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(cut to the androids flying through a snowy landscape)

ANDROID 18: Seriously, can we speed this up? It's cold as tits up here.

ANDROID 17: You know, maybe if you stopped whining and helped me look, we'd... Oh! Oh, look! There's one! There's... (sees it's a pink van with the words "LUCKY FOODS" written on the side) Actually, second thought, we don't have to steal the first one we see...

ANDROID 18: Oh, I'm sorry. I can't hear you over your welching.

ANDROID 17: Ugh, whatever. (flies down)

(cut to the owners of the van outside getting coffee)

CHUCK: So, Jones, uh, how's the wife and kids?

JONES: Still dead, Chuck. Been four months.

CHUCK: Oh... I am terrible at small talk.

JONES: Yes, you are. Huh? (notices the androids in front of the van)

ANDROID 17: (opens the back of the van) Huh... Lucky Foods. Kind of ironic.

JONES: Uh, young man? Need you to stay out of our van!

ANDROID 17: All right, guys, we're takin' the van. (Android 16 picks up the van) No, buddy, we're gonna drive it.

ANDROID 16: Oh. (puts the van back down) Sorry.

ANDROID 17: It's cool. Now you have a place to sit.

ANDROID 16: Affirmative. (gets inside the back of the van) Shotgun.

ANDROID 17: Not quite what that means, but hey, keep tryin', man. (he gets inside the van alongside his sister and starts the engine) Bitchin'. Next stop: Casa de Goku.

ANDROID 18: How 'bout no. New clothes first, Goku's casa second.

ANDROID 17: *scoffs* Women. Am I right, 16?

ANDROID 16: Confirmed. She is female.

ANDROID 17: *laughs* She is... (the androids drive off)


(cut to Krillin, Trunks, and Tien flying in the sky)

KRILLIN: You know, I should have brought this up earlier, but we should probably move Goku before the androids get to his house.

TRUNKS: It's been pretty non-stop here, so I'm a little out of the loop. What happened to Goku?

KRILLIN: Oh, uh, he didn't take his medicine. Grape flavored. Go figure.

TRUNKS: Yeah... Go figure.

TIEN: Actually, I really need to go pick up Chiaotzu. Left him over at Kame House.

(cut to Kame House with Turtle, Master Roshi, and Oolong eating ramen)

CHIAOTZU: So, how do you like my Chashu Ramen?

OOLONG: Wow, that is frickin' tasty! What's in this?

CHIAOTZU: Little bit of saké, soy sauce, bean sprouts, (looks at Oolong) pooooooooooooooooooooor...k...

OOLONG: I'm delicious...!


(cut back to Tien and the others)

TIEN: So I'm gonna go grab him before things get... weird.

KRILLIN: Later, Tien! (Tien flies off in another direction) I can never read that guy.

(Trunks and Krillin land in front of Goku's house)

KRILLIN: Wait, before we go in, uh, I wanted to ask... You ever think that Android 18 is, uh, kind of... cute?

TRUNKS: (gives Krillin a long stare) No.

KRILLIN: All right, then-- dibs, by the way. Quick warning: be super-nice to Goku's wife. She can be a total--

(Chi-Chi flings open the door, smacking Krillin in the face)

CHI-CHI: Gohan! Oh... It's you.

KRILLIN: Yeah, fine, I pretty much asked for that one. (head starts swelling up)

(Krillin Owned Count: 31)

YAMCHA: Huh? Hey, guys! How it is?

TRUNKS: Oh, uh, Yamcha, right? How's it hang-- I mean, how you doing?

YAMCHA: Oh, you know. Hanging in there.


YAMCHA: So, what happened? Did Vegeta clean up the androids?

KRILLIN: Not quite. (flashback of the androids defeating the Z-Fighters and Piccolo flying off) Turns out there were three more, Vegeta got his arms broken, they beat everyone up, Piccolo flipped out, and I got kissed by the cute one!

YAMCHA: The clown?

KRILLIN: No, no, no. There's a girl now.

YAMCHA: I don't believe you.

TRUNKS: You know, we should probably continue this conversation after we've moved Goku.

