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Toriyama (Bird)
Toriyama's Latest Apperance
Debut Revenge of Cooler
Race Bird
Gender Male
Status Alive

Toriyama is a recurring character and joke in the series.

Return of Cooler Edit

Toriyama first appeared during the fight with Cooler. He had come to aid Goku, but was too late, as he fell, and died. Goku, taking the attack as a personal offense, revived Toriyama, to start a new life. He was left with one task with his new life which was to teach a dinosaur to ride a ball. This is likely a reference to the opening theme "Cha La Head Cha La".

This causes 2 things to happen: In the process of bringing Toriyama back to life, Goku becomes Super Saiyan. This then causes Cooler to be in awe and shock, astonished by Goku's Super Saiyan form. Toriyama then flies off, to fulfill his destiny.

Toriyama coming to Goku's Aid

Toriyama, trying to help defeat Cooler, to no avail.

Toriyama's death

Death of Toriyama

Season 3 Edit

Toriyama makes an appearance greeting Android 16. He states he has a dinosaur and he did keep his promise to Goku; he indeed taught it to ride a ball.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the bird is a reference to the creator of the Dragon Ball series,Akira Toriyama.
Toriyama's Revival

Toriyama, being revived.

Cooler impressed by Toriyama's Prowess

Cooler, In shock and awe at Toriyama's Prowess (and Goku's Super Saiyan Forme)

Toriyama explaining what his dinosaur does.

Toriyama, stating his dinosaur's abilities. Also notice the different plumage.