Race Human
Gender Male
Homeworld Earth
Occupation B-Class Hero for Fun
Status Alive
Voiced by GanXingba

Saitama is the main character in One Punch Man. He appeared in Episode 7 of the #CellGames Short Videos.


  • In the short, he is voiced by GanXingba.
    • Interestingly enough, Saitama is closer to Ganxingba's normal speaking voice in Real life.
  • Saitama has been frequently compared to Cailou. Basically of how both Characters resemble each other as well from a jokingly theory that Cailou grows up to be Saitama.
    • Cailou would even been namedropped by Cell himself in Episode 8 of the #CellGames Shorts.
  • One Punch Man was first referenced in Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movie: Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan during Goku's last stand with Broly.