last one to complete Earth's group of pathetic fighters, he revealed himself to having been there the entire time. After Vegeta asked him if he wanted a medal, he turned and complimented his shirt. He tried to further talk about it, but cut himself off by announcing the arrival of Freeza and the other power level. With Krillin being surprised that Freeza had a father, Piccolo reasoned that this made sense since everyone had a father apart from him, causing Vegeta to mock him by claiming that his dad was dead, though Piccolo argued that his was as well in defense.

Goku's return and warning Edit

Following Trunks' defeat of Freeza and King Cold, the Z-Fighters remained with him until the arrival of Goku, who was shortly after returning to Earth called away by Trunks to speak about the upcoming android threat as he revealed he was from the future and the as-of-yet unborn child of Bulma and Vegeta, which Piccolo heard and laughed at before being asked what was "so funny" by Vegeta, his retort being his pink shirt. Trunks further warned that the androids would appear on May 12 in three years, which Piccolo also heard and reminded Goku of when he started speaking to the rest of the group after Trunks left. Piccolo revealed to Goku that he heard the entire conversation between the pair and promised not to reveal the details to anyone, telling Nail to shut up after the latter claimed he would.

Piccolo then spoke to the other Z-Fighters on Goku's behalf about the upcoming threat and when Goku reasoned that he did not use his newly-acquired Instant Transmission technique to defeat both Freeza and King Cold because he wanted to give everyone else a chance at doing it instead, Piccolo asked him politely not to make a habit of that. Piccolo then began training with Goku and Gohan, he and the former attacking Gohan at the same time and causing him to fall over a cliff. With Goku commenting that his son needed to learn how to dodge, Piccolo agreed with him and lamented that they were still working on that before questioning how he was able to convince Chi-Chi to let them train with him, learning that Goku had lied and said the pair were on a field trip before being asked by him not to tell anyone they were there. Piccolo asked what he was talking about, reasoning that they were just studying, Goku quickly catching on that he was playing coy and Piccolo then suggested that they go drive cars again.

First wave of androids Edit

Piccolo trained in secret with Goku and Gohan for those three years, though it was revealed to Chi-Chi by Goku that the group was off the face the androids the day of their arrival. While flying with Goku and Gohan, Piccolo met with Krillin as well while on his way to the site, Piccolo coming to an understanding that prostitution was legal in the city. He was introduced to Trunks, Bulma's infant son, leading him to question where Vegeta was who he referred to as "daddy". After Yajirobe's car was shot down, Piccolo turned everyone's attention to the androids by directing them to look into the sky before they flew into the city, which coupled with the fact that the group could not sense their energy, Piccolo concluded that they would have to search for them in the city.

Yamcha found the androids, Android 19 and Dr. Gero and was critically wounded by Dr. Gero before the other Z-Fighters arrived. After Krillin said there was two kind of fisting there, Piccolo expressed his belief that Yamcha was bleeding out and reminded Goku that he had left the Senzu Beans with Bulma. Piccolo then spoke to the androids and referring to them as such, leading Dr. Gero to question how he could know that and Android 19 to theorize that he was psychic as his computer programming processes, leading to Piccolo remarking that he could not tell them off the top of his head. Dr. Gero started causing damage to the city, which was stopped by Goku as he punched him in the cheek, stopping him from further causing harm as he falsely believed he had killed the entire population which Piccolo claimed he had and reminded Goku to play along so he would not be persuaded to act again.

Tien thought they should move the fight, asking Piccolo if he knew any good wastelands and the latter at first questioning why he was being asked before listing one that was "north west, about a hundred miles" and starting to review it as being "actually kind of nice" with "nice rock formations, neat cacti" before flying off with Goku, Tien and the androids. Arriving at the wasteland, Piccolo started speaking to the androids once more as Goku expressed how hot he was feeling, continuing that they could finally fight before questioning who they were and what they wanted. Dr. Gero revealed he had been spying on Goku and the battles were rated on a scale of 1 to 10, leading Piccolo to question Android 19 how his fight with Goku was rated and become momentarily happy when he learned it was an 8 out of 10. Dr. Gero then expressed his intent to defeat Goku with the power he had which he believed was enough to kill him and his friends, leading Piccolo to question if he had followed him all the way to Namek and with Android 19 confirming that they had not, Piccolo assumed that Dr. Gero had never seen a Super Saiyan. Dr. Gero confirmed this by Android 19 scanning for information, leading Piccolo to call on Goku to transform.

