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Goku holding a muffin
Alternate name(s) Kakarrot (birth name)
Dumbass (by Vegeta and Cooler)
Stupid Inbred Monkey (by Freeza)
Clark (by Grandpa Gohan)
Champion of Christmas (by himself and King Kai)
Sun Wukong (accidentally by Future Trunks)
Debut "The Return of Raditz! ... Wait..."
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Homeworld Planet Vegeta (destroyed)
Occupation Fighter
Protector of the Earth and Universe
Status Alive
  • Chi-Chi
  • Krillin
  • Piccolo
  • Vegeta
  • Fighting
  • Food
  • Bacon
  • Ribs
  • Muffins
  • The "Muffin Button"
  • Kame House
  • Dr. Briefs' Moustache
  • Christmas
  • Driving cars
  • Training with Kami
  • Saitama
  • Mr. Popo
  • Bad people
  • People ruining Kame House
  • People who hurt Krillin
  • People trying to destroy Christmas
  • Grapes
  • Cookies
  • Bees
  • Being punched in the dick
  • People crushing his ribs because he sounds like a squeaky toy
  • Being the only person capable of defeating the bad guys
  • Superman
  • Grape-flavored medicine
Voiced by MasakoX

"I am the hope of the omniverse! I am the light bulb in the darkness! I am the bacon in the fridge for all the living things that cry out in hunger! I am the Alpha and the Amiga! I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am Son Gokū! and I am a Super-- (gets blasted in the face by Freeza) Saiyan."
— Goku's speech to Freeza in "Freeza: The Final Cut"

Goku (孫 悟空, Son Gokū), born Kakarrot (カカロット, Kakarotto) is an idiot. He is the main protagonist of Team Four Star's DragonBall Z Abridged and is the title character. He is the second son of Bardock being Raditz's younger brother, the husband of Chi-Chi, and the father of their only son, Gohan.

Goku is actually one of the last members of the near-extinct Saiyan race, escaping the destruction of his home planet as a young infant. While originally arriving on the planet Earth with the mission of exterminating all living life on the planet, a fatal head injury on the head causes him to lose his memory (and suffer some brain damage), which resulted in him growing up to be a pure-hearted warrior, though not necessarily one of the smartest people out of the cookie jar (which is also one of his most least favorite food).

Personality Edit

Goku is marked by his lack of intelligence, which has extended to his speaking during fights,[1] confusion of when holidays are,[2] not being able to tell when someone likes or dislikes him,[3] and having complete confusion on sexual foreplay.[4] This trait combined with his strength makes some of his opponents become confused and downright angered by him being on par with them in battle, as was the case in his fight against Vegeta when the latter became frustrated[1] or when Freeza ranted about his compulsion to say things in an attempt to sound as though he was more intelligent than he actually was.[5]

Goku thinking

In spite his lack of intelligence, Goku thought out his actions in battles.

Despite this, he has shown on several occasions examples of implementing strategy or giving thought and thereby using his mind rather than merely charging his opponents as he usually does, such as when he outsmarted Goz and Mez to get out of Hell without completing the challenge they presented to him,[6] plotted out how he would combat Freeza when finding himself to be outclassed,[7] decided to use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to strengthen himself in as short an amount of time as possible to combat Cell,[8] and telling Gohan that Piccolo would also not allow him to leave on the basis that he was smarter than him and thereby was more wise than he was yet would have still made the same choice.[9] These occasions severely departed from his usual antics.

Goku is a poor liar and horrible withholder of information, as was the case when he let it slip to Chi-Chi that he and the others intended to fight androids instead of going on a trip to Uruguay, even telling her not to tell herself.[10]

His natural drive to battle as a Saiyan has proven to have repercussions in him opting to want to be challenged rather than assure a victory that could save the lives of those around him from further danger, as he chose not to use the Dragon Balls to locate Dr. Gero and by extension his android creations[11] and deliberately allowed Android 13 to transform on the grounds of wanting a "good fight".[12]

As a father, Goku has proven to be a mixed bag in his treatment of his son Gohan, who he has only greeted after being spoken to[7] and left on his own multiple times as a result of either death,[13] being incapacitated,[14] or just wanting to be somewhere else as was the case in his decision to remain in space after Freeza's defeat.[15] On the positive side, however, Goku has restored Gohan's health,[16] saved his life,[17] opted to speak to him when he has been angered, as he did after it appeared that Piccolo had been killed by Cell[9] and expressed confidence in his son's abilities, such as asserting that he knew he would transform into a Super Saiyan eventually.[18] He furthered that assessment with downright happiness after it occurred.[19]

