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Sailor Moon is the main character from the popular Magical Girl series of the same name.

She made a cameo in the stinger of Snakeway to Heaven, where she was reporting on the disaster of the Moon.


  • She was voiced by Megami33, who previously voiced her in the short lived abridged series created by herself, Sailor Moon Abridged.
    • Amusingly, KaiserNeko worked on editing the 2nd Intro of the Abridged Series.
  • Her real name, Usagi Tsukino, is a play on the words "Rabbit" & "Moon" in Japanese.
  • She was namedropped by Vegeta in 到着を恐怖!! 敬礼, ギニュー特戦隊!! as a list of Shows that Gohan had seen before meeting with the Ginyu Force.
  • Little known fact, she is actually several times stronger than most of the cast of Dragon Ball, including Goku after the boosts he has obtained in Dragon Ball Super. This makes her the most powerful character to make an appearance in DBZA so far.
  • Like Broly, she is a big crybaby. Except her Power isn't Maximum.
  • Much like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon was aired on Toonami on Cartoon Network.
  • Sailor Moon's creator Naoko Takeuchi is Married to Yoshihiro Togashi the Creator of Yu Yu Hakusho & Hunter X Hunter in real life.
  • Like Goku, Sailor Moon is going to be an Ambassodor for the 2020 Olympics.

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