Debut Christmas Tree of Might
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Homeworld Planet Vegeta (destroyed)
Occupation Saiyan Pirate
Status Deceased
  • Christmas
  • Gingerbread Houses
  • Presents
  • Toys
  • Reindeer
  • All the Good Boys and Girls
  • The Whos down in the Whoville
  • All of the Whos Songs
  • Whumpets
  • Blumpets
  • Goobag-for-Brawns
  • Carols
  • Sleigh Rides
  • Falalalalas
  • Santa Claus
  • Freeza Day
  • His plans being ruined
Voiced by Hbi2k

" I hate gingerbread houses! I hate presents and toys.
I hate reindeer and all of the good girls and boys.
I hate the Whos down in Whoville—and all of their songs.
I hate their whumpets and blumpets and goobag-for-brawns.
I hate carols and sleigh rides and falalalalas.
But above all things else... I hate Santa Claus! "
— "Christmas Tree of Might"

Turles (ターレス, Tāresu; "Tullece") is a space-pirate Saiyan who was once a member of the Saiyan Army in Freeza's rule, until he went rogue to conquer planets for himself and his group, which is known as Turles Crusher Corps. He is the main antagonist of the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might. Much like other Saiyans, Turles's name is a pun on a vegetable, in this case, lettuce. As a result, some fans romanize his name as "Tullece" to make the pun more blatant.

In DBZ AbridgedEdit

In the abridged version, Turles is a renegade low-class Saiyan who escaped the destruction of Planet Vegeta and comes to planet Earth to harvest the Christmas Tree of Might and steal all of its joy from its inhabitants. Just like the original version, he is often confused by Goku due to his similar appearance, which first stated by Gohan, Piccolo (which Turles calls him a Yoshi as a retort), and Goku (only when Turles informs him that he's not Vegeta and just another Saiyan who escaped the destruction of Planet Vegeta).

Turles was first briefly mentioned by Raditz upon the latter's arrival on Earth. Upon noticing Kakarot had not destroyed the pristine planet yet, he grumbles that they should have sent Turles instead.

Turles is the one that planted The Christmas Tree of Might, and he used it to take all the joy from Earth.

Turles says that he is only evil because Santa Claus never came to Planet Vegeta, and all they got was Freeza Day instead, when Freeza detonated their planet. Santa later reveals that he attempted to visit Planet Vegeta, but the Saiyans kept trying to shoot down his sleigh.

When Turles eats from The Christmas Tree of Might, he gets three times stronger. But when Santa helps Goku, he is easily defeated, and Earth regains its joy.

The Namek Saga reveals in a brief sight gag that Turles was at one point an editor Official Saiyan Handbook.

His connection with the tree is referenced in Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan by Vegeta after Broly kicked the Z Fighters' butts, after Gohan mentioned wanting to face Turles again.

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