Piccolo watched the fight against Goku and Android 19, all the while joining Tien in being taunted by Dr. Gero. He noticed Dr. Gero's frustrations with Android 19 for not being able to dodge, which prompted him to turn and look back at Gohan. When Goku started to suffer from the effects of a heart attack, Piccolo asked him basic questions that allowed him to deduce the disease was affecting him during the battle and tried to tag in before being shot down by Dr. Gero, seemingly neutralizing him. Vegeta then arrived, leading Piccolo to state that the "prodigal asshole" had returned and when speaking to Gohan, revealed he had faked his injury while poising what he felt was the better question: "Where was my Senzu Bean?" Krillin then threw one at him, which caused him to look angrily. Piccolo caught Goku after Vegeta kicked him away as he prepared to engage Android 19. He then unanimously agreed with the rest of the Z-Fighters that Yamcha would be better suited taking Goku home rather than staying.

Piccolo grabbed by Android 20

Piccolo being grabbed by Android 20.

Piccolo looked around for Dr. Gero, who spotted him initially while looking for a way to get away from the Z-Fighters without encountering Vegeta. Piccolo debated with Nail the names of several more attacks and was grabbed by Android 20, having difficulty removing the android from the back of his body. He tried to telepathically reach Gohan but instead made contact with George Takei, who was intrigued when Piccolo stated that the old man had him from behind and then overheard Tien as he sang Yamcha's song "Cat Loves Food". Gohan soon saw the two and attacked Dr. Gero, knocking him away from Piccolo as the latter asked him how he was able to see them, to which Gohan explained they were in the air and questioned how he could not, leading Piccolo to instruct him not to sass him. Piccolo was given a Senzu Bean by Krillin after Dr. Gero said he was in no mood to fight and told the android to call him the "Can opener" as he would "bust open" the android. With Vegeta swearing that the android was his to fight, Piccolo played him by stating that he did not think the Super Saiyan would want to waste his time with an opponent like Dr. Gero. Trunks arrived afterward and debunked Dr. Gero as one of the androids that killed the Z-Fighters in the future, confusing the group as they had only been fighting him and Android 19. Piccolo said his name, which lead to Vegeta learning that he was son from the future.[15]

With Bulma's arrival and nearly being killed by the attack of Dr. Gero prior to being saved by Trunks, Piccolo suggested that Gohan take her and the infant Trunks to safety, reasoning to him after he expressed doubt that he was sure his father was fine. Piccolo also told Gohan that he was a good kid after noticing the way that Trunks was being treated by Vegeta and revealed to Bulma that Trunks was his son from the future, leading her to realize that she had solicited her son for sex and questioning why she had not been told which Krillin explained due to it being "hilarious", though Piccolo was quick to point out that he had just learned that he was her son. Piccolo went with Krillin and Tien to look for Dr. Gero's laboratory in the woods, where he initially was behind the idea of them sticking together before Tien suggested that they would be able to cover more ground separate, to which he agreed, much to Krillin's dismay. Piccolo arrived at Dr. Gero's laboratory with Tien after Krillin warned them where it was, having difficulty knocking down the door. Vegeta and Trunks arrived, the former asking if they were having a party and Piccolo reasoning this was why he was late. After Vegeta blasted the door down, Piccolo was introduced to Android 17 and Android 18 and witnessed Android 17's murder of Dr. Gero.

Intervening Edit

Piccolo arrives during Vegeta's battle against Android 18, but does not interevene due to his distaste for Vegeta.Trunks eventually intervenes, however, and the rest of the group quickly follows to protect Trunks. Piccolo stepped in after Trunks was attacked by Android 17, attempting to fight before being hit by Android 17 as well, who knocked him to the ground. Piccolo came to after Trunks and Vegeta were knocked out while Tien was being chocked by Android 17 and Krillin was making quacking noises, which he learned from Nail after asking what he had missed. Piccolo assured Nail that he had it and though the latter doubted him, he asked if he wanted to bet as he charged Android 17 and was taken down with a single blow.

Piccolo was afterward brought back to consciousness by Krillin with the use of a Senzu Bean. After learning from him that he was given a kiss by Android 18, Piccolo stated that he did not care. Piccolo stopped Trunks from going after Vegeta once the latter raced off in a fury, telling him to "give it up". Though Trunks was frustrated with Vegeta and expressed that his mother had told him of his personality, Piccolo stressed that at least he was not trying to kill them again, which Trunks had been unfamiliar of. Once he revealed that the androids were stronger in the present-timelin4e than in his, Piccolo expressed outrage, stating they were not able to put up a decent fight even with two Super Saiyans.

Krillin mentioned the possibility of a Super Namekian, which caused Piccolo to become annoyed and fire a beam that everyone was able to dodge as he flew to the sky and told them that they could all kiss "THE GREENEST PART" of his "ASS!" While flying, he was confronted by Nail on what his frustration was due to, though all Piccolo could tell him was that he may be getting a new roommate. After Nail asked if he had to move the pool table, Piccolo questioned him before catching himself and stating that he almost fell for it, but learned there was a pool table when he heard Nail playing and became further aggravated.

