Tfs slowmara by shaddyk dacmywl


Tantor slowmara comic 1 by dracophile daica84

SLOWMARA's death

Tantor slowmara comic 2 by dracophile daicaj3


Tantor slowmara comic 3 by dracophile daicapm

SLOWMARA gives TANTOR her Shell Bell

"Slow......" - SLOWMARA's catchphrase


SLOWMARA (スローマラ, Surōmara) is the creepy Slowbro third star of Team Four Star's Pokémon Soul Silver NUZLOCKE after TANTOR and MR. STAKE. She is TANTOR's deceased sister whose soul possessed the body of a Slowpoke that TANTOR caught in the Azalea Town Well. She has black hair identical to that of her human form and gained creepy psychic powers that glitched the game and real-life (eventually evolving into a Slowbro achieving even greater power with those fully red eyes to).... SLOWMARA still loved MR. STAKE and TANTOR since the beginning though.

SLOWMARA is still alive no matter what happens and never leaves.


Kilchan: The original Kilchan from Pokémon Uranium NUZLOCKE is SLOWMARA's mom.

Jerry the Delivery Man: The original Jerry is SLOWMARA's grandpa.

Maqubi: SLOWMARA's mom in an alternate reality who became who she was after the timeline interference and her "death" causing her to change her name to Kilchan. SLOWMARA's relationship with her seems to be almost as strained as TANTOR's.

Scott: SLOWMARA's dad in an alternate reality after losing ownership of the Battle Frontier and committing many crimes, he now has the job as a Delivery Man known as Jerry. SLOWMARA doesn't seem to care about him at all.

TANTOR: SLOWMARA's slightly older brother. SLOWMARA loves him, and she never wanted to leave TANTOR after she died, TANTOR currently wears her Shell Bell, keeping their connection to each other strong.

Larenti: SLOWMARA's nephew. She is aware that he caught a Slowpoke named Slowmondo who she invites into her dimension.


SLOWMARA's Psychic abilities are strong enough to defeat many tough foes, glitch the game, AND glitch reality. She defeated Lugia and gained it's spectral wings.

SLOWMARA holds the Shell Bell which lets her recover health.

SLOWMARA is slow? More like she is indefinitely going to give you a slow and painful torture.

As she is a Slowbro who naturally already have high defenses, SLOWMARA is very very much someone who is very hard to kill.

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