Triangle the Cowardly Namekian


Dumplin's Xenoverse Adventures

Triangle along with Dumplin's Xenoverse family

Dumplin Puddin Paata Christmas

Triangle at the Dumplin Christmas

Team Four Star Characters Version 2

Triangle with the other TFS Gaming characters

"Become a giant you pansy!" "I'M A PACIFIST!!" "YOU'RE A PUSSY!!!" -Triangle training with Nail and Piccolo

Triangle (トライアングル, Toraianguru) is the Cowardly Namekian cabbage farmer dressed in pastels forced into fighting like other Warrior-Types by Piccolo and Nail in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. His debut is shared with the re-reintroduction of Spudz.


Triangle has the abilities of the Namekian Race like enhanced hearing, stretching, and regeneration. His moves revolve around trying to keep others away and retaining his personal space.

Triangle has a purple aura.

God of Destruction's Anger:

Evil Explosion:

Super Destructo-Disc:

Mouth Cannon: short/mid/long-range:

Evil Roar:

Hellzone Grenade:

Giant Storm:

Blastor Meteor:

Great Namekian Triangle: (グレートナメック星人 トライアングル, Gurēto Namekku-seijin Toraianguru) After fighting Nail and Piccolo, Triangle can become a Giant Namekian, though he is just as scared as he was in his base form.


  • Triangle's voice is Voice 4 in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 while his radically nasally voice is performed by Lanipator.

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