Piccolo flew to Kami's Lookout and greeted Mr. Popo, before encountering Kami, who he ignored the greeting of and told him to cut the crap while insisting that he knew why he was there. Piccolo noticed Mr. Popo's strange demeanor as he counted the square tiling of the lookout and asked Kami what had happened to him, learning that he had finished "dropping" a gallon of LSD. Piccolo informed Kami that he was there for his body and when Nail commented that he could "at least take him out to dinner first", he told him that they did not eat and ordered him to shut up. Piccolo reasoned that if Kami were half the guardian of Earth that he was supposed to be, then he would know they did not have any time to waste and assumed once Kami started speaking about an evil that had risen, that he was talking about the androids and how dangerous they were.

Fusion with Kami Edit

Piccolo remained on Kami's Lookout for three hours and in feeling the massive energy drop, asked Kami if he felt those lives being depleted and asked him if he was still going to put off their fusion. With Kami indicating that he would, Piccolo expressed his frustration as he claimed that he had been meditating for those last few hours since arriving there before ordering Kami to either "shit or get" in his body. Though Nail was put off by the prospects of their merging, Piccolo hushed him and with Kami claiming that he needed to feel the situation out, Piccolo asked what there was to feel out by telling him that they had probably lost another city by it either being missing or dead due to his cryptic warnings and jerking him around before ordering Kami to start acting like the guardian.

Kami accused him of trying to take the title away from him, though Piccolo reasoned that his refusal could not be about the job since he had previously tried giving it to Goku who he stated did not even look after his own kid and that he himself was more of guardian to Gohan than he was. Kami then called it his responsibility, with Piccolo noting that it was very good and all, but argued that he was allowing people to be killed and that the world would be destroyed if they did not merge. With Kami stating that he had become a prisoner in being trapped on the lookout, Piccolo apologized since had he had never saw it that way. Kami informed him that they would be getting rid of the Dragon Balls by their fusion, but Piccolo told him that was not a problem since they had a "whole planet of" their people waiting to make them more and called Kami a "smartass" after he questioned what he meant by their people.

Piccolo then placed his hand on Kami's stomach, the latter having theorized that Piccolo was already familiar with the technique. Kami tried to convince him to go lower, but Piccolo told him that he was "not falling for that" and the two fused. Right after the fusion, Piccolo asked if this was who they were. Piccolo then called out for anyone, be it Kami or Nail in his head, and then briefly thought of the possibility that they were gone, only to overhear the two laughing and realize they were not. Nail asked if this was the part where he chanted to himself and Piccolo told him to shut up, being annoyed when Kami did it for him as he flew off the lookout.

Piccolo then arrived in Ginger Town, where he overheard the constant talking between Nail and Kami and asked the pair if they could stop speaking for a minute. After Kami asked Piccolo what driving a car was like, Piccolo told him to shut up as he overheard someone in the background.

Fight with Cell Edit

Piccolo questioned Cell as to "what the hell" was going on and in return, the latter asked if he wanted to see him "drink" a man he was holding. Nail thought he would puke, but Piccolo tried to tell him that he could not since he was in his mind. Nail apparently managed it anyway. Piccolo explained to Cell that sensing a disturbance brought him to the latter's "neighborhood" and judging by Cell killing the man by absorbing him, expressed his belief that Cell was the one who absorbed the entire city. Once the latter confirmed his suspicions to be correct, Piccolo questioned him on his motives.

Piccolo called Cell a monster, though admitted they were alike in both receiving a significant power from absorbing someone before he powered up. Piccolo spin-kicked Cell after the latter recovered from the power-up and told Kami and Nail that he had always wanted to do it. He also made his intentions to do it again clear to the pair, arguing that he could do it as much as he wanted since it was his body. Cell began charging a Special Beam Cannon, which both Kami and Nail recognized as one of Piccolo's moves, though the latter insisted it was Goku's Instant Transmission before it was fired at him and he deflected it.

Piccolo kicks Cell

Piccolo kicks Cell in their fight.

After Piccolo kicked Cell, the latter requested he no longer kick him. Piccolo brought the possibility of obliging if Cell explained how he knew his technique. Cell began charging a Kamehameha, which initially surprised Piccolo since he believed that the attack was exclusive to Goku before remembering that Gohan and Master Roshi and even he himself had used the attack previously. Though he managed to avoid the beam, Piccolo was grabbed from behind by Cell, who started absorbing his arm. Piccolo's arm was for the most part absorbed and had a grotesque appearance in relation to the rest of his body, which prompted Cell to remark that he was starting to look like Kami.

Piccolo admitted defeat since he no longer had the use of his arm and requested that before Cell finished him off, he tell him everything about him. Though Cell was somewhat reluctant, Piccolo stated he did not have to if he did not have anything important to say. Piccolo was annoyed to discover he was a creation of Dr. Gero and mentioned to Cell that the Z-Fighters referred to Androids 17 and 18, who Cell called "Cyborgs 17 and 18", as androids.

