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Welcome to Team Four Star WikiEdit

This wiki is dedicated to Team Four Star and their well known work spend on their parody of Dragonball Z titled: DBZ Abridged. We hope you enjoy it. This wiki is currently under construction and we would appreciate your help in expanding it by adding articles and images. Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy =).

TeamFourStar have created abridged series for Dragon Ball Z, Hellsing Ultimate and Attack on Titan.The Dragonball Z series are non-profit.They also have gaming videos on their second channel: TFS Gaming. The channel includes the series: Two Saiyans Play; TFS Plays ; Glitch Dubs ; League of Taka and Krillin Plays. They also have a third channel called TFSUnabridged, where they showcase alot of BTS videos,Tutorials,Convention appearances and more! Also there's a pancake that eats velociraptors for breakfast.

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