Pilaf is comical villain from DB (along with Shu and Mai) he is reffered by Goku in Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movie: Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan.


Canon Series Edit

Pilaf is an arrogant prick but is too stupid to be at true villain, and thus was revived during the Buu saga wish to restore everyone back to life.

In DBZ Abridged Edit

His personality is changed in TFS version, Goku refers to him as a "monster" when looking for the guy who destroyed the south galaxy.

As an adult, he was dissatisfied, self-centered, and ruthless.

After an accident with the Dragon Balls, Pilaf found himself in his teens, and is shown to be a mischievous and devious child.

Pilaf was nasty, ruthless, clever, self-centered, immature, heartless, and truly evil. He was so evil that Goku greatly feared him. He is also a very intelligent schemer and manipulator.

Pilaf is one of the most evil Dragon Ball Z Abridged villains, as unlike other villains in the show, such as Piccolo or Vegeta, or the Androids, he clearly showed no love for anybody. Pilaf showed no hesitation about sacrificing his friends or family if it meant his own survival. While he seemed to respect his family's heritage, he later revealed that he never loved them, and later told them face-to-face all he ever thought about them, viewing them as being powerful idiots who never understood anything of true importance and was happy to leave them behind. While he did offer his brother, Garlic Jr., a chance to join him in ruling the world, this only led to him eventually betraying Garlic Jr. and secretly revealing the Dragon Balls to him, correctly predicting that Garlic Jr. would end up destroying himself.

Along with his lack of love for family, he also seemingly showed no care for his partners, Mai and Shu, whom he forcefully made join him in his insane activities and punished them cruelly if they so much as thought of trying to leave, and would threaten to gruesomely murder them if they tried escaping. While he claimed that he considered them as his friends, he had no problem encouraging King Piccolo to show no mercy when the latter threatened to punish them if they failed in any of their duties, and even secretly planned to betray and possibly kill them himself after they handed the Dragon Balls over to him, before Goku transforming into a Great Ape made him change his plans.

He put on a charming facade to manipulate Goku and earn his trust. He also seems to enjoy playing mind games with his victims such as offering Yamcha a safe way out of his castle with Bulma if he killed Puar, causing a brief fight to occur between them until Yamcha ultimately refused. He also was shown to be very cruel to Bulma planning to keep her in a cage, and threatening the lives of her parents and sister in order to gain her complete obediance, and only letting her out to manipulate Goku.

He also seems to be fully aware of everything that happens in the Mushroom Forest such as when he was able to sense Goku leaving. He was also able to know a large amount about the other characters seemingly just from being in his kingdom. This is shown when he reveals information never spoken such as Goku's true origins, and the name of Bulma's sister, Tights, and the events of the Universe Survival Saga, among other things.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Long the black sheep of the Garlic dynasty, Pilaf was the youngest son of Garlic and the younger brother of Garlic Jr. Born into a family that believed that it was their destiny to inherent the Earth.

Later, Pilaf would reveal the location of the Dragon Balls and what they were capable of to his brother Garlic Jr., whom he had briefly started working with. Not trusting his brother, Pilaf did this in order to get rid of him. Correctly deducing that Garlic Jr. would end up destroying himself.

Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan Edit

While he wasn't seen in the film, he was mentioned by Goku as being one of the villains from his past whom he suspected for being responsible for the destruction of the South Galaxy. Goku apparently greatedly fears him as he referred to him as a monster.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Despite being apart of the great Garlic dynasty, Pilaf was considered too weak by his father to be trained in the ways of ki control. He nonetheless proved to be an extremely formidable foe against Goku and his friends.

Abilities Edit

Master Tactician: Pilaf is a master tactician, as demonstrated by his ability to stage a military coup d'état, overthrow the former ruler of the Mushroom Forest and take over the kingdom. To that end, Pilaf managed to rally most of the Mushroom Royal Guard to his cause without their leader being aware of this.

Master Manipulator: Pilaf is also a master manipulator. He managed to manipulate almost all the people in the Mushroom Forest to choose him as the new king of the land instead of the real prince who he had overthrown earlier and even attempted to manipulate Goku to join his side. On several occasions, Pilaf delivered passionate speeches to the people of the Mushroom Forest, claiming that he was acting in their best interest and that he would lead them to peace and prosperity, and people usually cheered and applauded after his speeches.

Sign Language: Pilaf is able to understand Sign Language.

Combatant: As all members of the Makyan Royal Family, Pilaf received training in hand-to-hand combat, under the supervision of his father Garlic. After Goku returned confronted him, the two engaged in a fight, but Pilaf was quickly outmatched by Goku's superior combat skills.

Equipment Edit

Com-Link: Like the other members of the Makyan Royal Family, Pilaf possesses a Com-Link which enabled him to rapidly contact his allies even from other planets.