YAMCHA: Move Goku? But he finally stopped screaming. (Goku is heard from the other room taking a deep breath) Okay, w-well, he's petering out.

KRILLIN: We'll take him to Kame House! They'll never look for him there!

YAMCHA: That is literally the second place they'll look.

KRILLIN: Look, we're short on time and options. And who knows what those dastardly androids are doing?

(cut to Android 17 and 18 standing outside the van as a police car comes up and stops next to the van with two policemen coming out)

ANDROID 18: Wow. You actually pulled over.

ANDROID 17: No, no, no, this is gonna be great. Shut up.

TEX: You two-- this vehicle has been reported as stolen! You are under arrest! (places handcuffs on the androids)

AVERY: Sir, I have checked the vehicle and I have identified another male. And he is f**king big!

ANDROID 16: You cannot sit in the back. I called shotgun.

AVERY: He has a weapon!

TEX: Cuff him! (handcuffs Android 16 who promptly snaps them apart like a twig)

AVERY: Do we have any bigger, stronger cuffs?

TEX: Yeah, they're in the car!

(Android 18 picks up the police car and throws it at a cliff, blowing it up)

ANDROID 18: (snaps the handcuffs apart) All right, I take it back. This is fun.

(cut back to the others at Goku's house preparing to take refuge from the approching androids at Kame House)

YAMCHA: So where's Vegeta during all this anyway?

KRILLIN: Oh, I'm sure he's off somewhere...

(cut to Vegeta)

VEGETA: GODDAMN IT! SHIIIIIIII... (destroys the mountains he's standing on)

(cut back to the others now inside the plane)

KRILLIN: ...coping.

CHI-CHI: (sees Gohan coming from the sky) Gohan!

GOHAN: (thinking) Oh, good...

CHI-CHI: (runs up and hugs Gohan) Oh, I swear, I am never letting you get away from me again! We're gonna get that GPS tracking chip installed in your neck by the end of the week!

GOHAN: Uh, little help?

KRILLIN: Androids are comin'! Gotta move your dad! Get on the ship!

GOHAN: Where are we going?

KRILLIN: Kame House.

GOHAN: Isn't that literally the second place they'll look?

KRILLIN: Less lip, more ship!

(cut to outside Kame House where Tien arrives and opens the front door and everyone shuts up)

TIEN: I'm here for Chiaotzu. We need to train.

CHIAOTZU: But Tien... the doctor said if your shoulders get any bigger--

TIEN: That's why we don't see him anymore.

MASTER ROSHI: Wait, so you didn't beat the androids?

TIEN: Well, they broke both of Vegeta's arms... So, you know, that was pretty fun. Otherwise, it was a total wash. (he and Chiaotzu take off)

OOLONG: I can never read that guy.

MASTER ROSHI: Well, you heard the man. Pig, fetch my laptop. We're gonna buy us a submarine!

OOLONG: All right, but you're not allowed to name it after your junk.

MASTER ROSHI: Bitch, I'm buyin' it, I'm namin' it!

(cut to Piccolo, Kami, and Mr. Popo on the lookout with Popo being heard whimpering)

KAMI: Mmm...


KAMI: Hmm?


KAMI: Hm-mm!

PICCOLO: Mmm! (stands up)

KAMI: Hmm.

PICCOLO: Mmm. (sits back down)

NAIL: (annoyed) (Oh, just fuse already!!)

(cut to the others flying inside a plane)

YAMCHA: So, both arms, huh?

KRILLIN: Both! She was beautiful with a capital B-- I-I mean, brutal! Uncomfortably brutal! I wasn't distracted by her eyes...

GOHAN: So, wait... Trunks, I'm curious. If you came back in time again to help us, does that mean we already failed?

TRUNKS: Actually, turns out that's not how time travel works.

KRILLIN: So you're saying I can't just take your time machine, go back in time, and tell myself not to date Maron?

TRUNKS: I don't know who that is. But no, you couldn't. I mean, you could, but it wouldn't be the same you. You see, when I travel back to the past, I'm technically going to a different universe...

GOHAN: Oh, you mean multiverse theory?

TRUNKS: Wait, what?

