Makankosappo or Special Beam Cannon is an attack Piccolo uses against Raditz and (on purpose) Goku in And They All Lived Happily Ever... Oh... which kills both of them. The Four-Cloned Cells us

In DBZA Edit

Piccolo told Goku to distract Raditz for five minutes while he charged up the attack,which resulted in Goku getting his ribs crushed and getting slapped by Raditz's Tail twice.

When Piccolo had finished charging up the attack,Goku had Raditz in a Full Nelson and told Piccolo to tell him when he was gonna fire the attack. Piccolo couldn't get the Japanese name of the attack right, so he said it in English. Piccolo didn't tell Goku when he was firing because he previously beat Piccolo and probably cause Goku killed his dad. The attack ended killing both Goku and Raditz.

Trivia Edit

In DBZA, Piccolo is shown to not be able to pronounce the attack in Jappanese.

In DBZA, Raditz and Goku are the only victims of this.

Cell can also fire the Makankosappo to fire at Piccolo, but he was seen that he knew the technique after the fight with Raditz, eventually, Piccolo reflects Cell's attack, exploding on random ground.

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