Piccolo called Cell's name "kind of boring" and as Cell intended to absorb him, he asked if he wanted to see something cool, in reference to Cell's earlier statements. Piccolo then regrew his arm, impressing Cell as Krillin and Trunks arrived. The three were victim to Cell's Solar Flare, which Krillin mentioned as Tien's attack, which Piccolo stated he was aware of.

Search for Cell Edit

Piccolo expressed his frustration after Cell fled, repeatedly saying, "Dammit." Vegeta and Tien both arrived and learned that Piccolo had fused with Kami, though Piccolo thought the most important thing was addressing the fact that there was now another android created by Dr. Gero. Piccolo told Tien that Cell was vague about his strength increasing if he found what he was looking for, but knew that he would be unstoppable if he joined forces with the androids. Vegeta insisted that he would never be as strong as a Super Saiyan, though Piccolo stated that the transformation was "not much of a milestone anymore." Trunks theorized that there was a Cell in the present-timeline and went with Krillin to look for him in Dr. Gero's basement. Piccolo and Tien stuck together in deciding that they would go after Cell. Once Krillin and Trunks left, Piccolo apologized to Tien for his father killing Chiaotzu. Tien lamented during their searches that Cell had killed his fantasy team and Piccolo asked him if he was serious, doubting that he had hobbies.

Piccolo and Tien went to the site of another one of Cell's absorbing sprees, this time an amusement park, where Piccolo questioned why the rides were still running and stressed was supposed to be a place fun despite the horror that had occurred while Cell had been there. Piccolo was with the Z-Fighters when he told the group that they could not keep chasing after Cell since whenever they failed to catch him, they also lost another city. Goku then arrived, taking Gohan and leaving, prompting the group to chose to get some rest at Kame House. Piccolo was naive towards Kami's wondering if Master Roshi had any pot on his island, even after Nail made it clearer. Piccolo assumed that Master Roshi did since he knew the Mafūba. Piccolo watched television reports of Cell's activities, trying to escape hearing information about him by turning the channels, though they were all discussing him and made it inevitable for Piccolo to block out news on him.

Piccolo then screamed at the television that he understood that Cell was absorbing people and was trying to stop, after which Kami suggested that he get some sleep, but Piccolo refused, saying he would only do so when he was "dead." The Androids then arrived on the island, Piccolo soon afterward waking the other Z-Fighters and going outside to confront them. After Android 16 revealed that Goku was not there, Piccolo told the androids to leave, but Android 17 stressed that the group had come all that way "to kill somebody" and 18 elaborated that they would kill him if he did not reveal where Goku was. Piccolo instructed the other Z-Fighters to remain on the island and flew off with the androids to combat them.

Fight with 17 Edit

Piccolo began his fight with Android 17 by removing his weighted clothing, expressing that he was not the same Namekian that had previously been bested by him and powering up. After completing this, he charged Android 17, beginning with a punch to the face, which Android 16 tried to warn him about by yelling "Dodge". Android 17 learned from Android 16 of Piccolo's fusion with Kami as Piccolo continued attacking. He summed up the definition of Kami, explaining, "It mean's god. Now bow!" He then fired a shot at Android 17, after which he began firing several energy spheres as part of his Hellzone Grenade and then launching them at the android, who had failed to understand the nature of the attack and lamented that it had a cool name as well when Piccolo stated it.

Android 17 emerged from the smoke unscathed and mentioned how Piccolo had tried to kill Goku before, which he likened to the androids' ongoing search for him. Piccolo stressed that his time was different as he had wanted revenge whereas they were just doing it for "shits and giggles." Android 17 stressed that hearing Dr. Gero tell him to kill Goku in his subconscious for a few years was what had caused him to want to, leading Piccolo to become nostalgic. When Android 17 gave him the ultimatum to tell them where Goku was or have him become serious during their ongoing fight, Piccolo chose the latter as it would "be a nice change of pace." Piccolo started to back-flip after being struck by Android 17, leading Nail to question him and Kami to remind him that he could fly. Piccolo began slamming punches into Android 17's stomach as Android 17 did him and the pair distanced themselves from each other, Android 17 finally admitting that Piccolo was a worthy opponent by saying he was "hard to put down".

Piccolo bluffed that he was "actually beginning to enjoy" himself as Nail informed him that they had a "problem." Piccolo misunderstood him, assuming he was talking about him reaching his limit and admitted to his bluff though Kami mentioned it as "another problem." Piccolo asked if they were referring to the other androids, leading Nail to call it "another 'nother problem." Piccolo turned and realized they were talking about Cell, who had arrived at the battlefield.