Goku has treated those he regards as friends with great concern on a consistent basis, giving Vegeta a burial after his death,[7] questioning Future Trunks on how Krillin was doing after returning to Earth,[20] and coming to pick up Piccolo and Tien after the pair were worn out from their encounter with Cell, risking his own life in the process.[21]

Abilities Edit

Attacks Edit

  • Kamehameha: A technique developed by Master Roshi and Goku's iconic attack. The Kamehameha wave fires an explosive blast of ki energy against his opponent. Goku can either fire it as a single blast, or two sphere's that he can throw against his enemies for distractions. Technically first used during his fight against Raditz in a deleted scene, but properly first scene in his fight against Vegeta.
    • Super Kamehameha: A Kamehameha with more ki output. First used to push back Cooler's SuperNova, and send him straight to the sun.
    • Kaio-Ken Kamehameha: A Kamehameha powered by the Kaio-Ken. First used to gain more power during a beam struggle with Vegeta.
    • Master-Student Kamehameha: A team attack. Goku, Master Roshi, and Krillin combine their Kamehameha's into one big energy blast for extra damage. First used against Dr. Wheelo.
  • Kaio-Ken: Taught to him by King Kai, Goku can increase his ki energy level and attack power. Goku can raise the output, though risks hurting himself in the process. First used in his fight against Vegeta.
  • Spirit Bomb: Taught to him by King Kai, Goku can gather energy from all lifeforms and condense it into a energy sphere. He can either make a small spirit bomb, or a large spirit bomb depending on the number of energy he can gather. First used in his fight against Vegeta. In Super Android 13 Abridged, Goku absorbed the energy of the Spirit Bomb to increase his power over Android 13.
  • Solar Flare: Borrowed from Tien, Goku can blind his his enemies with a flash of bright light, and a disturbing picture. First used against Oozaru Vegeta.
  • Instant Transmission: Goku acquired this skill after eating the sick of the inhabitants of Yardrat. Goku instantly teleports to any location or person by just imagining it. Goku's use has varied, as he sometimes forgets he has this ability.

Transformations Edit

  • Super Saiyaman: Goku gets surrounded by a golden Kaio-Ken aura, and speaks in a demonic voice. First accessed during his fight against Lord Slug after the stress of letting down Christmas got to him. He lost it soon after he found out it wasn't really Christmas.
  • Super Saiyan: Goku's main transformation, Super Saiyan increases the power of a Saiyan by 50x its based form. Goku first unlocked this form after Freeza killed Krilln, and after badass montage-worthy training, could access it anytime he needed to.
    • Third Grade Super Saiyan: The second ascended level of a normal Super Saiyan, Goku's power increased 50%, but loses 75% of his mobility. Unlocked during his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and seen briefly while training.


Goku: Hey, Piccolo, mind if I ask you somethin'?
Piccolo: What is it?
Goku: You're not human either, right?
Piccolo: Yeah....?
Goku: And your dad spit you out as an egg, right?
Piccolo: What about it?
Goku: Are-Are you a Yoshi?
Piccolo: (sarcastically) Yes, Goku. I'm a green f*cking dinosaur.
Goku: Can... Can I ride you?
Piccolo: (annoyed growl) -- Episode 2: And They All Lived Happily Ever... Oh...

Goku: 'Kay, guys, I'm going to Bulma's place! By the way, takin' the beans.
Master Roshi: Krillin?
Goku: Krillin. -- Episode 13: Dr. Briefs Made This Episode In a Cave... WITHABOXOFSCRAPS!

Krillin: Goku, it was terrible! We landed here, and then there were these really strong guys, and then there was even more strong guys, and then our ship blew up, and then there was even more strong--
Goku: Bored now. Reading your mind.
Krillin: Wait, wha--
(Goku reads Krillin's mind)
Goku: Ha-ha! That thing was a guy.
Krillin: Goku, did you just read my mind?
Goku: Yuh-huh.
Krillin: But how could you--
Goku: Muffin Button.
Krillin: What?
Goku: Huh? -- Episode 21: Stop! Celebrate and Witness, Goku's Back From 100X Fitness!

