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Princess Snake blushes

Princess Snake blushing

Princess Snake
Series Dragon Ball Z Abridged
Debut Episode 4: Snakeway to Heaven
Race Snake Goddess
Gender Female
Status Alive
Voiced by LordQuadros
Princess Snake lives in the half way point of snake way. When she first met Son Goku, she immediately fell in love with him. She constantly makes sexual remarks to Goku. That, in addition to her raspy, man-like voice makes her seem very creepy. Everything she owns she took down herself. She once tried to eat Goku, but he got away. She made up for it by inviting him to dinner again (Goku will do anything for food). Her servants serve her loyally and will even die for her. One of her servants shot herself after Princess Snake left. (Even though it was a deleted part).


  • Princess Snake's guest voice actor is LordQuadros, who has abridged the Metal Gear video game franchise. Princess Snake's voice and mannerisms are based off the protagonist, Solid Snake.

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