Near-death Edit

Piccolo declined being related to Cell when Android 17 asked if Cell was his "inbred mutant cousin" and mentioned that he thought he was on his side. As Cell began charging up, Piccolo explained to Android 17 and the other androids who he was and that he was from the future, though this was dismissed by Android 17. Piccolo realized from Cell's immense strength that he had absorbed many people, horrifying him as he stood in fear while Cell walked up to him and he asked how many he had absorbed.

Cell snaps Piccolo's neck

Piccolo was stopped from using the Nail Gun by Cell, who snapped his neck.

Snapping out of his fear, Piccolo intervened when Cell tried to absorb Android 17 and tried to inform the latter of Cell's previous misdeeds, even confirming to Android 18 that he was not kidding about defeating an entire battle-ball team at the same time. Piccolo tried to use his Light Grenade on Cell, appearing to both Androids 17 and 18 to have killed Cell when in reality the latter was still alive. Piccolo was then subjected to being beaten and then vaporized, after which he was thrown into the water to drown and sinked as his energy went out and he could no longer be sensed.

Piccolo however, survived despite the hole in his chest by regenerating and was discovered by Goku, who teleported him and Tien after arriving on the battlefield following the latter's attempts to stall Cell after he succeeded in absorbing Android 17 and was trying to absorb Android 18 in an attempt to reach his perfect form. Piccolo regained his consciousness at Kami's Lookout after receiving a Senzu Bean, telling Goku afterward that he had only succeeded in stalling Cell, as the latter was still free to hunt Android 18 and that they still did not have anyone that could defeat him. After this, Mr. Popo announced that Trunks and Vegeta were out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, giving the Z-Fighters a pair of fighters strong enough to fight Cell in his present state, Gohan retorting, "Or do we?" and Goku responding that they still did not since the pair had not went inside of the chamber. Piccolo was awe struck by Goku not realizing that his son meant the pair.[16]

On the sidelines Edit

Bulma arrived at the lookout, bringing along some armor for the group to wear in their fights against the androids. While Goku and Gohan donned it, Piccolo and Tien remained standing aside, declining to wear it nor give reasons when asked by Bulma for their choice.[17] As Vegeta and Cell fought, Piccolo and Tien stood around at the lookout, Piccolo correcting Tien that they were rooting against Cell when he said they were actually rooting for Vegeta. With Tien asking what they would do if "he" won, Piccolo questioned who he was talking about. Though Bulma tried to stick up for Vegeta, Tien remarked that she had been left a single mother by him, Piccolo adding that him leaving was for the best, clarifying what he meant by asking her if she would really trust Vegeta with a baby.[18]

Piccolo and Tien held a bet to see whether Vegeta or Krillin would screw up in the fight against Cell, Piccolo asserting his belief that Krillin would based on his history while Tien favored Vegeta. He explained what they were doing to Bulma who selected both after he asked her which of the two she picked and both he and Tien expressed surprise at her choice. After Krillin destroyed the detonator that Bulma had made for the androids to be destroyed with, Piccolo informed her of this and with her saying that the detonator was twenty hours of her life, he assessed that the rest of it would go if Vegeta followed suit. Tien also became angered, though realized that Krillin's actions were due to Android 18 being a girl, which Piccolo was still confused of until Tien further explained that Krillin wanted sex, which Piccolo found gross.

Vegeta followed suit by allowing Cell to absorb Android 18, wanting a challenge in defeating him. Piccolo was able to sense this as well and told Bulma of what he was intending to do, the latter remarking that she had won the bet, only for Piccolo to scream that they were all going to be killed. Cell was eventually able to absorb Android 18, leading to his transformation into his Perfect Form. Piccolo sensed this from the lookout and told the others that they were all fucked, sentiments that Perfect Cell coincidentally repeated to the others.[19] Goku remembered Piccolo telling him that Gohan needed to improve his dodging and tried to help his son with the skill while in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.[20]

Films Edit

Dead Zone Edit

He appears in Garlick Junior's castle shortly after Krillin, after that he kills one of Garlick Jr's minions (Despite trying to aim for Krillin) and stops Kami from killing himself, he then battles Garlick Jr along with Goku, after blasting him, he gets in an argument with Goku about who killed him, meanwhile Garlick Jr was summoning the Dead Zone

Christmas Tree of Might Edit

Space pirates came to Earth after Shenron created a Christmas tree, the result of a wish from Krillin. Piccolo confronted Turles, their leader, after he encountered Gohan, noting his similarity in appearance to Goku while Turles claimed he looked like a Yoshi. Piccolo said he got that and wanted Gohan, ultimately receiving him when Turles threw him over to him. Piccolo wished Gohan a "merry Christmas" before being blasted by Turles.