GOHAN: Yeah. (cuts to a chalkboard and it shows what Gohan is explaining) With every decision, it creates a branch in the timeline. Whenever you travel back in time, you're actually entering another parallel universe.

TRUNKS: How could you possibly--?

GOHAN: I've been studying theoretical physics. Although, at this point, I guess it's just physics.

CHI-CHI: Good. Then if that's all out of the way, we can start your review on cellular biology!

GOHAN: Aw, but cells are boring!

YAMCHA: I don't get it. If it doesn't affect your timeline, why even come back to ours and tell us anything in the first place?

TRUNKS: Well, besides wanting to make at least one timeline without the world being destroyed... my mother didn't tell me until after I'd already done it once.

KRILLIN: (in a singsong voice) And then she tried to bang you...

(phone suddenly starts ringing with the call being from Bulma with a country ringtone)


KRILLIN: Oh, speak of the devil, that's her ringtone.

TRUNKS: What is that?

YAMCHA: What is what?

TRUNKS: This music.

KRILLIN: You mean country music?

TRUNKS: Oh! This is country music?

KRILLIN: What, you don't have country in the future?

TRUNKS: No. Shortly after I was born, it all just vanished. Nobody knows exactly what happened...

YAMCHA: So, someone wanna get that? Kind of flying the plane!

KRILLIN: Oh, fine. (answers the phone) Krillin spea--

BULMA: Shut up, I've got some important news.

KRILLIN: Good or bad news?

BULMA: It depends... Is Trunks there?

KRILLIN: Is this a booty call?


KRILLIN: Right behind me!

TRUNKS: Hi, Mom.

BULMA: Hey...

(an awkward silence occurs between the two, which suddenly gets broken down by a gunshot on Bulma's side of the phone shocking Krillin and Trunks)

YAJIROBE: (through the phone) You missed me, four eyes!

(cut to an outside shot of Bulma's place)

DR. BRIEFS: (heard from inside the house) That was a warning shot, fatass! Now put down the fridge!

(cut back to the others inside the plane)

YAJIROBE: (through the phone) Viva la Honey French Ham! (three more gunshots are heard)

BULMA: Yeah... Anyway, I just got the strangest call from some farmer in the countryside 50 miles out of Ginger Town; said he found one of our vehicles out there.

KRILLIN: Wow, this is so interesting. Does it have anything to do with the androids we're fighting?

BULMA: Shut up and it might. I'm faxing over the picture he took.

KRILLIN: You have a fax machine?

TRUNKS: What's a fax machine?

KRILLIN: You see, that one makes sense.

BULMA: Just shut up and show it to Trunks! (faxes over a picture to the others inside the plane)

TRUNKS: (looks at the picture) What? No, this can't be right! This is my time machine!

KRILLIN: Maybe you misplaced it.

TRUNKS: That's impossible! I put it away in its capsule!

GOHAN: Are you sure?

TRUNKS: Of course I'm sure! Here, just let me show you.

KRILLIN: Wait, no! (Trunks pushes a button on his capsule)

(cut an outside shot of the plane, which loses its balance due to the weight of Trunks' time machine which causes Chi-Chi to scream)

TRUNKS: Oh, no...!

KRILLIN: Oh, my God!

YAMCHA: It's on top of Goku!


KRILLIN: Put it back! Put it back! Put it back!

(Goku begins to scream in agony)

YAMCHA: Oh good, that's back...



(cut to the androids driving on a highway)

ANDROID 18: So, I've been thinking about it... What do we do after we kill Goku?

ANDROID 17: Whatever the hell we want. Who's gonna stop us?

ANDROID 16: Not Goku.

ANDROID 17: Exactly. Speaking of which, 16, what's our ETA?

ANDROID 16: We are currently 2,544 miles from our destination.

ANDROID 18: Oh, my God...

ANDROID 17: Hey, come on, sis, it ain't so bad. Let's turn on our good old friend the radio.

(turns on the radio which plays a country music version of "Cat Loves Food")

ANDROID 18: Oh, that is ten pounds of nope in a five pound bag!

ANDROID 17: Right, right, sorry... Forgot we were out in the sticks.

ANDROID 18: You know what? I think I know the first thing we're gonna do...