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Three Lords
The hencmen
From left to right: Sansho, Nicky and Ginger.
Debut Dead Zone Abridged
Status Deceased

The Three Lords refers to the group of three Makyans led by Garlic Jr. and only appear in the movie "Dead Zone Abridged". They are widely known to be highly incompetent as they fail to do even the most simplest tasks, such as killing Piccolo.

Ginger Edit

Ginger (ジンジャー, Jinjā) is small, olive-skinned henchman of Garlic Jr. and is the leader of the trio. He gets killed by Goku by getting blasted into a building and gets crushed beneath the rubble. He is voiced by Takahata101.


Nikki (ニッキー, Nikkī) is a skinny, blue-skinned henchman of Garlic Jr. He gets killed by Goku's Kamehameha wave that also kills Ginger. He is voiced by Antfish.

Sansho Edit

Sansho (サンショ, Sansho) is a large, muscular henchman of Garlic Jr. He gets killed by Piccolo. He is voiced by Remix.

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