Lord Slug Edit

Piccolo discussed with Nail the possibility of using the Special Beam Cannon with both of his hands and disavowed it being similar to the Kamehameha with saying that the Special Beam Cannon would drill things after Nail suggested that it was similar and beams did not drill things. Piccolo informed Nail of Gohan arriving to see him and told him that if he ignored him he would go away, denying that he ignored all of his problems as he and Nail still interacted and the two began arguing about this before Gohan started whistling and annoyed the pair with the gesture. Gohan tried to fight of Lord Slug's henchmen and in doing so was blown out of the sky by the multitude of them. Piccolo arrived to save him and defeated a plurality before being confronted by Lord Slug's main three henchmen, Dorodabo, Angila and Medamatcha. Piccolo offended both Angila, by insulting his appearance and Dorodabo, by calling him stupid. Gohan noticed the latter's insult before Dorodabo did, but Piccolo called on him to halt from saying anything so Dorodabo could realize what he meant, the latter attacking Piccolo afterward. Piccolo was able to hide from Dorodabo inside of a building and best him several times, Dorodabo giving up and Piccolo seeming to accept his proposed truce until blasting his head and killing him as a result.

Piccolo rips his ears off

Piccolo rips his ears off.

However, Piccolo was soon forced to sacrifice himself when noticing that Medamatcha had bested Gohan and was preparing to finish him off with a blast, Piccolo jumping in the way while questioning why Gohan could not save himself and being severely injured by the beam. Just as Medamatcha was about to finish Gohan off, having knocked Piccolo out of the way before the latter expressed pain, Goku and Krillin arrived. After the two ran into trouble with Lord Slug, who bested the pair with relative ease, Piccolo called on Gohan who was unconscious to summon his rage and gain power. With Gohan not responding, as a result of him being unconscious, Piccolo demanded that he not ignore him. After Goku was knocked out by Lord Slug, Piccolo intervened by grabbing the foe's antennas, being grabbed himself and claiming that he knew Lord Slug would do that. He proceeded to remove his ears and requested that Gohan begin whistling, though struggling initially to get him to do it, the latter complying after remembering what it was. With Lord Slug's grip loosening, Piccolo was able to get close to Goku and bestow upon him his own energy, passing out afterward and thereby enabling Goku to defeat Lord Slug.[21]

Cooler's Revenge Edit

Cooler 2: The Return of Cooler's Revenge - The Reckoning Edit

Piccolo accompanied the others to New Namek, though kept to himself while aboard the ship save for speaking with Kami and Nail, a conversation that during which Piccolo insisted that Kami was not missing much after the latter mentioned the hiatus he had in seeing Namek. Once on New Namek, the group encountered Cooler, who now had a metal body, and learned of his intent to rule New Namek. Piccolo joined the others in noting similarities between the pair and after Cooler claimed there was a difference in the planet being New Namek instead of Namek, Piccolo replied that the difference was about as different as he was from his brother. Cooler afterward ordered his henchmen to kill Krillin and they attacked the whole group, Piccolo telling the others while fighting the henchmen to toughen up and found himself ineffective in attempting to destroy them until receiving a suggestion from Nail to hit them harder. Piccolo replied that it sounded similar to something that Goku would say, though complied after Kami mentioned that he had never beaten him, tearing through the armor of one of the henchmen. Piccolo rejoined Gohan and Krillin, at this point backed into a corner, and told them that he had figured out how to defeat the henchmen, relaying the stronger punches strategy to the pair. After a response from Gohan, Piccolo attacked the robots, having success while Gohan and Krillin were kidnapped. With Gohan crying out for his assistance, Piccolo tried coming to his aid, only for a robot to grab him and start firing bullets at him, which he expressed minor pain to. This was followed up by missiles being launched by larger robots, Piccolo confirming to Nail that they hurt after he predicted that they would. With the robots wavering, Piccolo confirmed that they were finished and proceeded to blow them out with a burst of energy. Having done this, he expressed to Kami and Nail his intent to save Gohan, disregarding the others. Arriving at the base of the robots, Piccolo told the others to come with him if they wanted to live.[22]

Super Android 13 Edit

Piccolo emerged from ice to stop a blast from Android 13 from hitting Gohan, grabbing the android by the legs as he fought Goku and greeting the latter who explained he was fighting androids, to which Piccolo requested that he take a swing and threw the android away. After Goku noticed the joke, Piccolo tried mentioning how long he had been practicing the line before the android returned and he cut himself off. Android 13 tried requesting Piccolo leave without making it about his race or color, but Piccolo told him that he felt as if he was doing that due to Android 13 calling him "boy." Vegeta and Future Trunks were elsewhere, successfully defeating Android 14 and Android 15, joining the Z-Fighters before Android 13 took their components and began merging them within himself.