Goku: I'm going to break you.
Freeza: What? (Goku crushes Freeza's hand) Aaah!
Goku: Like a Kit-Kat bar.
Freeza: (small pause) What?
(Goku punches Freeza in the face, sending him flying)
Freeza: (thinking) WHAT?!
(Goku grabs Freeza and breaks his back) -- Episode 30: Freeza: The Final Cut (Part 1)

Goku: And you're nothing but an overgrown that thing that Chi-Chi keeps in her drawer! -- Episode 30: Freeza: The Final Cut (Part 2)

Freeza: Th-those eyes... they're the same as...
(flashback of Goku as a Super Saiyan)
Goku: (distant whisper) Pizza... -- Episode 33: Cold Cuts

Goku: I can't believe you guys are all still alive! I mean, I swore Freezer was gonna Yamcha at least one or two of you-- Speaking of which, hi Yamcha!
Yamcha: Hey. -- Episode 34: News of Future Past

Goku: Sooooo... Wanna go drive cars?
Piccolo: Bitchin! -- Episode 34: News of Future Past

Goku: Oh no! Yamcha's been Yamcha'd! -- Episode 35: The Island of Dr. Gero

Goku: (to Vegeta while fighting one thousand of Cooler's clones) Well, take the five hundred on the right, I'll take the five hundred on the left.
Vegeta: Screw you, I'll take five hundred and one!
Goku: That's the spirit! (yells as he goes Super Saiyan)
Vegeta: (yells as he goes Super Saiyan)
(scene cuts to both of them captured inside the Big Gete Star)
Goku: Wow, I can't believe every single one of them kicked you in the dick.
Vegeta: (lets out a high-pitched whine) -- Cooler 2: The Return of Cooler's Revenge - The Reckoning

Goku: Terrorists! Wait, I can't sense them. Androids! Androidirests! Terroroids! Guys, we've got a bad case of Terroroids! -- Super Android 13 Abridged

Goku: (in an extremely high voice) He punched me in the dick. Why? Why did he punch me in the dick?
Vegeta: Not so funny now, is it, Kakarrot. -- Super Android 13 Abridged

Appearances Edit

Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit



  • Goku is the only character shown to tell Freeza a line he never heard before during a heroic speech: "I'mma deck you in the schnozz!". He is also shown to be the only character who can troll Freeza, who was trolling nearly everyone else on Namek.
    • Ironically, this trolling may be due to Goku's stupidity as opposed to any real effort.
  • In Trunks' timeline, Goku's love of bacon will be his downfall, as it causes him to develop a high cholesterol that will result in a fatal heart disease.
  • He is terrified of Mr. Popo due to past encounters.
  • Goku is surprisingly a bit smarter in Super Saiyan form.
  • His favourite place to eat is most likely "Denny's", as he was thinking about having a Grand Slam during his fight with Jeice and Burter.
  • He may think all Namekians are Yoshis, as he mistook Lord Slug and Piccolo for one.
  • He thinks he and Vegeta are friends. Although in episode 53 Goku starts to believe that Vegeta doesn't like him.
  • One of Goku's most serious moments in this series was when he turned Super Saiyan, he also took a serious tone in episode 48, telling Cell he will die, leaving Cell confused .
    • This means that Gohan might have gotten a little bit of his personality from his dad as well, not just from Chi-Chi.
  • When squeezed, his ribs crush his lungs, causing the air that he expels to sound similar to a squeaky toy. According to Goku it's a medical condition.
  • Goku suffers brain damage from when Grandpa Gohan dropped him on the head as a baby. This could possibly be the cause of his incredible stupidity.
  • He has a habit of taking too much energy for the Spirit Bomb and killing an animal, prompting for the animal's offspring to arrive and question its dead "daddy".
  • He escaped Namek's destruction with muffins protecting him on the way to Yardrat.
  • Goku made no promises not to have the other Z-fighters fight the bad guy.
  • He tends to mention Chi-Chi to his foes as if he thinks they know who he's talking about. He first mentions her to Raditz; "Nothing you could do could ever compare to what Chi-Chi would do to me if she found out he died." He later mentions her to Freeza; "And you're nothing but an overgrown that thing Chi-Chi keeps in her drawer!"
  • Despite being an idiot, Goku has displayed some occasional brilliance in the series such as:
    • Hiding underwater and shooting ki blasts up at Freeza, knowing he can't sense energy.
    • After turning Super Saiyan, he ordered Gohan to take Piccolo and get back to the ship, knowing that if Piccolo dies the whole point of going to Namek would be pointless.
    • After Piccolo is defeated by Cell, Goku prevents Gohan from trying to go and help him, stating that Gohan isn't strong enough. Gohan then argues that Piccolo would let him go. Goku answers that Piccolo wouldn't and supports this by mentioning that Piccolo is smarter and wiser than he is, leaving Gohan shocked and confused; "That.... that's actually a really good point."
    • When demonstrating the Third Grade Super Saiyan form to Gohan, Goku explains about how the bulky muscles will cause an increase in power, but a decrease in speed and mobility.
  • Did we mention how much of a hopeless idiot he is? And how unfortunately it's not his fault.
  • Goku had a pet rock named Trevor.

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