Porunga is the Namekian dragon. At first, he spoke Namekian but was eventually taught how to speak English during the Namekians' stay on Earth in episode 30 (Part 3).

He is described by Krillin as "being on steroids" when compared to Shenron.

He dies at the same time as Super Kami Guru, and returns when he is restored.

Porunga unlike Shenron grants three wishes rather than one, but can only bring one person back per wish.

After Super Kami Guru's second death and Dende taking his place Porunga is summoned by the Namekian and Z Warriors. Only Bulma having the sense the see it is a bad idea to do so in the middle of a crowded city. His appearance immediately panics the citizen before a police officer calms them. Dende asks that Porunga please grant them six wishes rather than the usual three, saying that it'll only be another four earth months(one Namekian year) before they summoned him to do it again anyway. Porunga agrees due to the supposed ease of the wishes, namely wishing back people killed by Freeza. He is annoyed when Dende waits to mention wishing a planet back as one of them, calling it a "dick move". He grants all the wishes he is able to then leaving with the Namekians after Dende wishes them all back to Namek.

Wishes Made Edit

  • First set (The Best Laid Plans of Saiyans and Namekians and Freeza: The Final Cut)
    • First wish
    • Second wish
      • Wisher: Krillin (translated by Dende)
      • Wish: Send Piccolo to Namek
    • Third wish
      • Wisher: Dende
      • Wish: Send everyone (except Goku and Freeza) from Namek to Earth
  • Second set (gave them six wishes) (Freeza: The Final Cut)
    • First Wish
      • Wisher: Dende
      • Wish: Creating New Namek
    • Second Wish
    • Third Wish
    • Fourth Wish
      • Wisher: Bulma
      • Wish: Revive Yamcha
    • Fifth Wish
      • Wisher: Dende (reluctantly)
      • Wish: Revive Krillin
    • Sixth Wish
      • Wisher: Dende
      • Wish: Send every Namekian (except Piccolo) to New Namek