Android 13 on Piccolo

Android 13 steps on Piccolo's face

Piccolo commented that he believed the group should be trying to stop him and attacked the android after his alteration, telling Nail and Kami that they were distracting him in making their noises as he hit the android repeatedly before being blasted away by Android 13 and hitting an iceberg. The others were also unsuccessful, Goku making a Spirit Bomb afterward and having Android 13 attempt launching an attack at him, only for Piccolo to grab him and cause the android to lose the ball of energy to the sky. Android 13 then attacked Piccolo, stepping on his face and knocking him out cold until the Spirit Bomb was successfully launched by Goku to kill Android 13. Following the android's defeat, Piccolo sat with Vegeta on a glacier, questioning what he was doing in the arctic and answering the question when asked by Vegeta by saying that he did not have a place to live and questioned his excuse. After Vegeta explained that he wanted alone time, Piccolo reasoned that the arctic turned out to not be that place and asked what he did for fun before a fish popped out at the pair for a moment and returned to the water, Piccolo saying that he understood it.[23]


Raditz: Aha! Attacking an opponent roughly four times your strength in a one-on-one battle. A cunning strategy! No, no, no, not cunning. What’s the opposite of that?
Piccolo: (off-screen) Retarded?
Raditz: That’s it, thank you! Now, disregarding the Namekian, I--
Goku: Uh-uh! A Yoshi!
Piccolo: (off-screen) I’m not a goddamn Yoshi!
Goku: But you said you were!
Piccolo: (off-screen) It’s called sarcasm!
Goku: What’s that taste like?
Piccolo: (off-screen) Dammit Goku! — Episode 2: And They All Lived Happily Ever... Oh...

(Gohan breaks free out of Radiz's space pod and rushes towards Raditz)
Raditz: Nooo, my Space Pod---(Gohan headbutts Raditz) Augh! My space armor!
Piccolo: (off-screen) We get it, you’re from space! — Episode 2: And They All Lived Happily Ever... Oh...

Goku: Piccolo!
Piccolo: Ready!
Goku: Good! Just make sure you give me a signal before you fire that thing! I’m right behind him!
Piccolo: (with an evin grin on his face) Oh, sure, I’ll give you a signal-- It’ll be the last signal you’ll ever get!
(Piccolo laughs evilly off-screen)
Goku: (completely oblivious to Piccolo's lie) Well, okay. As long as we’re clear on that. — Episode 2: And They All Lived Happily Ever... Oh...

Gohan: I can’t believe Piccolo left me out here all alone! How am I supposed to get down from here?
Piccolo: (off-screen) CLIIIIMB DOWWWWWWWN!
Gohan: I can't even get any food or water! What should I do?
Piccolo: (off-screen) I SAID, CLIIIIMB DOWWWWWWWN!!!
Gohan: If only I had some sticks or reeds lying around, I could make a makeshift ladder, or a rope...
(Piccolo screams off-screen in frustration.)Episode 4: Snakeway to Heaven

Piccolo: (surprised at Gohan's Ōzaru transformation) Okay, that’s new! (in his thoughts) Wait a second, that tail! His Saiyan blood! Does this mean... (out loud extremely quickly) Everyone of Gohan’s race can become a giant gorilla!
(Ōzaru Gohan shoots a mouth beam, destroying some terrain.)
Piccolo: Damn it, if he destroys everything, what will be left for me?!
(Piccolo stares at the moon while Ōzaru Gohan continues to cause destruction offscreen.)
Piccolo: (shoots a ki blast at the moon, destroying it) STOP MOCKING ME! — Episode 4: Snakeway to Heaven

Piccolo: Gohan, hurry up and blast him with all your strength-- before he has time to DODGE!!!
(The word "dodge" echoes traumatically in Gohan’s head, causing him to run for cover)
Piccolo: Damn you, Pavlov! — Episode 8: Nappa's Best Day Ever

Piccolo: Now, it’s you and me, big guy! And I’m gonna kick your a--
(Gohan kicks Nappa, sending him crashing into a pile of rocks)
Gohan: Take that, you insufferable f*cking simpleton!
Piccolo: Whoa, Gohan! What the hell?!
Gohan: (calmed down) Oh? Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Piccolo, I didn't mean to snap like that!
Piccolo: No, stay snapped! STAY SNAPPED-- (Nappa recovers from the attack) Augggh, goddammit... — Episode 9: The Set Up

Piccolo: (thinking while running towards Gohan) Alright, it’s time to redeem myself-- through one final act of redemption.
(appears in front of Gohan) I’ll save Gohan and-- Wait a second, why didn’t I just grab him? I can probably still do that now, actually! Yeah, thats it, I’ll grab him and throw him out of the way-- (gets hit by Nappa's blast) GAAAAAAAAAA!!!! — Episode 9: The Set Up

Piccolo: (having just protected Gohan from Nappa's Bomber DX) Yeah... that’s right.... I can take anything you can dish o-- (in his thoughts) oh, God, there go my organs. (falls to the ground)Episode 9: The Set Up

Appearances Edit

Season OneEdit

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Season ThreeEdit



  1. Only appears in the Stinger.
  2. Only appears in a flashback in Part 1.


Namekian Biology Edit

Like all Namekians, Piccolo can regenerate lost limbs in a quick moment, but the timing is inconsistent. For example, in his fight against Raditz he lost his arm but grew it back after the fight, while in his first fight against Cell, he tore off his drained arm and regrew it instantly. Piccolo can also hear things from far way, but whistling is very painful to him. He had to remove his ears in the fight against Lord Slug to help Goku when he asked Gohan to whistle.

