Occupation Used as Pawns by the Saiyans

Sibamen(right to left)snuggles,fruitloop, cabbage head, other cabbage head and vegeta Jr. the last is unnamed

Saibamen (栽培マン) are cultivated lifeforms created by the Saiyans, although only 5 are named (by Nappa) 6 appear in DBZA and in the anime.

They each have a power level of 1,200 about the same as Raditz. One is killed by Vegeta upon being named Vegeta Jr., three by Krillin, one kills Yamcha and itself, and Piccolo kills the last one. After Krillin's "Limit Break" attack killing three Saibamen, Vegeta tells him that Nappa is worth five Raditz (6,000PL) and he himself is worth 15 Raditz (18,000PL).

As revealed by Nappa in the Season 2 finale, every character killed by Vegeta during Season 1 was brought back to life because he was technically working for Frieza at that time.

Assuming that this counts for all beings that Vegeta killed, then this would mean that one of the Saibamen (Vegeta Jr.) was brought back to life along with Nappa and is presumably wandering the wastelands.