"Popo the Genie" is a Team Four Star Parody of "Frosty the Snowman" sung by Goku after Gohan asked him the question "What is Mr. Popo?". It was on the TFS Youtube channel on December 13, 2016.

Lyrics Edit

The areas inside brackets are the spoken words

[Gohan: Dad, can I ask you something?
What's Mr. Popo?
Goku: Well, son
First rule of Popo's training.
Gohan: Not his training, dad. Him
What is he?
Besides an uncomfortable reminder of a dark time in race relations I mean.
Is he an alien? Some kind of clown man? Gollywog? What?
Goku: Oh, I think I see what you're asking!
Well son, maybe this little song will help you understand...]

Goku: Popo the Genie
is a dark and evil soul
with a heart as black as Cell's buttcrack
and destruction as his goal

Popo the Genie
has a thing for LSD
and each time he trips his darkness slips
into all the children's dreams

There must have been some evil in
the inky void of space,
for it took form and substance and
a terrifying face!

Popo the Genie
was alive... well, maybe,
for he's sometimes said,
"I might be undead!"
with a dark sadistic glee!

[Mr Popo: Hahahahaha, AAH hahahaha
I know you're singing about me maggots!

Gohan: I don't think I like this song dad.
Goku: No one does Gohan...]

Goku: He lives on Kami's Lookout and
surveys the world below
he'd destroy us all but his soul is soothed
by the pot plants that he grows!

Popo the Genie
is an affort to God's plan
and when we're both gone
he will still live on
in the fearful heart of man!

[Goku: Now do you understand?
Gohan: I think so... We're all living on borrowed time, aren't we dad?
Goku: We always were Gohan...
We always were.]

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