Attacks and Techniques Edit

Special Beam Cannon - Also known as Light of Death or Makankosappo. It takes five minutes to charge (not anymore),and he can't pronounce its Japanese name (Makankosappo), so he says "Special Beam Cannon" instead. First used in his fight against Raditz. He discussed with Nail on using a two-hand variation, to which Piccolo denied being similiar to the Kamehameha.

Clothes Beam - His most metro attack, generates clothing and, in one instance, a sword. First used on Gohan after he lost his clothes during his Great Ape rampage.

Hellzone Grenade - Multiple energy spheres head towards a target and explode on impact, Piccolo came up with this name while discussing attack names with Nail. First used against Android 17.

Light Grenade - A powerful energy blast against an enemy. First used against Cell as a last ditch effort.

Nail Gun - First heard of in Episode 37, Piccolo tried to use it in Episode 47, but he failed because Cell attacked him. Apparently it was his last last ditch effort. This attack has yet to be seen.

Fusion Edit

A forbidden technique, Piccolo can fuse with other Namekians to increase his strength. The first fusion he did was with Nail, who according to him, had enough power to face off against Freeza, which was shown when he was able to handle himself against Freeza's second form. The second fusion was with Kami after much convincing. With this power up, Piccolo was able to handle against Imperfect Cell and Android 17. The after effect from these fusions however is that the soul of person is transferred to the main bodies conscious. Nail said it was temporary, but so far Nail and Kami are still in Piccolo's head.


  • A recurring characteristic of Piccolo is his desperation to make friends. First he befriends Goku despite hating him, then acts jerkish to Gohan at first but then warms up to him and they become very close. His first words upon seeing Nail are "Social activity!", and in a parody of Born This Way Tenshinhan states (very bluntly) that his lack of friends led to him making a costume entirely of Yoshi dolls.
  • He had MySpace, but later switched over to SpaceBook, which is a reference to the real life social network known as Facebook.
  • Since he fused with Nail, he has been in Piccolo's head and probably telling him snappy remarks he can use on his enemies. This is evident in Lord Slug and Cooler's Revenge. As of Episode 40, Kami fused with Piccolo in order to defeat the andriods 17 & 18 and now has both Kami and Nail inside his head.
  • He traumatized Gohan during his training sessions. This is evident when he tells Gohan to dodge sometime during the fight with Nappa and he ends up cowering in fear of the words.
  • He isn't familiar with common street names for marijuana; when Kami refers to it as "Grass" he assumes he's talking about literal grass.
  • His only friend on MySpace was Tom, who is the creator of MySpace and a default friend for everyone on MySpace. He later replaced Tom with Goku in exchange for helping him save Gohan.
  • He originally didn't want to go to Planet Namek, pointing out how he would simply get killed again upon being wished back to life.
  • According to Nail, Piccolo apparently has "apps" in the same fashion as an smartphone, although so far Nail's only managed to play Minesweeper.
  • He is capable of psychically accessing the internet with his antennae, as seen in gags involving him checking his old MySpace account.
  • In the Abridged movie specials starting with Lord Slug, he labels the movie villains' henchmen by their "gimmicks", as "pretty one", "stupid one," and the "one with weird powers." this was a result of him dealing with Turles' misfit minions in "Christmas Tree of Might." This is parodied in "Revenge of Cooler" when after being judged, Doore (the archetypal big dumb tough one) claims himself to be "more handsome than pretty", Sauza (the pretty one) doesn't consider his powers to be that weird, and Neiz (strange one with weird powers) appears to take offense at being called stupid. Piccolo then changes his mind stating that they were all stupid.
  • He's unemployed because he can't and he won't get a job.
  • His training clothing are weighted, weighing 100Kg or 220Lb.(he later realizes that his weighted training clothing lost its usage during the fight with Freeza as his power level was too high for the weight to matter). He still wears them because he doesn't have a house to leave them in.
  • Piccolo's cursing the name of Pavlov is a reference to the famous Russian psychologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, who is especially noted for his research into conditioning and involuntary reflex. This is evident in how when he shouts the word "dodge" at Gohan, it causes him to enter an involuntary reflex action where he searches for cover, due to how Piccolo's earlier usage of the word have been accompanied by him inflicting grevious harm upon him. Pavlov referred to this concept as "conditional reflex".
  • He insists he's meditating when Nail knows he's really dozing.


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